WFILTU Chapter 106 – Redemption I

“Nonsense! Zhihua is still young. He hasn’t even married, why would he have kids.” Although Mother Lin and Father Lin secretly urged Lin Zhihua, they still refused to admit it in front of others.

“With Zhihua’s condition, what’s the difference between getting married and not getting married?” The second elder suddenly said, his eyes were full of doubts.

Obviously, they not only suspected Lin Zhihua’s ability to rise, but also suspected Lin Zhihua’s ability to have children.

Fluster flashed in Mother Lin’s eyes, but she quickly gasped for breath and calmed down her shock. Then she refuted, “Zhihua is not very old. What’s so urgent about this? Besides, with the current medical conditions, what should he be afraid of?”

Mother Lin tried to ignore the fear in her heart. The more she went to this family, the more she paid attention to inheritance and blood. If Lin Zhihua really could not produce offspring in his life…… 

Elder Lin closed his eyes slightly, as if he had already made a firm decision on Lin Zhihua: “I won’t discuss this. Take out your second uncle. If you are not satisfied, you can never let him enter the company. But Zhitang must enter the company, Lin Shi, after all, is an ancestral signboard and can’t be broken!”

Mother Lin did not speak this time, as Elder Lin’s prestige from years before was still there.

“Lin Changping, you say it.” Elder Lin smashed his crutch on the ground and looked at Father Lin.

“This……” Lin’s father opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.


“Ha ha.” Lin Zhihua, who has kept his hand behind his back the entire time, lazily leaning against the sofa, looking at them and laughed.

Two words broke the suffocation rising in the air, with casual irony.

“What are you laughing at?” Elder Lin’s eyes widened with anger.

Lin Zhihua stood up. At this time, several bodyguards in black and Chen Yan were brought in by Nanny Chen.

“Lin Zhihua, what do you mean by this?” The second elder Lin was scared until he took a step back.

Lin Zhihua looked at them coldly: “Drive them out.”

“You you you you——” Elder Lin stretched out his hand and trembled with anger.

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“Send the old man to the place where he should be, and urge the one sentencing my second uncle. They must……enforce the law impartially. ” When the last four words landed, Zhang Jiayu almost fell to the ground with her baby in her arms.

“Dad! You can’t let Changji be sentenced!” Zhang Jiayu burst into tears with her baby in her arms and looked at the old man with red eyes.

“I want! I’m going to——” Elder Lin patted his heart while flushed and wide-eyed, pointing to Lin Zhihua, wanting to say something.

Lin Zhihua’s face was expressionless: “Look carefully after the old man, don’t let him run out again.”

“Yes——” Chen Yan bowed his head respectfully.

Lin Zhihua’s eyes swept over all the other relatives in the room. Obviously, they were invited by the old man.


The people swept by Lin Zhihua subconsciously retreated and bowed their heads humbly.

“Drive all these people out, and completely clean out all the economic contacts left behind by the former chairman of the board.” He swept his gaze through them again and said coldly, “Break them all.”

“Zhihua! !” The crowd immediately panicked.

The meaning of this was not only to get rid of them completely, but also to not let them take advantage of anything anymore!

This is to completely stop the road of this group of “relatives” riches, who were fattened by elder Lin and his father!

“Zhihua, I’m not here to plead for Lin Changji. He deserves it! He doesn’t deserve to be forgiven!”

“That’s right, Lin Changji deserves it!”

“Life imprisonment is too cheap. He should be sentenced to death!”

“Zhihua, your grandfather is just confused because he is too old. We didn’t want to stimulate him just now, so we didn’t speak!”

“Right right right!”


These people didn’t speak because they were observing the situation. They were just relatives. They were not as reckless as elder Lin, and also Lin Zhihua’s means…… 

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  1. Ml I like your methods of driving away blood suckers

  2. I feel sorry for the baby.
    If I got the connections right it’s grandfather is the guy looking at attempt murder chargers and it’s father only had it to show that he can have kids? And now it’s grandma almost dropped it to the floor because she tried to use it to garner pity.

  3. I like this method of ML. He cleaned them immediately instead of becoming obstacle in future.. esp he loved FL now so he gotta make way to protect her in future

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