SOOEW Chapter 85 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord VIII

“Have the meat dishes removed from the table.” Wen Ying suddenly directed. She pressed down Shao Tingyu’s outstretched hand, “How can it be ok that Xiao Hu only eats meat and not eat vegetables.”

Although Shao Tingyu didn’t know anything, his intuition and judgment were very accurate. As soon as the meat dishes were withdrawn, he didn’t chase after the man who took them away, but looked at Wen Ying straightforwardly.

Wen Ying handed the chopsticks to his hand, and saw his hands holding one each, and curiously poked the dishes in the plate.

She went around behind him, holding his right hand. She clipped a piece of cabbage with her chopsticks and placed it in his bowl. Shao Tingyu glared at the leaf for a long time and pushed the bowl away with disgust.

The action was too naughty. Wen Ying saw it and started smiling. 

She thought about it and sat back in her seat. On the entire table, there was only a piece of steak left next to her seat. She changed to a knife and fork, and cut a small piece. He stared at it with burning eyes, and saliva dripping from his mouth. Only then did she use the fork to place a small piece in his bowl. 

He reached for it, but she did not remove the fork and taught him: “Meat.”


Shao Tingyu was very impatient since he couldn’t eat meat. Wen Ying said it again. He tilted his head, and his throat issued a vague sound.

She stuck the fork into the meat, and even forked the leaf that was underneath, and fed both straight to his mouth.

He gave a “Wu wu” sound and without thinking, bit into it.

Just as Wen Ying wanted to pull her hand back, she found out that he chased over, and licked her in her wrist position, where she accidentally stained the steak sauce, and licked it clean.

“Dog nose.” She could not help laughing, pinching his nose, and then said: “You’re not allowed to be like this in the future, understand?”

Shao Tingyu only listened to it in a muddle.

Ever since that day when he unknowingly fell asleep after the injection, Shao Tingyu began sleeping in Wen Ying’s room.

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Hence in the evening, Ying Cao carried a cloth bag containing Shao Tingyu’s clothes into Wen Ying’s room. She was indignant: “Madam, that side has entrusted someone to deliver the clothes here. She said it was specially made for the second young master and that they’re afraid that the second young master will freeze. Pei, she’s turning curves to scold us for treating her son harshly. If she has the ability, then don’t send him to our manor……”

On the fluffy carpet, children’s building blocks were spread all over the floor. She stepped on a triangular tip with one foot and called out, “Aiyou”. Seeing the second young master’s lightning like eyes and derisive laugh, she quickly moved her feet away.

“Don’t step on our Xiao Hu’s toys. If others touch the toys, he won’t want them anymore.” Wen Ying was currently sitting on the recliner reading. Seeing the situation, she smiled, and acted as his spokesman.

Shao Tingyu blinked and as expected, threw the triangular blocks far away.

Ying Cao coughed, “Madam, should we throw away these clothes? What isn’t there in the Marshal’s mansion. She is used to acting like this! “


“Keep it.” Wen Ying turned over a page of the book, and suddenly thought of something, she ordered: “Keep this bag in its original state, and then find a similar one. Then, randomly wrap a few clothes in it, and then throw it away.”


“Go in the daytime, it’s better to be seen.”

Ying Cao didn’t understand, but she did as instructed.

As soon as she left, Shao Tingyu was tired of playing with the toys and climbed into bed, ready to sleep. Wen Ying also went to bed. She adjusted the lamp with a green top to the right brightness, then took out a children’s book, and began to tell him a story in a soft voice.

She found that the wolf-dog really liked the sound of her reading very much. At this time, he would put down his guard. Sometimes, when she read it, he would make a murmur in his throat, as if learning how to speak from her.

In this way, the evening turned out to be the best time for her to teach.

But at the same time, he fell asleep very quickly when he lowered his guard.

Wen Ying had just read the story to the midpoint, then she turned her head to the side. He had already grabbed the pillow cover and was fast asleep. His eyes, which always seemed to portray a very ferocious glare was closed, and even his brows were loosened. His forehead lines were separated and he seemed like an angel while he was sleeping. Wen Ying kissed his forehead and turned off the light to sleep.

In the dark, the “little angel” who she thought had fallen asleep had opened his eyes again. His dark pupils turned, as if he was a little puzzled, and felt his forehead.

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