WFILTU Chapter 99 – Missing III

As soon as the two days of exams were over, Xue Jiao immediately left school with her schoolbag on her back.

“Jiao Jiao! This way!” Li Sitong was waving to her, and beside her stood another teenager holding a schoolbag, Cheng Mingze.

“Mom, Uncle Cheng.” Xue Jiao obediently headed over.

She didn’t call out brother. Cheng Mingze frowned and moved his fingers that were in the pockets of his pants.

“Let’s go Jiao Jiao. Let’s head back and eat dinner before we head out to outside of Yi Zhong. We already booked a hotel, and for tonight, we will stay outside of YiZhong.”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

Li Sitong explained with a laugh: “The exam will be held at nine o’clock tomorrow morning, but our home is a bit far away from Yi Zhong, and there may be traffic jams on the road. It’s better to live outside the school, so you guys may sleep better.”

This arrangement is indeed very good, Xue Jiao nodded: “Thank you mom.”

“This kid, what are you being polite for?” Li Sitong said with a smile.

The group got in the car and left Qi Zhong. Yi Tianyu stared at the rear of the car and froze.

“Son? what happened? How did you fare on the exam this time?” Yi Dafa gave him a nudge.

“Not bad.” Yi Tianyu perfunctory answered.

At that moment before, he felt the distance between himself and his deskmate.

One of them is last place, the other is the first rank.

One goes to competitions. The other is still stunned, not knowing what to do, only focused on playing.

“Dad, you head back first. I will go to the school team to practice some basketball.” After Yi Tianyu finished speaking, he dropped his school bag and ran to school.

Yi Dafa was stunned while holding his schoolbag, and after a long time, he said————

“This kid!”


“Brother Yu! It’s pretty late, come back!” Xi Junyang shouted while wiping his sweat.

Yi Tianyu carelessly wiped a sweat and continued to practice shooting.

“You head back first, I will practice some more!”

“Brother Yu, it doesn’t matter whether we head to college or not. Why are you working so hard?” Xi Junyang wiped his sweat, panting, “After graduating from high school, you can go abroad to study finance, and then join your company when you come back. What are you struggling so hard for?”

Yi Tianyu’s hand paused slightly, this three-pointer wiped the basket and fell outside.

“We should always try first. You can go back first.”

“Then I’m leaving, I’ll help you place the key in the cabinet. Lock the door when you leave, lest the coach hammer me tomorrow.”


Yi Tianyu sweated profusely and continued to shoot. It was already dark outside, and the basketball court was silent. Yi Tianyu placed his hands on his knees, breathing.

“Persistence is really difficult. How can the nerd keep learning day by day?”

While saying that, he wiped off his sweat and continued to shoot.

Bang——Bang bang——

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“Where did your brother go this late at night? I’m so anxious!” Li Sitong repeatedly called.

“I’ll go out to search, where did this dead boy suddenly go? The competition is tomorrow. How does he not know how to stay in the room!”Cheng Shuo took the key and went out to search for the person.

“I am coming too!” Li Sitong hurriedly said, “Jiao Jiao, you obediently stay in the hotel to rest. We will look around for Mingze.”

Xue Jiao nodded, watching Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong head out anxiously.

She picked up the phone and continued to read the news from Lin Zhihua——

【I took a look. Your main composition composer this time is Teacher Jiang Kai. This person has no published materials on the market, but he is an veteran for proposals. He has participated in the creation of several college entrance examination questions before.】

【I paid attention to the competition questions that he wrote in the past few years. This teacher seems to be very conservative in forming the topics, but he has repeatedly used strange tricks, especially in regards to logical thinking. You should pay attention to the information in the question, and don’t think too much, nor should you feel that all the information given can be used.】


【I will send you some questions for you to see, this is his style.】

After Xue Jiao thanked him, she took a look at the questions quickly. Those questions are all the previous competition questions. Xue Jiao has done them before.

But she still read it carefully several times over. Then, she redid them and analyzed them carefully.

Sure enough, Jiang Kai’s questions are rough but detailed, and logical reasoning is extremely powerful. Anyone who is not careful will fall into a trap.

Xue Jiao read it several times over, and then, finally placed her pen down and rubbed her neck.

Ten o’clock.

They haven’t come back yet…… 

Xue Jiao raised her head and looked at the clock.

They live in a suite, and she can hear their voices when they come back.

Tomorrow will be the competition, this Cheng Mingze…… 


The day before the competition!

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