WFILTU Chapter 90 – Enemy III

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment, then turned her head to see the person clearly and smiled politely: “What’s the matter? Uncle Yi*.”

*not a relative, but rather, a polite way to address older men you know

Yi Dafa laughed like a blooming flower, watching her squint: “Classmate Gu! What is the matter with the basketball game Yi Tianyu mentioned? How can he play ball and not properly learn!”

Xue Jiao understood what he meant, and the corners of her mouth raised slightly, looking at the speechless Yi Tianyu who followed Yi Dafa: “It is to obtain the certificate of the national second-level athlete, which is more conducive to his college entrance examination.”

“Really? !” Yi Dafa raises his voice.


Yi Dafa patted his head:” This kid actually didn’t tell lies, and it is really good for the college entrance examination. It turns out that playing basketball can be the same as those learning competitions!”

Seeing him so happy, Xue Jiao smiled.

Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes behind his back silently:”Look, old man, I didn’t lie to you!”

With his chin raised, he looks arrogant and prideful.

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes, and she suddenly became bad: “Uncle Yi, although basketball is good for the college entrance examination, it still doesn’t mean that once he obtains it, he can attend any university he wants to. I think classmate Yi still has to study hard. Uncle Yi, you should still watch him carefully.”

Xue Jiao finished and left while smirking.

“You——” Yi Tianyu jumped with anger.

“You what you!” Yi Dafa slapped him on the face, “I told you to study hard! You should follow Gu Xuejiao and study hard. Don’t think about those that you have or don’t have. Don’t think your old father can’t tell that you like the other person.”


Yi Tianyu was stunned for a moment, then blushed, as if someone stepped on his injured foot and he almost jumped up: “What? ! What are you blindly talking about, old man!”

Yi Dafa slapped him again: “You can still pretend to your old father. Can your old father not understand you? I tell you Yi Tianyu, if your monthly test score drops next month, your dad, I will not help you sit at the same table with Gu Xuejiao!”

Yi Tianyu’s eyes widened and his face was annoyed.

If Yi Dafa doesn’t help him, the nun will surely relocate him away from Gu Xuejiao immediately…… 

Yi Tianyu blinked his eyes and said frustratedly: “Study……study!”

Yi Dafa burst into laughter——

“Small thing, you think I can’t cure you.”

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Xue Jiao walked back to the classroom, Cheng Mingjiao immediately raised her head to look at her, her eyes wanting to see a good scene.

She firmly believes that Gu Xuejiao will definitely be cleaned up this time!

However much the nun hates students who fall in love prematurely has already been proved in the last few sessions.

Xue Jiao looked at her and sneered:”Cheng Mingjiao, I know you don’t like me, but you are quite slanderous by writing an anonymous letter to inform people.”

All the students in the class were reading when she came in, even the few people nearby did not look up.

But as soon as she said this, some students around them and a few curious people all turned their heads and opened their mouths in surprise.

You must know that no matter what kind of students they were, they all don’t like those who make small reports.


“What nonsense——” Cheng Mingjiao felt the sight of the people around her, and subconsciously raised her voice to resist, eager to explain.

Xue Jiao raises her eyebrows: “Fortunately, you used to like to show off the words you wrote using your left hand, so I recognize your handwriting.”

“Don’t talk nonsense! Who reported you! I tell you Gu Xuejiao, you shouldn’t wrong others!”

“Whether I’m wronging someone, you should know yourself. If you don’t want to admit it, we can go check the monitoring. I believe, also long as we insist, the teacher will help us check it, after all……I’m not like you, casually spreading rumors.” Xue Jiao’s attitude is still very calm. The more calm she is, the more meaningful the eyes of the students were directed towards Cheng Mingjiao.

Once it came to checking surveillance, Cheng Mingjiao panicked and pointed at Xuejiao——

“Why is it that once you say we should check, then we should check? ! I didn’t do it, I’m too lazy to talk to you!”

“Thief with a guilty conscience.” Yi Tianyu walked in and said coldly.


Yi Tianyu walked in front of them, Xue Jiao gave way. Yi Tianyu walked in, he was standing, Cheng Mingjiao was sitting, her guilty conscience did not allow her to dare to look at Yi Tianyu, her eyes flitting about randomly.

“Whether or not I’m saying nonsense, you, yourself knows best?” Yi Tianyu lowered his body, “Cheng Mingjiao, from today, you are the enemy of me, Yi Tianyu.”

Cheng Mingjiao was astonished.

Yi Tianyu continued: “I, Yi Tianyu, have lived such a big life, and there are not many who work against me, whether in the dark or out in the open. You, Cheng Mingjiao, are very good.”

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