SOOEW Chapter 78 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord I

This time, somehow the 123romance space did not appear. Once Wen Ying blinked, she jumped from the midst of a scene of the fire to another scene.

She only hoped the code z942121 mentioned still exists. Otherwise, they have discussed it well but she suddenly disappeared from the fire, and there are no bones left. It is quite terrible to think about it.

She looked around the bedroom she was currently in. The whole bedroom was decorated in a Rococo style. The overall color of the room was bright, the grass was curled and the flowers were relaxing, and the lingering and winding decoration was delicate and dainty. The whole room gave people a vintage feel.


She searched through the memory, and sure enough, this world is not far from her world’s Republic of China in history. After the end of the feudal dynasty, the warlords maintain their own armies. On the surface, they are under the jurisdiction of the central government. In fact, they have been out of control and want to become kings.

In front of the full-length mirror, the woman has a round and pointed cat face. Her phoenix eyes were long and narrow, her eyelids were half-closed and she looked a little sleepy and lazy. However, she is always unsmiling, her face is tight, and she looks very rigid, which obliterates all the good feelings.

Wen Ying saw that the pajamas she was wearing were actually the snow-white blouses that were often worn in ancient times, which was completely out of place compared to this bedroom.

This immediately triggered the memory again.

It turns out that in this world, the original owner is just a soy saucer*. She was born into a scholarly family and should have originally been married to a famous local family, but Shao Getian—— however, Shao Dashuai, the governor of Chen province, and one the three warlords had forcibly seized her. At the age of 18, she became the new wife(following deceased) of an old man in his forties.

*soy saucer- passerby 

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Similar to the previous world of being a new wife, she is much more miserable in this world. Shao Getian is a crude old man who was born from the forests. Because he reveres scholars, so he wanted to marry a wife who was literate and knowledgeable. However, who knew that once he married her back, she was f******* rigid and stereotypical. He couldn’t even bear it for one whole day. The bride was directly left behind on the wedding night, and he went to find a sweet talker. The pitiful original was young, and she couldn’t hold back the scene. With the warlord’s move, she was laughed at by all the people under her, and lost all her authority.

However, this is nothing. No matter how harshly she was treated, she is still the official madam, so her food and clothing were all pretty up to standard. Unfortunately, later on, she was accused of maltreating the child borne from a mistress, and was sent back to her hometown by Shao Getian. From then on, her days were no different from being under house arrest. Her best years were buried in the old house.


As for the envoy of this world, it seems that Shao Getian has already captured half of the city, at least Shao Getian treats her affectionately to death.

“Madam.” There was a maid knocking on the door, “Are you* up?”

*you- formal you

Only then did Wen Ying realize that she was standing barefoot on the floor, with a mist outside the window, and cold air blowing from the floor on the soles of her feet. She rubbed her feet against each other and slipped back into the bed. Then she poked her head out of the soft quilt and responded with one “En” word.

The maid pushed the door in and served her in the bathroom.

Wen Ying remembered that the original owner had brought a maid named Ying Cao from her home. This maid was obviously not her, so she couldn’t help asking: “Where did Ying Cao go?”

The maid murmured in her heart, but on the surface, she looked respectful and honest: “Madam asked her to take care of the second young master so she went before dawn.”

Wen Ying remembered now. As soon as she came, she read a lot of intelligence information, and she couldn’t tell which day it was today, hence, she asked.

The second young master in the other party’s mouth was the outer borne child. He was led to the door by his own mother two days ago. Shao Getian was also surprised. This was an affair he had in the north. He didn’t expect to leave any seed, and immediately happily handed the child over to the original owner. Fortunately, he didn’t welcome the woman in.

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