WFILTU Chapter 103- Intimacy I

“I wasn’t saving Gu Shiyun, I was saving Cheng Mingze.” As Xue Jiao was saying this, she was also waving to the taxi that was coming.

“Gu Xuejiao! You rebellious girl!”

Xue Jiao’s feet paused, and she turned around: “You did not care about me before, so you can’t expect me to have family affection for you.”

When Li Sitong divorced, she gave up part of her interests in order to get custody of Xue Jiao.

Yet Gu Jingxu only wanted a little bit of interest, and very easily agreed to give up custody of her.

In addition, he had another real little princess in his mind. Before, he let Wu Wanjun lead her astray. Hence, in the future, she will have no father-daughter relationship with him.

“Jingxu! Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Xue Jiao is still young. She just trusts her current father too much.” Wu Wanjun patted Gu Jingxu on the chest on one hand and ignited the fire on the other.

Gu Jingxu was really furious: “Gu Xuejiao! If you leave today, don’t call me dad again! Also, don’t think of obtaining a single cent from me!”

Xue Jiao didn’t stop walking.


“Rebellious girl! This rebellious girl!” Gu Jingxu is still angry. Wu Wanjun and Gu Shiyun comforted him and continued to ignite the flames.

Not far away, a black Rolls Royce Phantom closed its window and drove away slowly.

“Boss, are we heading back to the Beijing head office?”

“En, go back.” Lin Zhihua nodded.

After a moment, he put his finger on his chin and asked, “Gu Jingxu is consulting with the project over in Nan Cheng, right?”

Chen Yan’s head quickly recalled the information about Gu’s family and Cheng’s family that he saw some time ago, and then nodded: “Yes, Gu Jingxu’s company wants to take over Nancheng’s project for the industrial zone.”

Lin Zhihua took back the finger that was on his chin and changed his posture. He lazily said, “The project in Nancheng is not bad. Lin Shi will take it.”

Chen Yan was stunned for a moment and then replied respectfully: “……Yes”

The project in Nancheng can also be accepted by Lin’s C City branch, but it’s like……A person with several famous chefs in his family ran to a small nameless shop and ordered a bowl of average tasting noodles.

They can eat it, but it’s not necessary.

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Gu Jingxu was grieved by his “unfilial daughter” yesterday. He was comforted by his beloved wife and the pearl in his eyes for a long time before he finally let go of it.

On the way to the company, he still consistently rambled on about his unfilial daughter. Gu Xuejiao was far from the sensible and obedient Shiyun!

The result was that as soon as he arrived at the company, the secretary told him a piece of shocking news——

“What did you say?! The project in Nancheng was robbed by Lin Shi? “

“Yes……” The secretary’s face shrunk.

“There’s no way! How can Lin Shi take on such an irrelevant and small project? ” Gu Jingxu’s face was full of disbelief. He even doubted that his ears heard wrong!

“It’s true……the Fusheng enterprise in Nancheng called and said it personally……” The secretary was shaking with fear.

Gu Jingxu raised his hand and trembled slightly.

They have used a lot of heart for the project in Nancheng. They were ready to sign the contract today, but they failed in the end?!

“Lin Shi……How could Lin Shi suddenly compete with us……”

Gu Jingxu collapsed in his chair. If it is any other company, he can still be angry, and even try to enact revenge, but this is Lin Shi!

How to get revenge?!


“Find out exactly what is happening in Lin Shi!”


After the secretary went out, Gu Jingxu collapsed in his office chair.

At noon, Wu Wanjun called.

“Wei, Jingxu, ah. Did you sign the project this morning? Shall we have lunch together to celebrate? Shiyun and I are currently waiting at Guest House Qi——”

“F*** off——”

Gu Jingxu angrily smashed the mobile phone!

Lin Shi’s random action will injure his company right into the bones and sinews!

How would he be in the right state of mind to celebrate at this time?!

This Wu Wanjun!

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