SOOEW Chapter 83 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord VI

“Huh?” z942121 actually produced a human-like puzzled sound. He paused for a long time this time, and after a second, he responded with, “It’s a living adult item. It has been affected by the changes in time and space, hence retreating back to its infancy. You are very lucky. The chance of a god envoy drawing a living thing is less than one in ten thousand, because they are more flexible than dead ones and easily escape.”

Saying it like this, although she can’t see its benefits for the time being, it seems to be very powerful.

Of course, after getting along with this so-called adult living thing in the future, Wen Ying knew that the reason why she caught the living thing the first time she caught it was not because of how lucky she was. Instead, the other party was simply too lazy to move!*

*lmao sounds legit, me on the daily hahaha

Because it returned to its infancy, it couldn’t help even if it went to the world, so Wen Ying temporarily placed it with z942121. It was the first time that she discovered that z942121 still had the function of a locker. z942121 did not speak again even up until she left the space.

Time stagnated in the space, so Wen Ying lingered for a while before reappearing in the living room.

In addition to the family doctor and Ying Cao, there was one more subordinate who held on fiercely to Shao Tingyu. It was probably Ying Cao who called for help.

Shao Tingyu was suppressed by the strong man and couldn’t move. He could only bare his teeth and let out a low growl from his throat.

The doctor saw her coming back and said, “Madam, in addition to the damage caused by the whiplash on the skin, the second gong zi* also developed a fever. If possible, I will give him an injection to reduce the fever.”

*gong zi-son of a high official, in this case, warlord


Wen Ying walked over, placed the back of her hand on the boy’s forehead, and tested the temperature. When she wiped his face before, he felt that his body was already a little hot. At this moment, it was really hot like a small stove.

She remembered how alert he was when he saw the syringe, and asked, “Can medicine be used to reduce the fever instead?”

“Looking at the situation of the second gong zi, the fever has already burned for two days. It is best to use an injection instead.” He hesitated for a moment, but still sincerely suggested.

Ordinary doctors tend to treat conservatively. Since he can say these words, it can be seen that the feasibility of medical treatment using pills is not high.

Wen Ying nodded.

The family doctor took the other syringe out of the plastic package and drilled into the glass injection bottle to extract the medicine. When the needle was pulled out, there was a drop of water hanging on the needle, which slipped down like it was punctured by the needle. No one noticed that Shao Tingyu’s pupils shrink suddenly.

When the syringe approached him, he was caught off guard and struggling violently. The doctor’s hand with the needle shook and he almost stuck the needle into himself!

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Upon seeing this, Wen Ying laughingly appeases the doctor and said: “The child is afraid of injections, you* wait.”

*formal you

Her gaze fell upon Shao Tingyu. He was staring fiercely at the syringe. He didn’t even seem to see his arms turn red from the struggle with the servant. He only treated the syringe as a scourge without blinking his eyes!

She suddenly stretched out her hand and covered his eyes.

The woman’s soft palms were pressed against his eyes. His eyesight went black, and the sharp object suddenly disappeared. His tense muscles relaxed, feeling a little dazed for a while.

Immediately afterwards, there was a sharp tingling on his arm, and he was about to break free with a “wu” sound, but he was quickly gathered into a warm and fragrant embrace.

He was patted on his back, and a soft voice came from above his head: “Be well behaved, it will be better after the injection.”

He didn’t understand, but weirdly sniffed it with his nose, feeling that this place seemed to be a safe place, and the sound made people feel at ease. His vigilance gradually fell under such a sound, and he chaotically closed his eyes.


When Wen Ying pulled down the sleeves for him after pressing on the cotton swab, he was already asleep while producing a low snore.

The author has something to say:

Wen Ying: You are not allowed to hold the frisbee with your mouth!

Small Wolf Dog: I bite you oh.

Wen Ying: If you are ill, you must have an injection!

Wolf dog: I bite you oh.

Wen Ying: Do you want a hug hug?

Wolf dog: I bite…You……Oh…zZZ……

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