SOOEW Chapter 79 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord II

However, if Wen Ying didn’t transmigrate over, the other party will soon enter as a mistress.

With the help of the maid, Wen Ying changed into her clothes. The family was very westernized, and she was the only one who wore a hanfu that was a jacket paired with a skirt. The skirt was embroidered with eight treasures and the pattern was beautiful and luxuriant. The hems were wide and the cuffs were loosely gathered in front of her. It was very elegant and pretty.

The maid looked at her more. Somehow, she felt that the Madam was especially different today.

She always dressed like this in the past, but she always looked blank, wandering like a ghost, with a serious face, looking older than the Madam who had passed away. Right now, a dim ray of sunlight fell upon her, and her face was soft. Seeing the maid staring for a long time, she directed a look of inquiry over.

The light movement of the jaw, that tactful and graceful look that she made was actually very charming, an unspeakable beauty.

Now she understands a bit on why the warlord insists on bringing over a woman who has some literacy.


She didn’t know that there had been a change in the core of this person. Wen Ying had just transmigrated from the ancient world. Unlike the previous worlds, she didn’t stick closely to the pattern. There is only one appearance and no soul. Naturally, she behaves more like an aristocratic lady than the original owner.

Ever since Wen Ying determined the date from her mouth, she calculated that in three or four days, the outer child will fight to the door, crying about her child abuse. However, she still steadily ate her meal before she went to look at her own “second son”.

The Shao Mansion covers an area of

more than 20 acres and costs millions of silver dollars to build. The residence is magnificent, extensive and as imposing as a palace. The well-proportioned pillars support its towering skeleton. There is also a large field of green grass directly in front, which can be seen from the carved iron gate, broadening one’s vision.

In the early winter morning, when the mist has not cleared, the wind blows on people, and it hurts people’s bones..

From a distance, Wen Ying saw a disheveled boy in thin clothes chasing a Frisbee on the grass. There was a huge dog running with him. The two seemed to be fighting for food in a fierce competition.

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Behind him, stood a group of manservants hooting. One of them was holding a whistle and looking excited. There is also a maid. She was exactly Ying Cao, Wen Ying’s maid.

When Wen Ying walked beside the maid, Ying Cao recovered from her state of watching the show: “The Madam is here!”

Several of the attendants greeted in a hasty manner, then usually continued playing around like before. Ying Cao pulled Wen Ying aside and spoke quietly: “Madam, you don’t know, this second young master is truly a joke! He was very dirty the day he came, and we thought it was his mother who didn’t treat him well. Unexpectedly, he had raised a dog temper! He has to eat an entire plate for dinner. I placed the meal on the table, and he carried it to the ground within a glance. I wanted to give him a bath and he stared at me fiercely……”

Before she finished speaking, there was a whiplash sound nearby.


It was the seven or eight-year-old boy who was getting whipped. Next to him, the giant dog was chewing on a piece of raw meat because it had retrieved the Frisbee. He stared at it while salivating, but he did not dare to put up any resistance.

The group of attendants laughed and played around, treating him like a dog.

“What’s the matter with that whip?” Wen Ying’s eyebrows suffused with coldness.

Ying Cao laughingly said: “Shouldn’t the Madam know what’s going on? Isn’t this our family’s rules? It was so easy for me to establish friendship with Brother Chang Shun, and he took my advice.”

Only then did Wen Ying remember. It is said that the original owner is a child raised by a scholarly family, but the Mistress of this family has an unhealthy mentality. For her, only the children borne by the main wife are considered children. It is necessary to study, be modest and generous. The children born from the concubine’s room, let alone studying, will be punished if they move. She must raise them until they cannot enter the view of normal people, with the courage of a rat. She will only be satisfied then. Under this type of influence,  the three views of the original owner can be seen.

Therefore, the original owner was accused of abusing the child. It was really not without fault, even if she did not do it herself, it was something she tolerated and acquiesced towards.

It’s a pity that they don’t know that the fate of the original owner will be greatly changed as a result, and this boy who is being treated harshly will become the fourth great character besides the warlord leader.

The timing of her transmigration this time is still not very good. If it is earlier, she can stop this before the servants move, and she can take the motherly route again. At this moment, her maid has already made friendships with these people and has been mingling for a long time. What she means, the maid expresses her clearly, and if she suddenly changes her face, no one will believe it.

Ying Cao was about to gather her cloak for the Madam. Her hand had just stretched out, when she saw the Madam’s figure shake, and actually walked beside  Brother Chang Shun?

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