SOOEW Chapter 81 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord IV

The wound on Wen Ying’s hand was not deep, but after all, she was bitten by teeth, hence, she still called the family doctor over for an injection. The little boy was also brought back by her, and Ying Cao helped him take a bath and apply medicine.

He was covered with mud spots and grass clippings, coupled with the habit of never taking a bath, he was as dirty as a stray child. It was quite pitiful to say as his birth mother disliked that he was dirty. Before seeing the marshal, she pressed him to wash once, and she didn’t bother to care about him anymore after that.

Most mothers in the world love their children very much and would rather wrong themselves than let them suffer, but there are always exceptions. Those who could discard their child when they were just born, but later, after they accidentally found him, and discovered that his face was similar to Shao Getian, keep him, because they were now aware of his value, are the exceptions.

Speaking seriously, the warlord Shao, who kept sowing his seeds everywhere was also not much better. Wen Ying couldn’t help but doubt that the Lord God Envoy chose him only because her own status is the social flower of vocal music venues, and the only person she can come into contact with is Shao Getian.

Otherwise, Shao Yifeng, the son of Shao Getian, who is on par with his father on the light source map, should be the best choice.


In the side room, she was able to rationalize her thoughts, and the family doctor had already given her the shot. She hadn’t even cried yet when Ying Cao ran down crying from upstairs.

“Madam! Don’t ask me to wash him, or else, teach me how to use a whip!”

Wen Ying pressed on the hemostatic cotton and asked her: “What’s the matter?”

“This bastard! As long as I undress him, he will immediately bite me. Fortunately, there is a thick cotton coat, otherwise I will also be bitten by him!”

In this period of time, the little boy had already run down the stairs.

To say, that Marshal Shao is indeed a rough, uncouth man. After throwing his son to Wen Ying, he became quite elusive. Until now, although the second young master of the Shao family is called the second young master, he does not even have a name.

Of course, she knew that his name later on was Shao Tingyu, but she couldn’t say it right now.

She watched him stare at the syringe in the doctor’s hand, and his pupils narrowed at once. She waved to him: “I’ll give you a nickname, called Xiao Hu, okay?”

*his nickname is Little Tiger

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Tiger in the imperial courts, he is destined not to thrive in the pond.

Shao Tingyu didn’t know what she was saying. He was still in a state of alertness, his body muscles were tense, as if he would rush to bite her at any time!

Wen Ying asked the doctor to put away the syringe first. Seeing that he relaxed a little, she asked Ying Cao to hand over the heated towel.

Ying Cao hesitated: “Do you want to wipe him personally? You shouldn’t, he is very unruly, it is better to call Brother Chang Shun and them……”

Wen Ying had long thought up a reason to deal with the maid, and said: “What if the godfather sees it? Besides, consider it as passing the time. At this time, the Master sees me as unpleasing to the eye. I also don’t want to touch his bad luck. Let’s just muddle along.”

These words were said very pitifully. Ying Cao also couldn’t just argue with the Madam on the surface. However, in her thoughts, she thought differently. What can happen even if they raised the outer child?? If there is a chance, it is more serious to persuade the Madam to please the Marshal.


She made up her mind, and went out to bring the hot water basin and towels. Then she twisted the hot water out of them and passed them, just guarding on the side.

Wen Ying saw that he was standing far away. She smiled and picked a piece of red bean cake from the plate on the tea table and spread it out in her palm. She waved to him again, and in a blink of an eye, he was already close in front of her, grabbing her hand, and gulping the cake.

Wen Ying pulled away the hair strands that he had eaten in his mouth, and noticed that he swallowed and hardly chewed. She couldn’t help but remember it in her heart.

After he had eaten more than half, she wiped his face with a hot towel. He paused for a moment, then lowered his head to eat again, and when he licked the palm of her hand, Wen Ying lightly hissed “Si”.

There was a red mark on the palm.

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