WFILTU Chapter 94 – Accidental Meeting I

Cheng Mingze said nothing.

“Mingze?”Cheng Shuo turned his head in doubt.

“En?” Cheng Mingze recovered, “En, it looks pretty good.”

“Right!” Cheng Shuo walked over and hugged Li Sitong, “Jiao Jiao can head out to buy more clothes with your mother in the future.”

Li Sitong pinched him: “Go! Go! Go! Jiao Jiao is in the second year of high school. She should study hard first. After graduating from high school, she will have plenty of time to dress herself up. She is not in a hurry now and should study hard now.”

“You are too strict, Jiao Jiao has worked hard enough.” Cheng Shuo was helpless.

Xue Jiao stepped forward: “It’s okay, I don’t like to dress up. We’ll talk about this in the future.”

Cheng Shuo became even more helpless: “You guys, ah.”

“Let’s go, the time is almost upon us.” Cheng Mingze suddenly said.

“Go go go.”

With that said, the group of four went out together.


The theater is indeed as Li Sitong said. The temperature is so high that no coat is needed at all. Xue Jiao places the coat on the chair and sits on the seat waiting.

“I’ll go to the bathroom first.” This is the first time Xue Jiao has watched a play in her two lifetimes. It hasn’t started yet, and the eyes of people around them are always moving over unconsciously, making her feel a little uncomfortable.

“Go, can you find the place?” Li Sitong asked worriedly.

“Yes.” Xue Jiao said as she crossed the room with ladylike steps.

Walking in the wide-area outside, she exhaled and walked briskly to the bathroom.

It was almost time to head back again, Xue Jiao quickened her pace and ran into a person who hurriedly came out.

“Ai——” Xue Jiao exclaimed.

Lin Zhihua, who subconsciously wanted to frown and avoid her, immediately stretched out his hand, hugged the person, and released his hand as soon as the other party stood firm.

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“Thank……Lin Zhihua!” Xue Jiao was stunned when she saw his face clearly.

Lin Zhihua’s pupils shrank slightly, his surprise was obviously no less than Xue Jiao. Today’s encounter……really wasn’t premeditated.

Immediately afterward, Lin Zhihua noticed that she was dressed very unusually today.

“What a coincidence,” He paused, “who are you watching the play with?”

Xue Jiao scratched her head: “I came with my family.”

Lin Zhihua nodded, feeling a little relieved, looking at her with nostalgia.

He actually wanted to see her very much, sometimes he wanted to go to her house to see her. In the end, he still endured it. The encounter today was an accident, and also an……surprise.


Lin Zhihua is very fortunate that he is here today.

“You are……” Xue Jiao opened her eyes slightly, and looked behind his back curiously. It was already this time, why did he still come out?

“I came out to take a breath, let’s go in together. It’s starting.” Lin Zhihua turned around calmly and reached out to signal Xue Jiao to go ahead.

“Oh good!” Xue Jiao went in hurriedly, still talking, “By the way, the questions you gave me are really good, and your notes. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Zhihua replied, but felt that these three words might seem a little cold, and added, “You can ask me questions at any time.”

“Ok! Thank you!” She said. She dug out a coconut candy from her pocket and handed it to him. “I invite you to have candy!”

After she finished saying that, she hurriedly ran to her seat, quite embarrassed.

Cheng Shuo gave the candy to her when she was in the car, and Xue Jiao put it in her pocket without eating it. This thing is seriously inconsistent with Lin Zhihua’s aura, she regretted it as soon as she sent it out, so she could only run away quickly.

Lin Zhihua was stunned, looking stiffly at the fingers that had just been in contact for a while, his fingers were numb.

The girl was gone, Lin Zhihua walked back to his seat and sat down.

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