WFILTU Chapter 107 – Redemption II

Sure enough, Elder Lin and Lin Zhihua do not have the same means.

Lin Zhihua was only in his twenties. Probably due to his previous unpleasant experiences, his means were totally different from those in their twenties, and were extremely sophisticated.

As soon as he came back, he let the old man and the others make trouble, and then seized the opportunity to deal with all the Lin family relatives who had been trying to kick him out of Lin Shi.

The others cannot intervene, after all, it was the Lin family who came to force others in their homes first!

“See the guests off!” In front of this group of people, Lin Zhihua only spits out two words.


Very soon, besides the domestic servants, only the Lin couple and Lin Zhihua were left.

Father Lin and Mother Lin looked at each other with some timidness in their eyes.

“That……Zhihua……was that too far? They are all old people who have been with the company for many years……” Father Lin said tentatively.

Lin Zhihua opened his eyelids and glanced at him, then slowly opened his mouth: “There are two types of old people: one is meritorious, the other…… moths. My Lin family doesn’t feed moths.”

After he finished conveying this, he stood up to head upstairs to rest.

“Zhihua!” Mother Lin suddenly stopped him.


“En?” Lin Zhihua turned his head back.

“That……in this life, will I have the possibility……of holding a grandson or granddaughter? “

Mother Lin asked carefully. Obviously, the words of those people just now made her have doubts.

If Lin Zhihua’s problem is that he doesn’t raise, then why has he never thought about proving himself after all these years of pressure and pressure from the old man?

As long as there is one child…… 

Everything has been solved. Lin Changji won’t give rise to unfaithfulness, and Elder Lin also can’t give up his grandson, who has been his successor for many years.

Lin Zhihua looks back at her with sharp eyes, which makes Mother Lin have some……fear.

He slightly closed his eyes: “My child, can only be from my lover, who accompanies me to spend a lifetime together.”

Lin Zhihua knows that many people in their circle don’t care about this. There are many who are born in wedlock and illegitimates.

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Even Father Lin had an illegitimate son in his early years, but he died young.

As a result, Father Lin was idle and rich, but he didn’t dare to mess around. His mind was all on Lin Zhihua and Family Lin.

Lin Zhihua will never be like this. Even if he never has a child, he will not be eager to have a child.

What can be proved?

There is nothing to prove but only proves the animalistic instinct.

There are many people who laugh at him and look down on him. His achievements at his age are enough for those people to grasp his “problems” and laugh at them to balance their jealousy.

But when they are facing him, no matter what their inner thoughts are, they are absolutely bowing down on the surface. Even if they express their dissatisfaction, they would still not dare to do so.

Status, is not kept in the eyes of others, but rather, created out of one’s own achievements!

Lin Zhihua watched until Mother Lin finished expressing herself, then turned his feet in another direction: “I will live in the apartment tonight.”


“Ai——” Mother Lin made a noise, but Lin Zhihua had already left.

Mother Lin and Father Lin looked at each other.

In the car.

Lin Zhihua sat quietly, silently looking out of the window. His face was expressionless, but the low pressure around him was frightening.

Chen Yan lowered his head and did not dare to speak.

When the boss is in a bad mood, no one should comfort him. As long as he treats himself as air, otherwise…… 

Although he was Lin Zhihua’s first secretary, he did not dare to lie in front of the gun at this time.

“Buzz——” the mobile phone vibrated.

Lin Zhihua’s eyebrows drew together in an instant. Chen Yan and the driver both held their breaths, hoping that they would really become air. By the way, they were silent and prayed in their hearts for the one who sent the message.

【Jiao Jiao: Did you finish your business?】

【Jiao Jiao: I did not dare to send you messages during the day! Ah ah ah! Brother Lin! Zhihua! Thank you!!! Because of your reminder, for today’s examination, I deliberately repeated many questions. As expected, many pitfalls have been avoided! 】

【Jiao Jiao: Mom, what kind of God are you! 】

Lin Zhihua: “Puchi*——”

*puchi- laughter

The driver’s hand shook, and the car also shook. Lin Zhihua had no response, only looking at his mobile phone.

Chen Yan’s coffin face also showed shock, with his eyes full of panic.

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  1. I’m not totally sold on the ML and I’m near where I stopped reading before but I very much appreciate his attitude here. Having a child to prove something is absolutely wrong.

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