SOOEW Chapter 80 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord III

Wen Ying asked Chang Shun for the whip.

Young Master Shao loves raising fierce dogs, and Chang Shun is the one who specifically helps him take care of them.

Seeing the Madam looking for him, he didn’t panic at all. “Whoops” He let out a laugh, “This whip has rough edges, so be careful to not hurt your hand.”

Wen Ying received the whip and ignored him, and tested the leather toughness.

When the boy took the frisbee back like a fierce dog, she raised her hand and flicked the whip. It was fast, accurate, ruthless, and merciless!

Chang Shun immediately looked dumbfounded.

Ying Cao was heavily shocked, and immediately stopped Wen Ying: “What are you doing, Madam? Just leave this kind of thing to us servants. Be careful you don’t dirty your hands!”


Wen Ying bent her whip, “What’s the matter? Didn’t mother used to personally □□ before too?”

Now, the people nearby had all understood her intentions. It turned out that this is to be done by hand □□? They are a little apprehensive. This scholarly family, there are still people who whip others?!

The boy was stunned by the whip. He couldn’t understand, he obviously took the frisbee back, but why did they not give him food, but instead, hit him with a whip? He scratched the turf irritably.

The man who threw the frisbee threw another one out, and he ran away again. This time, he won in the race against the giant dog!

But when he came back, what he received immediately was another whip!

He became irritable and let out a depressed growl from his throat.

Wen Ying looked towards Ying Cao: “Already seven years old, yet he still can’t speak?”

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Ying Cao was taken aback by the Madam’s appearance while using the whip, and quickly said: “Didn’t his mother come out from that filthy and dirty place. The mother of that family waited for her to give birth and immediately threw away the baby. Later, he was found by accident and was actually raised by a female dog.” She curled her lips as she said. “Her mother is anxious to head south to ‘find marriage’, why would she teach him.”

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that he could not speak and complain, the servants would not dare to abuse him like that.

Wen Ying understood, but on the surface, she didn’t mean to pity him at all. Several times, as long as he ran back, he would be lashed regardless of whether he lost or won!

He finally couldn’t endure anymore, rushing up with a growl, and bit Wen Ying’s hand!

Ying Cao couldn’t help but screech——


The fierce boy bit the woman like a wolf-dog, and the blood trickled down onto the grass, but the woman’s expression remained unchanged. She was still gentle and calm, and smilingly. She lowered her head and said to the boy: “Even if you do this, there is still nothing to eat.”

In this scene, even the backs of Chang Shun and the others are stiff!

The listeners tremblingly threw a frisbee under Wen Ying’s eyes, and as soon as the boy moved, Wen Ying would whip!

He looked back at her and stopped moving.

Another two or three more times. As long as he stands still when the frisbee is flying out, he won’t receive the whip.

He understands quickly.

Wen Ying frowned when she saw the basket of raw meat, so she had to pick a piece from the snacks that the servants leisurely ate and fed it to him..

He rushed up like a whirlwind, gobbled down the pastry, rolled his tongue, and licked all the crumbs from her fingers.

Wen Ying lifted the messy hair on his forehead, and she could see his immature but sharp facial features, protruding eyebrows, and thick slanting eyebrows pressed down, and there was a fierce breath in his eyes.

“Really obedient. “She touched his head.

He originally had vicious eyes, but he currently gave her a confused look.

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