WFILTU Chapter 98 – Missing II

It’s a coincidence that the math contest is just one day after the monthly exam.

Compared with the prepared knowledge that she had for the high school monthly exam, Xue Jiao always felt that the preparation she had for the exam was still slightly lacking.

So before the exam, she was still working on the math contest questions.

“Xue——” Xi Junyang ran over.

“Shut up!” Yi Tianyu lowered his voice and shouted.

Xi Junyang quickly stopped his feet and opened his mouth towards Yi Tianyu, silently asking: What’s wrong?

Yi Tianyu raised his finger, pointing at Xue Jiao, and silently replied to him: She is about to take the exam, so she is very busy. Don’t bother her these days! Otherwise, I won’t spare you!

Xi Junyang raised his hands and surrendered: Ok, ok, ok, I’m leaving.

He raised his fist towards the back of Xue Jiao: Good Luck(Jiayou)!

*Jiayou- add oil, Chinese version of ganbatte, work hard

Two boys were noisily playing on the table behind after eating——

“Hahaha, you fool!”

“You are the one who’s a fool, you……”

Yi Tianyu quickly turned his head, giving them the death glare.

Two people: “……”

He opened his mouth and said silently: Shut up!

The two dared not talk anymore and became quiet as a chicken.

Xuejiao carefully reviewed for a period of time in the quiet environment maintained by Yi Tianyu, separating every minute and every second to use.

Yin Fang had been to the classroom a few times during break time, and several times, she saw that Xue Jiao was not reviewing as she expected, but instead kept doing the competition questions, causing her to become quite unhappy. However, it was after class, so she didn’t say anything, only her face became uglier.

“Tomorrow will be the monthly test. Our class’s Gu Xuejiao is still doing the competition questions. I saw that Gu Shiyun in your class was memorizing texts. This Gu Xuejiao……” Yin Fang was still a little angry, and couldn’t help complaining in the office.


The complaint is filled with hatred that iron cannot become steel. She cares about this good seed and always keeps her eyes on her.

The headteacher of the second class laughed: “Classmate Gu Xuejiao may already be prepared. Gu Shiyun didn’t surpass her on the test her last month and fell behind in ranks to the third place, so she is still working hard. I saw her studying very hard this month.”

Yin Fang’s face became even more ugly, and she said helplessly: “After so many years in Qi Zhong school, yet year two has a couple of people who were accepted without an exam? Basically, they are all in the third year of high school. They are only short one year from year three. With so many domineering high school students in the third year participating, why do these children have to break through now?”

“I actually really support it.” A teacher next to her suddenly raised their head, “Besides, the math group agreed to Gu Xuejiao’s application. Many students with poor grades have not passed the school application because the number of places is limited.”

Yin Fang glared at him: “You teach math, of course, you support it!”

The head of class two smiled and said: “Gu Shiyun knew that the probability was not high this time, so she only went to participate, hence she didn’t leave time to study. However, for Chu Sheng, I rather wish he does the questions well!”

Yin Fang became even more jealous, her tone a little sour: “Chu Sheng is a mathematics genius that is rarely seen. No matter how he does, he can still achieve a pretty good result! I really envy your class, several outstanding students! How come our class……”

“You have the first ranked in your class.”

“Alas, I’m content if she can stay in the top three, especially now, when she starts to do the competition questions right after class ends. How can she test well like this?”

Yin Fang said this while supporting her forehead: “I feel dizzy just thinking about it.”

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Thursday, monthly exam.

Xue Jiao’s seat is the first in the first class. Finally, there is no need to leave the classroom to find a seat in the other classes.

When she came back from the bathroom, the classroom was basically full. Behind her seat was a pale boy with black-rimmed glasses. He looked scholarly weak and smiled slightly when he saw her.

Xue Jiao nodded and returned the smile.

“Gu…Classmate Gu Xuejiao!” Chu Sheng spoke. His voice was very soft and also very low.


“I will surpass you this time!” Chu Sheng looked at her with firm eyes.


He started to take first place only when he was in his second year of high school. At that time, he was determined that he would always be first! After all, not everyone will give up liberal arts in the first year of high school, and place all their energy onto science.

But……during the midterm exam he was surpassed!

Xue Jiao was taken aback, and then exposed a smile: “I will also try my best, to remain in this position.”

She tightened her fingers slightly and made up her mind to work harder.

She would never underestimate anyone, especially the genius in front of her. However, the more pressure she received, the greater her fighting spirit was aroused. Xue Jiao’s eyes became firm, she had to work harder!

She looked back inadvertently. Shang Zhiyuan, who was a familiar classmate, nodded and the two smiled and greeted each other. He was followed by……Gu Shiyun.

Xue Jiao’s eyes met with her. This time the other party did not smile, instead, her eyes were deep. She only took a look and then moved her sight away.

She looked at the teacher who walked in, waiting for the exam papers to be passed out.

The higher you climb, the more attention you receive, however, there will also be more people who also want to pull her off.

They are all favored by heaven, no one will obey anyone.

Xue Jiao exhaled slightly. She truly had to work harder.

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