SOOEW Chapter 84 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord VII

Ying Cao found that her Madam has changed in these two days. It is hard to say that the change is great, but it was a big enough change that drew her awareness. 

She has followed Madam since she was a young lady. Madam used to be locked up in the embroidery building every day. She was very versatile in embroidery, flower arrangement, tea making, and learning women’s precepts. She had a lot of talents. However, since she was shut away for a long period of time, she was not too bright, and seemed to be dull. When she opened her mouth and closed her mouth, she was just like the fish on the chopping board, staring with muddy white eyes. 


The current Madam is like a Wang Huoquan in her eyes or like the piece of paper that is blown with a breath by illusionists. Smiling lightly, while turning around, she looks like a lady walking down from the painting. Is it really that the past few days were boring so she decided to raise a child?

However, the Madam’s attitude towards the outer room’s child was beyond her comprehension.

If they say that she doesn’t treat him well, she’s willing to bring him around and raise him. But if they say that she’s treating him well, it seems like this is not it either…… 

There was a European style rectangular table, full of exquisite delicacies. Even if the Marshal does not come as usual, these dishes were still routine. Wen Ying wanted them to make one less dish, but they won’t listen. The more various and lively the dishes were, the emptier the table seemed.

But ever since Shao Tingyu’s eating problem was stubbornly changed by Wen Ying, the dinner table became a lot more lively. 

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Speaking of how the second young master changed his problem, Ying Cao’s back also cooled. From the second day of junior high school, the young master was still squatting on the ground. The Madam did not even give a glance, and when she finished her meal, she asked people to withdraw the dishes.

After being starved for a meal, the second young master learned to jump on the table and grab food to eat. But the Madam asked someone to take a feather duster. As soon as his hand reached on the table, she knocked it down fiercely. After three or five times, the second young master became so anxious that he wanted to bite people. Only then did the Madam ask someone to move a chair and place it next to her. No one beat him when he jumped on the chair and stretched out his hand.

The second young master jumped up and down several times. after one meal, he was used to squatting in a chair to eat. 

However, the wife was still not satisfied with him squatting to eat. She forced him to sit on the stool in the same method.

More than once, she had heard the voices of the servant gossiping about the Madam, saying that she did not treat the second young master as a human being. This method was clearly used to tame the cats and dogs!


The group of servants who had seen and heard Wen Ying use her whip were even more likely to have noses and eyes. Their saliva was flying. They were just missing the step of pointing at the Madam’s nose and scolding her for “insincerity.”

She was so angry that she wanted to rush to defend, but the Madam stopped her and said, “They are not wrong. My method is not really used for people.”

Wen Ying thought this way. In order to deal with extraordinary people, you had to use extraordinary means. Even if she is willing to persuade Shao Tingyu, he won’t be able to understand a single word from her.

But when she said that, Ying Cao felt that the Madam was still her former Madam. She just became calmer and more frightful.

She did not know how, but looking at the Madam who was eating slowly, the sunlight came in from the glass window, shining on her chin like a little jade, which clearly made her seem beautiful and gentle, yet made her feel cold.

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