WFILTU Chapter 92 – Good- Looking II

The next day.

Xue Jiao carried a large stack of books from the mailroom at the school entrance into the classroom. There were eleven in total, each of which was not the thin type, but rather the thick type!

Even though Xue Jiao has always worked on more problems than others, she was still stunned by this large stack of contest questions.

She was silent for a moment, then sorted out the other books, and took out the first one…… 

“Hey bookworm, how do you work on this question?” Yi Tianyu had sat for the entire noon, yet Xue Jiao, who sat next to him, seemed to have not seen him. She had her head lowered the entire time and worked on problems, and the entire person entered a stage of obliviousness.

Xue Jiao ignored him, as if still immersed in another world.

Yi Tianyu, who was ignored, couldn’t help it, and gently pushed her: “Wei——bookworm, what about this question……”


“I’m not free recently, you go ask the teacher!” Xue Jiao didn’t even raise her head.

Yi Tianyu:”……”

After a long time, he couldn’t help it again: “Then, when will you be free?”

Xue Jiao pointed to the pile of texts that she had just received: “After I finish.”

Yi Tianyu:”……………………”

How will your mother* have free time? ??

*Chinese equivalent of how the f**k will you have free time

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Who bought her all these texts?

Isn’t it wicked to buy so much?!

Xue Jiao didn’t notice that ever since she had a thick pile of materials, she had less time to talk to Yi Tianyu and more time to discuss with Lin Zhihua in the evening.

The competition questions are a little different from ordinary math questions, and Xue Jiao felt a little inexplicable when she first came into contact with them.

But after she was immersed under the guidance of Lin Zhihua, she felt the pleasure of solving the problems.

The competition questions cover a wide range and the difficulty is also very deep. It was not just based on her calculation ability, but also her logical reasoning and comprehensive ability.

She gradually became immersed in the pleasure of solving problems, and in this, Lin Zhihua’s guidance was very important to her.

Lin Zhihua never specifically taught her how to calculate any specific problems. Instead, he taught her to use careful logical thinking.


This opened another door for Xue Jiao, who had been following the steps in her previous life and had hardly been exposed to this knowledge.

So much so that Xue Jiao, who just found fun in mathematics, spends almost all her free time on it. When eating, the questions she just brushed would turn in her head. When lying in bed at night, she reflects on the wrong questions she did during the day. Even when sitting in the car, she would draw with her fingers on the seats.

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  1. Me who’s reading this on exam week without reading a single line

  2. Son, do you know what is a Nerd?
    This is a Nerd.
    Be careful.

  3. Wow, this might be the most successful yandere tactic ever…. Actually it is now reflecting on all my favorite Yandere Tutor stories

  4. Feeding her desire to learn and isolating her from others has got to be one of the most morally gray tactics ever. Like damn, by then, she’ll have no choice to stay attached to him since she’s only ever regarded him as a “friend”. MF these yanderes

    • Yeah, I agree. As much as I enjoy reading light novels, there are a lot of MLs who subtly isolate the MC because of their jealousy (warranted or not w/ second ML). It is pretty red flag in real life, but I guess it’s alright as long as the reader is aware it’s not healthy and doesn’t take it as the norm.

      I like reading jealousy tropes, but when it’s subtle manipulation where the MC doesn’t notice and based on the desire to isolate her from her only friends, I find it hard not to feel fairly grossed out over it. Thankfully, it’s fiction and usually ends up well. Reality isn’t always so kind.

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