SOOEW Chapter 73 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXIV

“After that day, I occasionally had nightmares. I always dreamed of what would happen to me if I were taken away by the robbers.” Her eyelashes drooped and she trembled slightly, “You have actually already received the investigation results. It was the Wen family, right? But was it really only the Wen Family?”

“I……” Song Zheng did find out something else, and he couldn’t help looking at Song Xi.

Song Xi’s face turned pale, and she quickly maintained her expression without speaking.

She glanced over the performance of their father and daughter and smiled.

Song Zheng supported her arm and said dumbly: “This matter is our fault, but even if you want revenge, you shouldn’t reach for Xun’er…… “

When he said this, he was a bit hesitant. Although the evidence is solid, is it really the poison she gave Xun’er? The way she looked after Xun’er yesterday came to mind.

Who knows, she confessed decisively: “It was the poison I placed.”

“You!” He was shocked and scratched her arm abruptly.

“I just want him to die.”

She smiled frankly.


“How can you do this? You have raised him for seven years. He has always been the closest to you as a mother, how dare you hurt him——” He was so grieved that he raised his hand.

“Song Zheng, what qualifications do you have to hit me?” Wen Ying asked him softly, staring at his hand that was about to drop, “Even you have forgotten what you did to me, but some things will not just disappear with time. Do you think that if you forget, you can assume that nothing has happened?”

“Why does mother have to purposely mystify.” Song Xi looked at her coldly, “What can my father do to be sorry to you? Even though he is cold to you, he never spends time outside, and has no concubine, isn’t that enough?”

“Him not accepting concubines is for me? Isn’t it for your mother, his wife that he bound his hair to!”

*结发- bind together two locks of hair respectively from the bride and groom using a bun at a wedding ceremony(baidu)

She retorted sharply, slamming into the tall table she retreated, and the candied fruit plate smashed to the ground and broke apart.

This sound finally caused Song Zheng to return to his mind.


“I had a miscarriage back then, but I didn’t actually hurt my body, right?” She pulled his hand instead, turning his fingers white, “It was you who told them to give me an infertility drug……”

Song Xi gasped.

Her eyes were red, and her eyes showed hatred, “If I have no children, why should I allow you to live well?!”

Song Zheng’s hand was scratched by her nails and bleeding, but he didn’t even dare to break free, “How did you know……”

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“I found the doctor later. He took your money and disappeared. He walked too fast, how could I not be suspicious. How can you compare to us when it comes to the methods of the back house?” She laughed at him with red eyes, as if it would make her feel better, and after letting the secret that had been hidden for many years successfully sting him, she calmed down a lot: “Everything you did was for my eldest sister. You love her, so you treat the pair of children she left behind as treasures. You don’t want your step wife to have a biological child. You are afraid that I will favor one or the other, but you never thought of doing this at first. Did the appearance of my pregnancy stimulate you……”

Of course, the original owner wanted her own child. She was tormented in Wen’s family, and she still couldn’t get rid of the shadow of pain when she arrived at the Song family. Only having a child that belongs to her is all her hope for life in the future.

So when this little life was born, she would ignore other people and the things around her and focus only on his growth.

The change in her attitude before and after made Song Xi listen to what the nurse said. During that time, Song Xi had a bad temper and upset the family. Song Xun only knew how to cry. Every day Song Zheng went back to the house, he had to face this foul atmosphere, and Wen Ying was immersed in her little world, gentle, but looking forward to the arrival of her child and didn’t care about much else.

Ever since then, Song Zheng has understood that biological mothers and stepmothers are different.

He thought of the missing child, his dark eyes were stunned, but he said softly: “You and she are biological sisters, and you shed the same blood, they are just like your own children……”


She raised her hand and slapped him mercilessly!

“How can it be the same!” She retracted her hand, but she covered her mouth, tears streaming down wantonly, “How could it be the same? In my life, I will never be a mother!”


Song Zheng was beaten to the side of his face, but he had no time to care about the pain on his face.

Because he heard her say: “You love her so much, why don’t you accompany her to death? Why did you come to harm me!?”

Her words were like a knife, stabbing the deepest place in his heart. At this moment, he suddenly realized how cruel his decision was for her.

He married her, so he hurt her.

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  1. I seriously don’t get why they forced her to marry him only to torture her. He could have never married and just used nannies.

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