WFILTU Chapter 101 – Competition II

After a long time, Cheng Mingze moved his ears and heard sobbing.

The person who locked them inside also cut off the power. He can only judge Gu Shiyun’s direction from the voice.

“Gu Shiyun? What happened to you?” Cheng Mingze asked tentatively.

“Brother Mingze, I’m scared……wuwuwu……” The crying exacerbated.

Cheng Mingze frowned slightly, curled his brows and said: “I’ll go to you……”

As he said that, he groped over.

Just as he sat next to Gu Shiyun, two hands hugged him, and one head plunged into his arms, whimpering.

“Brother Mingze……I’m afraid……”

Cheng Mingze subconsciously wanted to push her away. Gu Xuejiao’s words flashed in his head——

Are you worthy of my mother?

As Cheng Mingze frowned more tightly, the girl in his arms began to tremble, and the sobbing sound became even more pronounced.

“Don’t be afraid, I am here.”

Cheng Mingze sighed invisible and raised his hand——


The light is turned on.

The two of them were stunned. Gu Shiyun’s eyes flashed with astonishment, but Cheng Mingze exhaled immediately.

“Someone opened the switch, and there’s someone who came.”

Gu Shiyun bit her lower lip. Her face was still buried in Cheng Mingze’s arms. She continued to tremble, but anger flashed across her face.


“Don’t be afraid, get up quickly, someone will come to save us.” Cheng Mingze patted Gu Shiyun.

“Kuang! Crash! Bang! !”

Something hit the door. Gu Shiyun hugged Cheng Mingze tightly: “Brother Mingze! What is it!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It should be to save us.” Cheng Mingze’s voice is also a little tentative, and he also didn’t understand what was going on.

Gu Shiyun hugged him tighter and hid in his arms.

“Klang——” There was a loud bang, the lock fell off and the door was kicked open.

A girl wearing the uniform of Qi Zhong stood at the door, holding a hammer in her hand, looking at them.

Her hair was scattered, a few messy baby hairs were pinned behind her ears, and a delicate face was exposed , as white as jade in the light.

Cheng Mingze’s heart pounded.

Xue Jiao looked at the scene before her of the “cuddling” male lord, and raised her brows——

“Cheng Mingze, you pay for this door.”

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The follow-up matters were handed over to the police and the school. Although Xue Jiao smashed the door, but the fact that the laboratory could be used by a student from another school to lock other students…… just based on this alone, they didn’t mention anything about the door, instead, they were the ones who kept apologizing.

The boy who locked up Cheng Mingze was also handed over to the police to handle. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong had a lot of things to say to the pair of brother and sister, but in the end they said nothing.

Tomorrow is the exam, so it’s more important to rest now.

Xue Jiao went to bed almost as soon as she returned to the hotel, not knowing that Cheng Mingze next door and Gu Shiyun downstairs……had trouble sleeping.

In fact, what Xue Jiao didn’t know was that Gu Shiyun was imprisoned by no coincidence. Cheng Mingze went out and she followed, and saw that Cheng Mingze was locked up by another boy. At that moment she had a hundred ways to save the other, but in the end, she chose not to save him and sent herself in too.

Hence, there was almost no resistance, and she was also pushed in.

She thought of everything, but she didn’t expect that bitch Gu Xuejiao would come to rescue them!

Gu Shiyun knew that it was basically impossible for her to get good results in this competition, so she prepared rationally to exchange for Cheng Mingze’s favor instead……

This damned Gu Xuejiao!

Gu Shiyun secretly hated.

Cheng Mingze was tossing and turning in the same way. Once he closed his eyes, it was the appearance of Xue Jiao standing at the door raising her brows.


He silently screamed sharply twice and covered his head with the quilt.

*side note- hotels have really nasty quilts as they don’t wash it like 90 percent of the time ):


Early the next morning, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong sent the two into the examination room. The two-hour math competition did not involve a lot of questions, but most of the examinees had trouble completing the questions. Everyone was deliberating hard and before long, the time for handing in the papers was up.

Xue Jiao placed away her stationery bag and walked out of the examination room with the flow of people.

“Shiyun, is mom’s Shiyun all right!” Wu Wanjun hugged Gu Shiyun, who came out, into her arms. Gu Jingxu also looked at her distressingly from beside her.

Cheng Mingze walked to the several people and said seriously: “This time it was me who implicated Gu Shiyun. I hope you two will forgive me. You can rest assured that that person will be punished as he deserves.”

“Shiyun.” Wu Wanjun didn’t speak. She only hugged Gu Shiyun.

Gu Shiyun hugged Wu Wanjun back: “Mama, I’m fine. This shouldn’t be blamed on Brother Mingze. It’s that person’s fault.”

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