WFILTU Chapter 96 – Accidental Meeting III

Mother Lin was choked. Father Lin continued to advise earnestly: “Zhihua, Xie Wei is really suitable for you. Your mother has already found her mother to find out clearly for you. Xie Wei grew up in a foreign country and believes in platonic love. This is just right for you in your situation! And the other’s various aspects……”

“Am I already bad to the point that you guys will inquire by any means possible?” He threw his jacket on the sofa and said calmly, “Don’t worry about my marriage.”

“How can we not worry? ! Aren’t you my son? Looking at you, all alone, what’s the use of earning more money? When you’re older, you will have no companion, no children……son, listen to us. Xie Wei is very suitable, you guys should have more contact.”

Mother Lin was about to cry. The Lin family husband and wife are indeed a little worthless, but they are absolutely sincere about their only son. Although they always use their efforts in the wrong place.

“Let me say it again, Xie Wei is inappropriate.” Lin Zhihua looked at Mother Lin, “Xie Wei had six boyfriends when she was in the United States and even had an abortion. Her father Xie Juan is not doing well as the manager. I’m currently working on annexing Xie’s company. So do you think that Xie’s family is telling the truth?”

As soon as his words fell, the whole room fell silent, only the Lin couples’ heavy breathing remained.

Lin Zhihua sighed inaudibly when he saw that their anger was immense: “I was originally not going to tell you but you guys were too much.”

Father Lin clutched his heart and panted, his forehead bulging with blue veins. He was furious.

Insulting them to the excess!


Mother Lin hurriedly helped support him. Father Lin pushed her away, his eyes protruding: “Xie Juan! I will not let him go!”

Mother Lin also frowned, hating and regretting, “This Xie Wei is really……saying platonic love, isn’t this a lie? No way, I have to release the news regarding her abroad to see who else she can marry!”

“Enough!” At this moment, Father Lin was able to think clearly this time. He stared at Mother Lin impatiently. “Do you think it’s not embarrassing enough? Such a person was introduced to our son!”

Mother Lin opened her mouth and was speechless.

Holding his chest, holding his breath yet unable to vent the depression.

Father Lin looked at Lin Zhihua again: “This time it was your mother and my fault. We played matchmaker randomly without examining the specifics carefully. However, you should place the issue of marriage in your heart.”

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Lin Zhihua paused for a while, holding the water glass in his hand, and then, after a while, said: “You guys should leave it alone, I know it myself.”

“What do you know, if you know, why don’t you have a girlfriend yet!”

Lin Zhihua didn’t speak, but looked straight at the two of them with his pair of eyes. His eyes were deep and as dark as ink. The Lin couple felt a little bit unbearable and fled.

He looked at the closed door and curled up his mouth somewhat self-deprecatingly.

The room is quiet, silent, as if it was apart from the noisy world outside.

At this time, his phone vibrated slightly.


【Jiao Jiao: Lin Zhihua! ! What’s going on in finding this place? There is nothing wrong with my auxiliary line, it should be the center of gravity, how can it be considered wrong ah ah ah ah! Save me! Anxious!】

【Jiao Jiao: Picture.jpg】

After Lin Zhihua read it carefully, the corners of his mouth rose, and a smile gradually appeared in his eyes.

He took his mobile phone and walked quickly to the study, even his steps were a bit brisk, tapping with his hand——

【Wait a moment, I’ll draw a picture for you,. You should think about why you want it to be the center of gravity, and carefully reflect on your thinking.】

Sitting at the table, he picked up the pen and the notebook on which he had already worked on many math problems and drew seriously.

The air is cold, the night is cold, and the dim lights are also cold.

The room is scarily quiet, and the sound of the pen tip sliding on the paper is particularly clear.

But the heart is hot, so life is lively.

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  1. Ohoo~ look at Xue Jiao’s name in Zhihua’s phone, isn’t this sweet~? :3

    Thank you for the chapter!

    • Well since they aren’t dating and he is a working adult and she is still in school that sneakily follows her…its not so much cute as creepy…these things all depend on the recipient’s feelings toward them… all cute things turn disgusting if they are unwanted

      • In the world of yandere there is no “unwanted” only “not wanted yet”… but 100% agreed I love reading these stories but no one actually wants to be in the MCs position logically, like hell yah i want a CEO husband but with out prior knowledge it would just be scary

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