WFILTU Chapter 95 – Accidental Meeting II

The woman next to him who was about to leave widened her eyes. She shockingly looked at the man who had left but returned, and said in surprise: “Mister Lin! You didn’t leave ah!”

Lin Zhihua didn’t turn his head back, only returning a few words: “Watch the show, be quiet.”

At this time his phone shook——

[Chen Yan: Boss? The car is ready.】

Lin Zhihua quickly responded——

[I’m not leaving for now, finish watching first.】

After he finished typing, he put away his cell phone, completely unaware that the secretary’s eyes on the other end of the phone had already turned into copper bells.

Boss……actually didn’t even leave?!

Lin Zhihua, who placed down his phone, feeds the unwrapped coconut candy into his mouth and savors it carefully.

Very sweet, sweet to the point that it was sickening.

But he didn’t want to spit it out. Instead, the tip of his tongue moved around slightly, feeling the sweet and cloying taste.


It is the first time Xue Jiao has watched a play, but she still understood it pretty well. This play tells a story about family, love, and mutual understanding. It is a little warm yet also sad.

Li Sitong watched the play and became teary. Cheng Shuo placed his arms around her, and then they looked at Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze tenderly together.

Obviously, they were infected by the exaggerated affection.

Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze were also sitting next to each other. They looked at each other, and both saw helplessness in each other’s eyes.

At the end of the play, the parents who were very emotionally moved, brought their expressionless children to a restaurant for dinner. Lin Zhihua and the woman sitting next to him also walked out of the hall.

“Mister Lin, let’s have French food tonight.” The woman smiled shyly. Her mother said that Lin Zhihua was silent and rigid, so she had to be more direct.

“Miss Xie, right?”

“Correct……my surname is Xie.”

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Miss Xie was very happy, becoming even shyer. She should be the first woman who watched a play together with Lin Zhihua, right?!

When she thought of the business empire and prospects that he owned, even if he had a “defect” there, she still couldn’t help but blush.

“Then Miss Xie, I am not satisfied with this blind date that was arranged privately by my parents. I will let my assistant send you back. I still have something to do, so I will leave first.” After Lin Zhihua finished speaking, he immediately left without looking back.


Tan Qi interrupted her: “Miss Xie, please.”

Miss Xie stared at Lin Zhihua’s back that quickly disappeared from her sight. After a moment, when she was sure that the other party would not come back again, she stomped her foot and said angrily: “What kind of person! Isn’t he disabled anyways……Humph!”

Tan Qi’s face became completely cold: “Miss Xie, I think you may not need an escort, so goodbye.”

After he finished speaking, he turned and left immediately.

Big Boss* indeed becomes perverted once he begins working, but he is still the person they respect the most, and they won’t allow slander from others!

*originally in English

Miss Xie who writes desire on her face……unworthy of the boss’s car.


“Zhihua! Xie Wei just called and said that you let her head back by herself? !” Mother Lin opened her eyes wide. Her entire face screamed unbelievable.

But Mother Lin also knows that this type of inelegant behavior……was something that her son could truly do!

Father Lin also stood up angrily: “Shouldn’t you at least send the person back home?”

Lin Zhihua pulled off his tie and said casually: “She is not worthy.”

Tan Qi will not hide this matter from him. Lin Zhihua knew exactly what Xie Wei said.

“How do you talk to others? !”Father Lin is angry again.

Lin Zhihua looked at him coldly: “If you use an excuse to trick me into going on another blind date again in the future, you guys can pack up and go abroad.”

Father and Mother Lin were stunned for a moment, and were a little guilty. They did indeed trick Lin Zhihua into heading to the theater today.

Lin Zhihua continued to say: “Your lies are very clumsy. I went today to proclaim to you that even if you lie to me to force me to meet others, there will still be no results.”

“Didn’t you still watch the play with the other……” Mother Lin mumbled.

Lin Zhihua paused and replied: “Accident.”

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