WFILTU Chapter 89 – Enemy II

Xue Jiao blinked and pinned her hair behind her ears with her hands. She has a good posture, a thin body, but a straight back. She has a pair of clean but cold eyes on the delicate oval face. She is still young but is already visibly a beauty.

“It was written by Cheng Mingjiao’s left hand. She can also write using her left hand.”

Xue Jiao only knows this because of the original body. Cheng Mingjiao can write with both hands. Although her left hand is far inferior to the right hand, the ability to write with the left hand is still quite unbelievable.

Cheng Mingjiao has frequently used her ability to write with her left hand to perform in the Cheng family, and to show off in front of Gu Xuejiao, causing Gu Xuejiao to become obsessed with left-handed calligraphy for a long time. In the end, she gave up because of several messy things.

“Yes, I remember now, this is the left-hand writing of Ming Jiao!” Li Sitong raises her voice.

At this moment, her anger towards Cheng Mingjiao had reached the culmination. How did they, this mother and daughter offend Cheng Mingjiao so that she had to try to harm them like this?

Yin Fang also froze for a moment. Cheng Mingjiao and Gu Xuejiao had a grudge. If Cheng Mingjiao reported it, it would really be…… 

If the puppy love is true, according to Cheng Mingjiao’s relationship with Gu Xuejiao where they tear faces, and adding on that she is sitting in front of the two, she will definitely collect evidence and report it directly!

She wrote an anonymous letter because she didn’t want to expose herself. She also didn’t want the person being reported to remember this grudge. Based on Cheng Mingjiao, this letter obviously becomes unreasonable. 

Hence……this letter is mostly a rumor.

“Is what you’re saying the truth?” Yin Fang’s eyes narrowed slightly.


Xue Jiao nodded and said with certainty: “Yes, you can find out immediately by asking Cheng Mingjiao to come over and write a letter.”

Yinfang choked, how could she let her come?

If she finds the person who wrote the anonymous letter, then in the future, who would dare to make reports?

“Teacher, it was Ming Jiao who wrote it. Our family knows that she can write with her left hand. It’s like this.” Seeing Yinfang frown, Li Sitong stood up to testify for fear that she would not believe it.

Yin Fang’s brows are tightening and loosening, loosening and tightening, extremely tangled.

After a moment, she said: “Okay, that’s it for this time then. Sorry to bother the parents to run around for nothing. Gu Xuejiao and Yi Tianyu, you should study hard in the future, and remember not to fall in love early.”

“En.” Xue Jiao responded, Yi Tianyu glanced at her, and followed along and responded.

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It’s true that You Dafa respects her because Yin Fang is the head teacher and she does not eat hard or soft tactics. Hence, he is more respectful to her, but he is still not a good-tempered person, so once he heard this, he smilingly said: “In the future, the teacher should stop believing in such messy and malicious reports, not to mention that the time and money that I and Gu Xuejiao’s mother has wasted, but this matter would also not have a good impact on the children.”

As soon as he finished saying this, Yin Fang blushed with embarrassment. She took a deep breath and said: “Yi Tianyu’s father’s words make sense, in the future……I will pay attention.”

“Then we head back first, goodbye teacher.” After Yi Dafa finished speaking, he took Yi Tianyu out, and Li Sitong also brought Xue Jiao out of the office.

Yin Fang was so angry that she threw the anonymous letter on the table. She has never been so embarrassed!

She stared at the letter in front of her, a little annoyed that Cheng Mingjiao looked for things where there was nothing, and wronged others.

Without this letter from Cheng Mingjiao, how could she be so embarrassed today?!


Li Sitong, who walked out of the office door, smiled and looked at Xue Jiao, rubbed her head gently and said: “It’s okay, mom believes in you. You shouldn’t take it to heart, go back to the classroom, and study.”

Xue Jiao felt the temperature of the hand on her head stiffly, and then nodded rigidly.

Li Sitong smiled and advised a few more words before leaving.

Xue Jiao stood there for a while, shook her head to shake away the messy thoughts in her head, and prepared to return to the classroom.

She has already signed up for the math contest, and now is the time to concentrate on swiping the problems.

“Classmate Gu!” A voice rang out from behind.

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  1. Slowly, Li Sitong could melt MC’s glacier. And once she is used to uncontidinally trusting the MC, it will become a habit and there wouldn’t be a need to constant ly remember those warnings😊 She would also learn more about MC which solidify her trust even more😁

  2. Li Sitong is finally learning how to trust Xuejiao. I sincerely hope she stays on the right track from now on and becomes a truly sincere mom.

  3. The teacher didn’t even apologize to the two… And ofc in her mind it’s not her fault that she wrongly accused somebody but it’s allllll the fault of the person making the false report. She was merely defending CMJ because she’d be embarrassed if she was wrongly accusing others. She knows but her skin is thick.

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