WFILTU Chapter 104 – Intimacy II

Xue Jiao did not know about any of this. After Cheng Shuo and them came back, he made a large table of dishes to celebrate the successful completion of Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze’s exams.

“By the way, Mingze, although Gu Shiyun is harm free, but in the end, she was still implicated by you. You don’t have to feel guilty about her, but you still have to be grateful.” Cheng Shuo told Cheng Mingze.

Cheng Mingze subconsciously at Xue Jiao, and then slowly nodded.

Cheng Shuo nods with satisfaction and raises his glass——

“Congratulations on the successful completion of Jiao Jiao and Mingze’s exams. I wish you guys good results!”

“Thank you, Dad.”

“Thank you, Uncle Cheng.”

After dinner, Xue Jiao went back to her room and continued to review.

She doesn’t dare to underestimate others, particularly Chu Sheng. She can only use her own efforts and the extra two years of time she gained to create her own legend.

She will complete all the courses for year three in the latter half of year two. The entire year three will be exam-oriented and a review year.

Xue Jiao has also reviewed the course again. She takes out a set of comprehensive college entrance exam simulation questions, seizing the time to start the examination.

Two hours later, Xue Jiao finished the comprehensive test and checked her answers.


Xuejiao frowned. She lost a total of 40 points.

Her eyebrows and eyes wrinkled together, bitterly staring at the wrong answers. She took out the wrong questions and conscientiously memorized them.

Sure enough, she’s still too trash.

“Puchi——” laughter rang out.

Xue Jiao was startled and then turned back.

Cheng Mingze leaned on the door frame and was looking at her with laughter. His hand was in his pocket and his mouth was raised. His gentle face looked gentle to the extreme.

Xue Jiao lost her spirit for a moment, and then immediately recollected her thoughts.

He truly is the male lead ah…… 

As she thought like this, Cheng Mingze slowly walked in and picked up the test paper.

“I thought how bad could you do since you’re worrying like that. The difficulty of this set of questions is not low. It’s extremely powerful for year two students to achieve this score already.”

Xue Jiao flattened her mouth. Her eyebrows were still wrinkled together: “You don’t understand——”


I have already studied the third year of high school, and I tested for the college entrance examination already. As a result, I only obtained such results……

Cheng Mingze raised eyebrows: “Where do I not understand? What are you afraid of when you can even break open the door? “

As he continued speaking, he rolled up the paper, and gently knocked on her head, the posture extremely intimate: “Stop worrying and quickly conquer the problems that you don’t understand!”

Xue Jiao is stunned, and Cheng Mingze’s hand paused.

“I’ll head back to my room first.”

With that, he put down the paper and left in a hurry.

Xue Jiao shivered, and spit out three words: “He’s not crazy?”

Cheng Mingze……and her……intimate?

Xue Jiao feels, either Cheng Mingze is crazy or she is crazy!

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The car drove from Lin’s headquarters to Lin’s old house. Tan Qi respectfully opened the door.

Lin Zhihua continued to command: “Don’t agree to any of Xie family’s requests. Let them hang first. We must have a good discussion about the cooperation with Yu Chuang. Help me make an appointment with Yu Jincheng tomorrow, and I will see him in person in the evening. In addition, arrange several managers of the marketing department to report tomorrow, and then urge the report of the planning department. We must do it before the day after tomorrow. “


“Check the latest itinerary and help me squeeze out half a day in the next seven days, I…… will look for Liu Xu. “

Chen Yan’s voice gave a slight pause: “Yes……”

Lin Zhihua nodded and got out of the car.

Lin’s manor is extremely luxurious. Lin Fu took over the company for so long and it could be said that he was unable to do anything. He only took the money to enjoy it.

The manor is the ancestral property of the Lin family. Mother Lin and Father Lin spent a lot of money on maintenance and reconstruction.

If Lin Zhihua had not taken over Lin Shi in time, the Lin family would have collapsed.


Lin Zhihua basically dealt with all the branch affairs in C City this year. Although Beijing city is the headquarters now, City C is still the base camp, and he is still slowly moving his focus to Beijing now.

He was in City C, and Lin’s parents lived in City C for most of the time. This manor remained empty most of the time.

He doesn’t know what happened recently, but Lin’s parents moved in.

After Lin Zhihua left, Tan Qi looked at Chen Yan and gossiped: “Compared with Director Lin and his wife, our Boss is extremely low-key and simple……this garden is really……expensive and unrestrained!”

Chen Yan looked at him with a cold face.

Tan Qi is looking at this manor with envy on his face. He feels the cold eyes beside him and shrinks his neck slightly.

“You……have you finished your business? “

“Not yet……” he felt guilty.

Chen Yan looked at him coldly.

Tan Qi grinned heartily: “Hei hei hei……”

“Get in the car!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” He climbed in carefully.

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