WFILTU Chapter 100 – Competition I

Xue Jiao has been studying hard in the past few months, and because of her arrival, the world has changed a lot. Hence, Xue Jiao almost forgot the original plot!

In the original plot, the Xue Jiao in this time period still didn’t like to learn. Li Sitong is dead, and Cheng Shuo is extremely doting towards her.

Gu Xuejiao heard that Gu Shiyun and Cheng Mingze were going to participate in the competition together, and was so angry that she went to drink with Li Wei and the others. After drinking and fighting with others, Cheng Shuo went to see her, and Cheng Mingze went to the competition alone.

It was also tonight. He stayed in a hotel outside.

At night, he was cheated outside by a classmate who also came to participate in the competition, and he was locked into one of the most remote laboratories.

Gu Shiyun was also locked together because she saw that Cheng Mingze ran out alone so late so she also followed, but she was locked up too.

Neither of them participated in tomorrow’s competition.


However, their relationship was advanced by leaps and bounds tonight, and because of guilt, Cheng Shuo turned a blind eye to their development. Otherwise, just because of Li Sitong who left, even if Cheng Shuo died, it would be impossible for him to agree to Cheng Mingze and Gu Shiyun dating.

Xue Jiao’s pupils shrank slightly when she thought of this.

They must be released. First, since she knows, she can’t remain indifferent. Second…… she can’t let Gu Shiyun use a hard to succeed test to kidnap Cheng family’s morality!

They are now in Yi Zhong’s laboratory…… 

Xue Jiao subconsciously took out her phone and wanted to call Li Sitong, but her fingers paused slightly, and she squeezed the phone tightly.

How can she explain that she knew they’re in Yi Zhong?

Xue Jiao bit her lower lip and sent out a message——

【Mom, I’ll head to Yi Zhong to find my brother. Will he go to Yi Zhong in advance to familiarize himself with the place?】

After sending the message, she placed her phone away and went out quickly.

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“Gu Shiyun……I’m sorry, I implicated you……” Cheng Mingze was a little embarrassed. His voice was very hoarse after shouting for a while, and he asked hoarsely in the dark.

The vision inside is very dark, almost nothing can be seen.

Gu Shiyun’s voice trembled slightly, but she pretended to be firm: “It’s nothing……I should’ve called the police before rushing up……”

Cheng Mingze shook his head, then thinking that she could not see, he said: “It can’t be blamed on you. It’s me who troubled you.”

“Brother Mingze, we……will we die?” Gu Shiyun’s voice is still trembling.

“We will not.” Cheng Mingze’s voice is very firm, “His purpose is not to let me take the exam, not to kill people. My parents will also look for us. At most, even if we can’t take the exam tomorrow, we can still definitely go out.”


“En! That’s good!”

“Gu Shiyun……”


“You may not be able to take the exam tomorrow because of me.”

“It’s ok!” Gu Shiyun pretended to be strong, “I won’t necessarily get a good rank anyway, and I still have a chance next year! However, Brother Mingze, you……”

“I’m also fine, just the college entrance examination is fine.” This competition is really not a life or death event for Cheng Mingze.

“Then that’s good!”

After a while, the room fell silent.

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  1. O__O half way the chapter repeated lol
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  2. As far as I don’t like this step bro..but I don’t like more ..that him and that illegitimate sis of our MC to be closer to him 😒😂

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    • Yeah. He and the MC can just go on their separate ways once they enter university. Even just a lukewarm relationship between family members isn’t that weird. But letting that fake white lotus cling to him and bend his potential for her interests? I’m not reconciled with that at all!

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