WFILTU Chapter 97 – Missing I

Sometimes she feels that every second is slow and very clear. However, sometimes, inadvertently, time passes by thoughtless, and it’s impossible to reflect back on it.

Approaching the exam, it felt as if time is running, flying forward.

On this day, Xue Jiao was currently working on problems.

Lin Zhihua gave her a lot of information a few days ago, and Xue Jiao was currently swiping the problems as if she was flying.

“Gu Xuejiao, come out for a moment.” Yin Fang yelled from the door.

What happened again?

She was stunned for a moment, her hand kept on going, and she quickly finished writing the rest, before she hurried out.


“Teacher Yin, what’s the matter?” Xue Jiao walked a little bit faster, panting and asking doubtfully.

To be honest, as a student who is often found by the teacher, she doesn’t even think it’s strange anymore. She only wanted to ask——What’s the matter?

This time, it is really nothing else.

Yin Fang also didn’t go in circles. She looked at her and asked directly: “Have you signed up for the math competition?”

“En.”Xue Jiao nodded.

Yin Fang sighed and said helplessly: “Why did you sign up for this one? If you want to guarantee attending those two universities, you have to get first place. Is the first place so easy to get? It is better to study hard. The probability of testing well on the college entrance examination for the two universities is higher. Isn’t this a waste of time?”

In her forties, she analyzes the pros and cons when looking at problems. She feels that there is no hope, so she doesn’t want her to waste time.

“Teacher, I want to participate.”

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Yin Fang waved her hand:”Gu Xuejiao, I know you, don’t be so honest. Don’t always refute anything that others say, very stubbornly. When have you listened to this teacher’s opinion?”

Without waiting for Xue Jiao to speak, Yin Fang said again: “Our class’s Shang Zhiyuan, and next door’s Chu Sheng, Gu Shiyun, Li Lei and others will all participate. Anyone who is top-notch in mathematics has signed up. Although your abilities have improved a lot, you also got first place last time. But the strength of you and Chu Sheng is still quite different, not to mention other powerful people, even Chu Sheng is a hurdle you can’t pass. After all, your foundation is still a little weak. People like Li Lei and others have been participating in competitions since childhood and have taken many competition classes. I have said all that I can. If you still want to participate, I have nothing else to say.”


Xue Jiao lowered her head. After a moment, she said firmly: “I want to try.”

Yin Fang exhaled: “Ok ok. You truly won’t listen to me. If you are going to waste your time, I can’t stop you, but you must not relax in your studies. If you can’t make the top ten, I will have to discuss properly with you!”


Yin Fang sighed and left. Xue Jiao was still standing there, looking at her back.

It is indeed possible to waste time, but how can a person really not waste every second in their entire life?

Just because of a “may” be wasted, may do “useless work”, if she doesn’t try it, Xue Jiao feels that she will be wronging her second chance at life.

What she had missed, regretted, and envied in her previous life, since she is given this opportunity, she should go and make it all up one by one.

“May do useless work”. It’s not scary. What’s scary is drawing a circle, afraid to take even a step out from it.

Restricting one’s activities to a sphere is not life, but an arrangement.   —


It’s not necessarily useless work.

Perseverance flashed in Xue Jiao’s eyes. She turned and walked back to the classroom quickly.

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13 Comments on “WFILTU Chapter 97 – Missing I

  1. thanks for the chapter.

    That Yin Fang is no good for a teacher…I know, she quiet want our MC to study hard..but can’t she just support too? to whatever her students pursuance?? LoLs..

  2. Pretty good. Thanks for translating this. Will be following this story.

  3. Honestly, she is a bad, narcissistic teacher. The world ain’t revolved around you boo? Stop thinking you are right and let people live!

    • From what I glimpsed from CN School Life novels, chinese teachers receive some form of compensation (don’t know if it is monetary or promotion) for teaching classes with better graded students. This means that teachers are often more worried about students grades than their lives, and this hoe is not narcissistic, but a selfish asshole just like many others.

      • She reminds me of my narcissistic teacher back in highschool. Supposedly she is very highly-achieved personwho got stuck teaching a bunch of suburb students. Its always her way or no way. just like this teacher.

  4. What a horrible teacher, maybe because in real life I had been privileged to get the attention from good ones so my standards are too high? Lol

  5. I’ve seen hateful comments about the teacher which I disagree with. She noticed that Xue Jiao has been focused on her grades and tries to help her with it. Yin Fang realized that Xue Jiao specifically would be a student to sign up for such a math competition. She wasn’t going around asking everyone. After Yin Fang made her point, she only double checked once, and stopped pushing it.
    Yeah, Yin Fang did have bias against Xue Jiao at first, but I feel that was completely justified. How did u feel when u heard that Ivy League schools were being bribed to replace students who worked hard and deserved a spot at the top schools with those weren’t qualified to get in at all? Exactly. Only WE knew it was unfair because we knew about Xue Jiao true smarts.

  6. I agree with Juliana on this one…although she was brash curt and a bit mean with how she said it…there was not anything wrong with what she said and ultimately she left it in Xue Jiao’s hands to decide when she could very well completely not allow it

  7. Double checking is different from belittling her interest/effort no?
    Like if MC was like her past self then the prejudice is justified.
    But she’s been a hardworking student for months. Doing extra & advance works that others usually dont in class (as testified by other teachers & herself in past chapter).
    Even if the teacher has doubt, thats not how she approaches it.
    This homeroom teacher didnt even inquire further & gave MC the chance to share nor said a single supportive word but just kept on berating MC then abruptly left after she said her piece (aka unloading her non belief, assumptions & prejudices about MC).
    In short what she say is like this,
    ‘Why are you doing something that “I KNOW” you’re incapable of but if anything happens dont say I didnt warn you’
    She herself has seen her student is changing for the better at least be a decent teacher dang

  8. I agree with shai. It’s one thing to worry for your students well being, it’s another to blatantly put them down and discourage them. When I got in a competition, my teacher advised me not to go since it was to close to finals. She said it wasn’t very important to grades and was a waste of studying time. The difference between her and this witch is that I already regarded her as kind “relative”. This witch is known to be a snob that only panders to smart people and would immediately dump you if you fall back just ONCE! She assigns seats based on grades, she’s biased against students that don’t “look smart” (pretty, handsome, alt, etc.), she loses her temper quickly, she often compares students/classes, she doesn’t like it if you don’t listen to her suggestions, she accuses people quickly, she constantly downplays achievements, etc. Even if she was doing it for their good, she’s already lost their respect. At this point they might go against her word because of how much they hate this “nun”. Patience is a virtue that teachers should have but she obviously doesn’t. I would recommend “the school topper reborn” in this case. A TON of teachers in that book are absolutely arses but a few of them, no matter how they really think, try to support the mc and company. Later in life she remembers them and all they did for her. A character in that book is also know to be stern and an overachiever, Mr.Chen. He starts off only doing it because of his weak wife. Even if he’s a bit harsh you can see his good will, his fairness, and good nature. He’s just as stern as the witch, he doesn’t come off as snobbish but just a bit old fashioned. Is it ultimately her fault if the school and her parents use bribes? Her classmates already isolated her enough don’t you think? Having a grown woman show how much she dislikes a child she’s supposed to be caring for is strange. Even if she hates her insides, you’re not supposed to blatantly show it! That’s one reason why depression and suicide rates are so high in students. If she doesn’t care for their mental well being at all then people will start to regress even just a little. It’s funny how they brag about how many students do well under them but none them come back to say thanks.

  9. Ugh I hate teachers like these. If she really meant well she would’ve said it much more nicely. I’ve had good teachers before and this one is just condescending because she doesn’t believe in the abilities of someone she perceives as a failure still, just lucky.

  10. Why would u even speak up for this kind of a teacher that is currently her biggest roadblock to success? She’s done nothing for her but stand in her way and causing drama out of prejudice. How in the world is that excusable??
    It’s not even being realistic or pessimistic, she’s downright belittling her again.

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