WFILTU Chapter 91 – Good-looking I

Faced with Yi Tianyu’s mocking and abhorring eyes, Cheng Mingjiao bit her lower lip.

She actually liked the boy in front of her very much. He was handsome and flamboyant. In addition to her mother’s request, she also wanted to get along with him very strongly.

But the other party just had to get so close to Gu Xuejiao, who she hates most in her life!

Yi Tianyu’s words made Cheng Mingjiao embarrassed and sad. At this time, the eyes of the students in the class looked at her with suspicion. Cheng Mingjiao couldn’t help crying suddenly and ran out.

“Ming Jiao——” Yu Fangfang, who was at the other end of the classroom called out, then looked at them and said angrily, “You guys are too much!”

After finishing speaking, she chased Cheng Mingjiao and ran out.

“This is the first time that I knew, finding the person who originally slandered me is considered too much……” Xue Jiao coldly stated this phrase. This made the little things that had just risen in the hearts of some students disappear immediately.


Yes, it was Gu Xuejiao who was slandered. She just questioned Cheng Mingjiao, how could it be too much?

Considering in another person’s position, when they get along with Cheng Mingjiao in the future, will they be beaten down like this too?

Yi Tianyu sneered:”These two people are birds of a feather. Fellow students, I suggest that when you get along with them in the future, you should exercise caution, or you will be too much after they slander you.”

After he finished speaking, some people seemed to have thought of this scene and immediately made up their minds to stay away from Cheng Mingjiao and Yu Fangfang.

Seeing this, Xue Jiao looked at Yi Tianyu: “Okay, don’t think about this anymore, read a book.”

Yi Tianyu:”……”

“Bookworm, do you have nothing to say besides studying?”

What responded to him was the sound of Xue Jiao’s pen scratching on the paper.


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In the evening, Xue Jiao was lying on the bed, looking at Lin Zhihua’s information regarding the competition. The two chatted back and forth.

【Xue Jiao: Thank you! ! If it weren’t for you, I really didn’t know there were so many rules for the competition’s questions!】

【Lin Zhihua: The competition’s questions are also made by humans. As long as they are made by humans, there will be certain rules.】

【Lin Zhihua: Have you finished all the questions you spoke about yesterday?】

Seeing this message, Xue Jiao’s expression was awkward for a moment, and she touched her nose. This was the first time she did not complete the task on time, so she replies in embarrassment——

【No……Something happened today, so I was delayed.】

The other responds quickly——

【What happened?】

Xue Jiao and Lin Zhihua had basically said everything before, so she didn’t think there was anything wrong with telling him.

【Cheng Mingjiao reported that I had a puppy love. The teacher invited our parents, and wasted a lot of time.】

At this time, Lin Zhihua just finished showering. He was sitting on the bed with half-dried hair and chatting with the girl on the other side of the phone.


He has a lazy posture, reclining casually.

—— Puppy Love.

When the two words appeared in front of Lin Zhihua, he seemed to be taken aback by something. He put away all the looseness in an instant, moved and straightened his waist.

Frowning slightly, he looked at the news over and over again.

After a while, he only replies with only two words——

【Puppy love?】

【It’s fake. I don’t have too much time, how would I have the extra time to fall in love!】

This sentence made Lin Zhihua’s brows loosen, but the pitch-black vortex hasn’t dispersed yet. He knocked out another sentence——

【Mathematics competition is a large-scale national competition. The players who signed up are not weak. It is inevitable that there will be some talented people, so you must pay attention to it and go all out. I have used some competition materials before, and they are pretty good. Should I send you a copy?】

【Really? ! Thank you! ! ! I will give you the money first! !】

【En, remember to spend more of your spare time on those books.】

【OK! ! !】

Xue Jiao’s reply was extremely pleasant.

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  1. This is how he keeps the other boys away. Help her get rid of distractions ans feed her obsession to study

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