SOOEW Chapter 71 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXII

When this scene greeted his eyes, Song Zheng only felt that his emotions were mixed. She had always been very attentive towards them.

That night, Wen Ying didn’t receive Song Zheng’s questioning and was very surprised.

When the second day arrived, the Emperor issued a decree stating that because Song Zheng was meritorious for fighting against military disorder, his wife, Wen Ying was specially conferred as a second-rank imperial wife.

Because there was his original wife before, Song Zheng had never thought of asking for a rank for her, so she has always been without any government rank.

According to the rules, the two should enter the palace to thank the Emperor together.

However, because the timing of this mission was too coincidental, Song Zheng dazedly felt that his Majesty used such a big situation just to openly take a look at whether she is well or not.

Yet this guess made his heart sink completely.

In the main hall, after the two of them knelt and kowtowed, they were called to rise.

Wei Lingheng’s hand was behind his body, and his thumb and index finger were twisted. This was his behavior when he was relatively nervous. In his mouth, he said: “Beloved Minister Song has contributed to the national community, so there is no need to do so.” However, his line of sight has fallen on Wen Ying’s body.


One night later, her pure and sweet face has become a little more haggard.

His heart suddenly rose. Did Song Zheng say and do something?

After they were bumped into by Song Zheng yesterday, he thought that since he was in it, he might as well proceed, and directly call her into the palace. Maybe it was because of the repression and restraint of his emotion in the past, but once the thought was born, it was out of control. What can be done to prevent her from being wronged and criticized anymore, the thoughts in his mind are turning quickly.

In the end, she still called to stop.

She said she wanted to explain to Song Zheng clearly herself.

He seemingly agreed, but in his heart, he was still worried that Song Zheng would not be good to her, so he asked the Imperial Academy to write a letter of decree overnight, and the cabinet issued it the very next day.

Once he saw her today, he was glad he made such preparations.

He only heard Song Zheng replied coldly: “If the rules are like this, then this official should abide by them.”

Wei Lingheng frowned, his aura suddenly became fierce, and the breath of others couldn’t help but pause.

After getting along for many times, Wen Ying already knew Wei Lingheng very well. When she saw his expressions and movements, she knew that he might not be able to suppress his emotions and want to do something.

It’s strange to say but emotions can change a person’s state. Before getting to know Wen Ying, Wei Lingheng was always a calm and introverted person, but after getting to know her, the other-self he hid in his heart often will run out and do things that he usually refrains from doing.

But there are more than three of them in the hall right now, how can she dare to let him mess around?

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Hence, the woman’s soft and quiet voice rang in the hall, “Last night, the child at home vomited and had diarrhea, crying endlessly. Today, we came late to give thanks. I hope that your Majesty can forgive us.”

At this time, bringing up the occurrences of their family’s child was very out of place. Besides, they were perfectly well, yet she suddenly started to explain the reason for her lateness. Where did this come from? It’s better for her not to say it and maybe, his Majesty may not remember it.

The people from the palace are all secretly criticizing that the Madam Song doesn’t know how to understand people’s thoughts. They were afraid that she would disgust his Majesty.

Unexpectedly, the Emperor’s expression eased, and even had a sense of relief. It’s strange, is it true that his Majesty is really worried about the lateness of their thanks?

But his Majesty is always someone who doesn’t care about these little things…… 

Except for Wang Deyong who was reassuring, everyone else was puzzled.

Wei Lingheng was just as Song Zheng thought, and only wanted to openly look at whether she was well and make sure that she looked haggard because of taking care of the child. Once he determined that there were no other negative effects other than that, his frown loosened.

Generally speaking, the Emperor has to deal with many things every day. Most people who have been rewarded and given thanks for their gratitude will only kowtow and leave. It is rare to stay and say a few words. Staying longer will only make people suspicious.

Wei Lingheng had no choice but to watch them retreat and leave.

Unexpectedly, before leaving the hall, Song Zheng suddenly turned his head to look at her and called out: “Peipei.”


Wen Ying was surprised when he suddenly called her nickname, especially on such a serious occasion in the great hall. What’s even more surprising is that he then held her hand. “Be careful.” Afterwards, while holding her hand, he stepped over the threshold.

As if only worried that she would be caught by the high threshold, and twist her feet.

When the people in the palace sighed that this husband and wife were terribly in love, they did not find that the man on the dragon chair’s eyes pierced Song Zheng’s back like a sharp light.


There were many twists and turns between the two days, no matter how much Wen Ying had a strong mentality, her body still couldn’t stand it. She rubbed her brows and was already a little tired of coping..

However, not long after she returned to the manor and rested on the bed, she heard the news of Song Xun vomiting blood.

When she arrived outside Song Xun’s room, she heard the dialogue inside.

“The poison comes from this snack, which is a chronic □□. It seems that the young master has been slowly poisoned for a long time.”

“Does he often eat this snack?” Song Zheng asked his servants.

“This, this dim sum is the one that the young master loves to eat the most, and he eats a plate every time after school……”

“Where did this dim sum come from?”

“From inside the manor, and only from the small kitchen of the Madam.”

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