SOOEW Chapter 77 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXVIII

After another year, a grass cottage was built on top of a green hill covered by trees.

One day, a well-dressed and plump guest entered the cottage. It was quiet inside. Obviously the owner was not at home, yet he was not polite. He took a pear from the fruit plate, like it was his own home, wiped it with his sleeve and gnawed it up, and then sat down on a chair.

“Meow —— “

There was a charming cry from behind his bottoms, and the fatty guest turned his head and stared at the short-legged cat on the chair.

He didn’t move. The cat moved first, and the short-legged cat arched him away with his head, as if it was disgusted that he covered too much space and occupied its territory.

The fatty guest rolled his eyes.”Ha, I’m sorry, my weight pressed on you.”

Not long after his words dropped, there was a laughing woman calling from outside, “Fu Bao, come out quickly, your father caught a big fish for you today!”

“Mother, do I have a share in the fish?” The fatty guest slobbered and ran to the door.

When the woman saw him, she laughed in surprise: “How did Xun’er come today?”

Behind her was a man with profound features and an extraordinary aura. At a glance, it can be seen that he used to be in a superior position. However, he was carrying a fish in that was alive and kicking out of the water in a funny way. When he saw him coming, he even smiled and lowered his head to say to the woman: “I will head to the kitchen to clean the fish first.”

“Ok.” She rolled up his sleeves carefully.

Only after the man entered the kitchen, did Song Xun look back and answer her: “My sister asked me to bring you* something. She was afraid that you’ll be sleeping in the dew and dining on the winds**. I picked up the big and small baskets with a pole to carry here. It has sure exhausted me!”

*formal you **idiom for hardship in life or going hungry

“Is your sister doing well?” Wen Ying smoothed Fu Bao’s hair, and when she saw it staring straight at Song Xun, she immediately knew that the two had fought before.

“Not bad, my brother-in-law is quite capable, and he was promoted after the examination. Although his family background is not that great, he treats my sister sincerely, so she’s pretty well.” Song Xun came over, “Mother, is he treating you well?”


Wen Ying’s face rapidly gained color, glaring at him, “Is this your business? Don’t blindly ask! However, it seems to me, you’ve gained an inch compared to last month. If you head out, which little lady would be willing to marry you……”

“Mother. This is something you don’t understand. Although I am fat, I am very fat to the point that I am very handsome. Don’t worry, your son, I, will find you a filial daughter-in-law.”

Wen Ying rolled her eyes at him. Fu Bao also “Meowed~”.

Song Xun came over, glaring at the cat. “Hey, I was originally thinking about leaving the fish for you to eat. Fine, since you don’t want to eat this fish, then let’s drink fish soup!”

“Why do you constantly fight with Fubao? You’ve made its leg lame, can’t you let it some?”

“On this subject, it truly is my wrong towards it……but this is one point, and that’s another. Who told you to have more affection for it. Mother, look, I can marry a wife back for you, but can it? So in the future……”

The chattering voices fade away.


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After Song Xun left, Wen Ying went to the kitchen. The man was currently washing the dishes. The stone stove and chopping board were simple and crude, but he was quite fitting in the setting while bustling away.

She watched from behind for a long time and felt that the man’s back was really handsome, so she tiptoed over and kissed him.

Wei Lingheng still holds a bowl in his hand, and naturally lowers his head to kiss her.

After a while, he parted his lips and asked her: “Did he leave?”


“I’ll ask someone to come another day instead.” He threw away the bowl, wiped his hands, and hugged her, “I’m already in the seventy, eighties. If I wash the bowls, I would have even less time to hug you.”

She curled her eyebrows, laughing. She couldn’t help but remember the things that happened in the palace before.

One day, he happily ran over to her and said that everything was already arranged. In the future, he would carry a sword, and bring her to the end of the world!


She still remembered her own reaction at the time. She completely didn’t believe that what he was saying was the truth, and only casually despised: “You’re already in your seventies, eighties, go wash up and sleep.”

Unexpectedly, he really gave up the throne and abdicated to his third son Wei Xuan, becoming the Tai Shang Huang.

*The Emperor’s father who abdicated the throne in favor of his son

Although they are not as unrestrained as they imagined, the two of them come here casually and enjoy themselves in the mountains and rivers. Naturally, they have some freedom.

“Chang Feng.”


“It’s nothing.”

She smiled quietly, burrowing into his arms.

There are some things she doesn’t want to say, because only accompaniment is the longest confession.

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