WFILTU Chapter 102 – Competition III

Xue Jiao had just walked out of the gate of Yi Zhong. She walked in front of Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong, and was very close to Gu Jingxu and Wu Wanjun.

She heard Cheng Shuo say: “This girl is pretty good, but Mingze’s classmate’s thoughts are too bad.”

Li Sitong’s face was ugly for a while. Although she was transferring her anger onto another, she just didn’t like Gu Shiyun very much.

Xue Jia looked at Cheng Mingze who was feeling guilty next to her, and also at Gu Shiyun who smiled broadly, and Gu Jingxu who carried anger towards Cheng Mingze on his face……. 

“Brother, is Gu Shiyun your girlfriend?” Xue Jiao suddenly made a sound.

Gu Shiyun plunged her head into Wu Wanjun’s arms, as if embarrassed.

“She is not!” Cheng Mingze immediately refuted, seemingly eagerly.

Gu Shiyun’s movements froze. Fortunately, her head was in Wu Wanjun’s arms and her expression couldn’t be seen clearly now.


Xue Jiao tilted her head, blinking her big eyes and asked: “Then why did Gu Shiyun follow you last night? Didn’t you ask her out?”

“It’s not like that!” Gu Shiyun’s face turned slightly red, and then she buried tighter, and said softly, “I was worried about him so I followed……”

“Oh……” Xue Jiao’s face suddenly saw the light, and then she doubted, “That is, you didn’t stay in the hotel at night, ran out by yourself, and then was shut in conveniently by the person who locked up my brother? Then what does that have to do with my brother?”

Her eyes widened, as if she was really curious.

Everyone was stunned, even Cheng Mingze was stunned..

That’s right, Cheng Mingze didn’t ask her out, nor did Cheng Mingze hurt her. It was only that someone tried to hurt Cheng Mingze and that implicated her*.

*says him instead of her in original text, but i’m assuming the author made a slight mistake, afterall, we’re all human haha

Seems like…It’s truly not Cheng Mingze’s fault?

Xue Jiao said again: “Then my brother shouldn’t be feeling guilty right? After all, he didn’t want anyone to harm him either, and he didn’t ask anyone to follow along.”

She touched her chin: “I think that Gu Shiyun, you should thank me. After all, I was the person who saved others yesterday, and I also saved you.”

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“Gu Xuejiao!” Gu Jingxu glared at her.

Xue Jiao blinked her eyes: “Did I say anything wrong?”

Cheng Mingze looked into her eyes and shook his head.

That’s right, Xue Jiao was right. Gu Shiyun was indeed implicated, but it was not him who was at fault. He didn’t need to make a small apology like this.

“That’s right.” Cheng Shuo also laughed suddenly, reached out and rubbed her head. “We are going to the police station with your brother to make a record first. Jiao Jiao, shall we send you back first? Or will you go with us?”

Xue Jiao shook her head:”No need, you guys go ahead. I’ll take a taxi and go back by myself, I definitely can handle this.”

Seeing Wu Wanjun’s ugly face on the opposite side, Li Sitong felt a burst of joy in her heart. She smiled happily and took Xue Jiao into her arms: “Jiao Jiao, let’s send you back first. Mama is worried about you.”


“It’s okay, it’s only taking a taxi. You guys should go quickly. In a moment, the others will also be heading out of work too.”

“Ok then, but you have to pay attention to yourself. We’ll rush over there first and head back home for lunch later.” Cheng Shuo glanced at the time. If they go now, they might be able to reach home before lunch. If they wait a little, the police station will soon have a break, and they will have to wait until the afternoon.

“We’re leaving.” Cheng Mingze put his hand in his pocket and smiled at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment, then smiled stiffly back.

After Cheng Shuo and the others left, Xue Jiao was about to take a taxi. Just as she turned around, Gu Jingxu stopped her.

“Gu Xuejiao!”


“Today you……didn’t call me dad……”

Xue Jiao’s face became frigid: “I said this before, I don’t have a dad like you.”

“Gu Xuejiao!”

Xue Jiao’s face was frozen, and she did not speak. She only waved away his hand.

“Jiao Jiao, I know you still care about Gu’s family. You saved Shiyun. Let’s go to dinner together, and you and your sister can get along well.” Gu Jingxu patiently continued.

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  1. Ugh.. I just don’t understand how his brain circuit work

  2. Cheng Shuo is a better dad than him by at least a hundred times. Just…roll off with your bitchy wife and daughter, will you?

  3. More importantly the way he called her name when she said her halfsister should thank her as if she said something wrong 😑

    * also I think the authors hin might have been right because mingze was implied to be responsible for GS getting trapped aswell.

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