SOOEW Chapter 76 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXVII

In the imperial garden of the imperial palace, a few maids gathered together to discuss passionately.”I just saw Uncle Fu* at the Linyuan Pavilion, and he glanced at me!”

*Fu = fortune

“Wow, you shouldn’t take a bath these two days. If you were taken a glance at by his elderliness, you will definitely have good luck!”

They talked enthusiastically, and the palace lady who had been serious about watering flowers came up curiously. “The old uncle in the palace still has the energy to come and go?”

“Hahaha, you didn’t know since you just came.” The others all laughed, and one of them explained to her, “Uncle Fu is actually a cat, whose original name was Fu Bao. Every day, it would come to the imperial garden to take a rest during lunch. It’s kind of amazing, whoever can meet it, would have good things happen for the next few days. As time goes by, everyone will call it Uncle Fu.”

“Who raised the cat? I remember that animals were never allowed in the imperial garden.”

“You have already been in the palace for a few days, and you haven’t heard of ‘Madam’ this name? The Madam is not in the ranks of the concubines. His Majesty ordered the palace people to call her by this name, and it seems to be like a specially set rank for her. Her status in the harem is also very special. Uncle Fortune is raised by Madam.”

“So it was like this……”

The little girl doesn’t have any notions towards who was favored or unfavored, but she loves those miraculous things the most. After listening to the gossip, the little maid went to Linyuan Pavilion to collect some flowers and plants. Who knew that it would let her run into the conflict of two Niang Niangs*.

*Niang Niangs- Imperial Concubines

She only heard one Niang Niang grit her teeth and say: “Madam, don’t be proud, others don’t know your identity, but how wouldn’t I know? Be careful that I reveal it, and cause such a disturbance that lets everyone seem unsightly!”

She knew that this was the concubine Shu who raised the second prince, and the other——


The other Niang Niang was dressed very specially. At least, she wasn’t dressed according to those of the imperial concubines. The clothes of the Niang Niangs in the palace are narrow and docile, highlighting a slender figure, but she is dressed very comfortably. Her temperament is elegant, like a bright moon in the water. No matter who she stands with, she can catch the sight of people at a glance.

At this moment, she was holding the branch of a pear blossom that poked into the pavilion, and her voice was soft and light: “Those who don’t know in this palace, I’m afraid, are very little. If you say it out, I won’t blame you, and I will also let his Majesty not blame you.”

A very tolerating sentence, but it seems to anger Concubine Shu into coughing blood.

The little palace lady was doubting. Suddenly, she saw that the other party looked over Concubine Shu’s shoulder, as if she seemed to see herself, and smiled at her.

The little palace lady “teng*” squatted down. Her face flushed, and she inexplicably felt nervous.

*teng- noise

She didn’t mean to peep, but fortunately, Madam didn’t seem to care. Madam?

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She suddenly remembered the gossip they had discussed earlier, and curiously slipped back a gaze.

At this moment, Concubine Shu was long gone. Instead, it was the Third Prince who followed behind Madam and slowly walked down the stone steps. The Third Prince was born handsome and upright. While speaking with Madam, he would bend down slightly, appearing respectful and admiring.

He apologized to his Madam for Concubine Shu, but she didn’t care much.

“It’s not easy for them, you just treat it as me having tolerance, and bearing, letting them……” She blinked at him, as if there were billows starting in the bright moon in the water. “But I don’t know if this is the tolerance of a winner.”

The Third Prince shook his head and laughed.

She sighed with emotion: “You have become a lot calmer and steadier these years. This can let your father rest assured.”

Wei Xuan was a fifteen, sixteen-year-old child back then. He lived under the hands of Concubine Shu for many years, and was treated very differently from his brother. It was inevitable that a shadow was cast in his heart, and his temper was stubborn. In the past few years, the gloom in his heart has dispersed, and he has become more straightforward and upright.

“Madam cares about me in everything, I feel that having a biological mother is nothing more than this, and that’s why I am letting it go.” He thought of himself from before, as if he was looking at another person, and he was also very emotional.

Wen Ying laughed.


In fact, in the original trajectory, he and Song Xi would overcome difficulties and grow together, and in the end, he will still be sharpened into a sharp sword. Now it’s just the same end goal but from a different route instead.

The two of them walked all the way to the flower garden, and the Third Prince was surprised to find that Wen Ying had stopped.

For some reason, Wen Ying felt that this little palace lady had a benevolent face, so she couldn’t help but laugh softly and asked: “What’s your name?”

“My name is Tong Tong.”

The little palace lady’s eyelashes trembles shyly,”The phoenix tree’s tong.”

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