SOOEW Chapter 72 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXIII

When the conversation from inside spread out, Wen Ying hadn’t even done anything yet, Xiao Shi had already grabbed onto her.

She and Wen Ying have been together for a while, and they have developed feelings unconsciously, and she is unwilling to let her be in danger. “If you enter in at this time, even if you have one hundred mouths, you still won’t be able to explain it clearly. Let’s go back first, and I’ll notify His Majesty. With His Majesty’s support, they will not dare to act rashly!”

Wen Ying pursed her lips and smiled at her, “What is there to alarm him about? Don’t worry, I can handle it.”

“How will you be able to deal with it!” She was anxious, “They are a family. They want to deal with you together, how can you handle it!”

Xiao Shi’s words seemed to touch a string in her heart, faintly trembling, and there were many unexplainable emotions.

Wen Ying guessed that this was probably the feeling left by the original owner. She had been in the Song family for decades, yet, in the end, she was still alone.

She is not the original owner, but she is experiencing the original owner’s feelings, so, on some things, she should explain it clearly on her behalf.

As soon as she walked into the room, Song Xi looked straight at her with hatred, and beside her, there was an obscure cloud between Song Zheng’s eyebrows. He raised his eyes when he saw her coming in.

“I heard that Xun’er vomited blood, so I hurried over. How is Xun’er ——” She pretended not to hear the conversation outside, and walked hurriedly to the bed.


Song Xun laid there, his face as white as paper, his eyes closed, and his eyelashes fluttered from time to time, as if very uneasy.

The little overlord suddenly became like this, which made people feel pitiful.

Wen Ying stretched out her hand to tuck his quilt, but before she touched it, a force diagonally suddenly pushed her towards her. She was slammed into the tall table, and the sharp edges and corners hit her back!

Her lips tightened and cold sweat came out of her forehead.

Turning her head, she only saw that Song Xi had already retracted her hand and said coldly: “Don’t touch my brother with your dirty hand. At this time, what are you still pretending for?!”

Wen Ying’s gaze turned to the other side, and Song Zheng was very close. If he stretched out his hand, she could have completely avoided Song Xi’s movements, but he did not.

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She remembered Xiao Shi’s words, and her frowning expression from the pain gradually calmed down.

She was right, they are a family.

Wen Ying’s face was porcelain white, and the color from her lips had faded from the pain caused by her back. This calmness made her eyes cold and her eyebrows cold, which was very different from usual.

Song Xi sneered and said, “What, did you finally stop pretending? Also, since you have already climbed up to his Majesty, why bother to stay here?”


Song Zheng’s expression was shocked, and he suddenly looked at her.


“Father is surprised. Did you think I didn’t recognize her that day?” Song Xi’s eyebrows were forbearing. “I’m stupid but not blind. Does she think she can hide just by covering up with a veil? I haven’t said anything because I want to wait for father’s attitude. But what about you, father, do you want to let her go on like this and kill both of us, sister and brother?!”

Song Zheng’s string, which had been tight, seemed to break suddenly.

His eyebrows were tired and he looked at Wen Ying with dark eyes, “What else do you have to say?”

Wen Ying only asked him: “You don’t believe me?”

“……I dare not believe you.” His voice was low, “I used to think that you were gentle and virtuous, treated me kindly and tenderly, and treated the two children as if you were your own, but you secretly cling to the Emperor, I didn’t even know……” when he said to this point, he only felt a faint chill on his back, “You are obviously a wife by my pillow but seem more like a stranger, how dare I believe you again?”

“Climbing the Emperor……” She chewed on the three words, as if she had heard something funny, her eyebrows curled. She couldn’t help laughing, “Do you know how his Majesty and I met?”

His throat was astringent, and he asked: “How?”

“When I went to Longxing Temple to offer incense, I was kidnapped by bandits. Didn’t you ask me who was the one who saved me? That day, his Majesty headed to the Longxing Temple to listen to the master speak about Buddha, and he went through the place where I was attacked, and saved me.”

Song Zheng was stunned for a while.

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