WFILTU Chapter 105 – Intimacy III

Lin Zhihua went to the gate, and Nanny Chen quickly came out to pick him up.

“Mister Zhihua, Mister Lin, and they are all here……”

Lin Zhihua stopped for a moment, then nodded and continued in.

“Hello, mister.”

There were people greeting him along the entire way, yet Lin Zhihua kept walking. As soon as he entered the hall, he saw a room full of people.

Almost all of them are “elders” of a large age, and few of them are of the same age as him. They were all sitting quietly beside the old people at home.

The atmosphere is a bit oppressive. All the noise Lin Zhihua heard before he came in seemed to be pinched.

Obviously, the object of their “talk” is Lin Zhihua.

“Zhihua has returned!” The Lin couple, who has been silent the entire time, stood up with a smile and greeted him.

Lin Zhihua nodded his head: “Dad Mom.”


“Quickly sit! Sister Su, pour Zhihua’s favorite tea for him!” Mother Lin’s mouth did not stop, ordering this, and handing over that.

She seems to be particularly friendly, deliberately ignoring the other people in general.

Father Lin was beside him. He seemed embarrassed and didn’t speak.

The people sitting on the sofa all carried an aura of denouncing him publicly for his crimes, and were staring straight at him. No one spoke.

Master Lin sat in the middle, leaning on his cane, and suddenly opened his eyes.

“Lin Zhihua, where is your upbringing?” Master Lin smashed his cane on the ground, and his voice was so loud that others shivered.

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After Lin Zhihua received the tea and sipped it, he looked towards Father Lin: “You brought them in?”

Obviously, he was referring to Elder Lin and the others.

“Lin Zhihua!” Elder Lin was furious.

Lin Zhihua sits on the sofa with his legs up, his mouth slightly raised.


Elder Lin covered his chest, and another old man helped him quickly. Then he looked at Lin Zhihua: “Zhihua, listen to this second grandfather’s words. In the end, Lin Changji is still your second uncle. He made a mistake and you can ask him to kowtow and apologize. There is no need to stay in prison for a lifetime.”


“Kowtow and acknowledge his faults?” Lin Zhihua raises his brows.

The old man nodded quickly: “yes, yes, yes.”

“Then what about the old man’s mistake? Last time’s murder could not have been done by my second uncle alone.”  Lin Zhihua placed down his legs and suddenly looked at them sharply.

Elder Lin immediately retreated with a guilty heart, raising his head, and made a face of justice: “I didn’t know he was trying to kill you. I’m not that stupid yet, I thought……”

Lin Zhihua sneered: “Do you think he wants to knock me out, and then naturally intervene in the company?”

Elder Lin’s eyes widened: “Lin Zhihua! If it wasn’t for the fact that you would rather outsiders be in charge of the company than your family, would I be like this?! You actually didn’t allow your cousin Zhi Tang to enter the company after he returns home from studying abroad! You don’t have offspring, do you want to leave the company to outsiders in the future? “

Mother Lin exploded as soon as she heard this. She could accept some criticism from Elder Lin, but she could not accept him saying that Lin Zhihua had no offspring!

“Dad! Nonsense! Zhihua just doesn’t want to take care of children. Otherwise, he can have a surrogate in foreign countries. He can have however many children he wants! Family Lin won’t fall into the hands of outsiders! “

“Sister in law, can Zhihua really have children? Otherwise, why didn’t he bring back a child after being questioned for so long? ” An elegantly dressed woman suddenly said this. This is Zhang Jiayu, the wife of Lin Zhihua’s second uncle.

She also held a one-year-old child in her arms, which was Lin Zhitang’s son.

Probably because he knew about Lin Zhihua’s condition, Lin Zhitang had a child when he was still studying abroad, so that Elder Lin would completely incline his heart to their side.

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