WFILTU Chapter 108 – Redemption III

Lin Zhihua didn’t care about them and tapped his fingers——

【Immortal? 】

The other side replied quickly——

【Jiao Jiao: Yes! The immortal, the original immortal! 】

【Jiao Jiao: Yi*? Are you in a bad mood? 】

*Yi- sound of surprise

Lin Zhihua raises his brows——

【En? 】

After a long time, long to the point that Lin Zhihua became a little agitated. Only then did the other respond——

【Jiao Jiao: En……I can feel it a little……】

【Jiao Jiao: That…… I don’t know why you are in a bad mood, but you can tell me about it. When I feel moody, I like to talk to you! Although I can’t give advice like you, I can at least be a garbage can! 】

【Jiao Jiao: garbage can.jpg】

It was a revolving garbage can, dark and round, very cute, jumping on the screen, but also flashing a few bills to drill inside.

Lin Zhihua’s brow loosened. His eyes slightly raised, and the low pressure around him disappeared.

He slowly typed a few words——

【You’re not a trash can.】

You are redemption.

Lin Zhihua placed his mobile phone on his chin and looked up at the window.

God treated him very well.



Yin Fang has been sitting in the office all night. She didn’t even have breakfast. She looked dully in one direction.

“Teacher Yin! How long have you been here? ” The Chinese teacher, who was nibbling on a steamed bun and drinking soybean milk, asked casually.

Yin Fang has always been the first to come, so the Chinese teacher just asked casually.

“I didn’t go back……”

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“Poof——” The language teacher, Teacher Yuan was almost choked to death by the soy milk.

“Kekeke——” she tried hard to slow down her breath. “Teacher Yin, I know you are serious, but it shouldn’t be to such an extent that you don’t head back at night, right?”

At this time, the head teacher of class two and the physics teacher also came in and were still eating breakfast.

“We still have to count the results for the entire day today. How can you work today if you don’t go back?”

“That’s right, I’m almost tired to death. The students say they are afraid of the exam. We are more afraid than them! They go home to have a rest after the exam, but we can’t rest. We have to mark and count the scores on weekends.”


“Alas, who told us to become teachers? It’s destined for us to owe them! “

Many teachers continued to file into the office. They were all eating on one hand while vomiting words on the other.

In a moment they were saying that teachers work hard, yet in the next, they were saying that students don’t try to understand teachers, and the physics teacher even complained about his balding.

Yin Fang, who had never spoken, suddenly said, “I finished the statistics of all the scores of the experimental class last night.”

There was a moment of silence in the office, and then——

“What?” All the teachers were shocked. All of them turn to look at Yin Fang, as if they didn’t believe their ears.

Yin Fang lifted up her stiff neck after staying up all night and looked at them: “I was a little surprised when I finished counting the English scores yesterday, so I counted the math scores on the way, and then I counted the comprehensive and language scores.”

The teachers in the office opened their mouths into an “O” shape and looked at her foolishly.

The head teacher of class two turned around and asked——

“When you count the English scores, what motivated you to count the math scores?”

Yin Fang swallows her saliva: “I saw Gu Xuejiao rank first together in English with Chu Sheng, so then I counted mathematics. Gu Xuejiao scored one point lower than Chu Sheng, but then, she scored one point higher in Chinese, so then I calculated the comprehensive scores. She scored higher than Chu Sheng by 0.5 points. Chu Sheng’s scores are tied with Gu Xuejiao for the first rank.”

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  1. thanks for the chapter.

    It only shows, in the next months exams.. Xuejiao will become top one..just so you wait teachers..

    • I liked how she tied with Chu Sheng here. It shows that hardwork is paid off. Chu Sheng hard earn top scorer isn’t to be undermined by a cheat transmigrator. So it is great move by the author to make them tied, rather than numerous that loved to put FL/ML suddenly swept all the 1st rank and the “genius” suddenly not so genius.

      • The FL agrees with you, in past chapters she admired Chu Sheng because his score was better than hers in her previous life.

  2. Kekekee such a good motivation to count the exam scores isn’t it~?

    Thank you for the chapter!

  3. Stupid teacher…she’s too lucky to have a good student like Jiao Jiao…hate teachers like her who doesn’t encourage studenrs and think negatively of those with lower gradee

    • She doesn’t like the students who paid ($) their way into her top class. She shouldn’t be biased to the students and just the parents instead, but it’s human to be biased. She’s not good at encouraging, but she does a little. So, she definitely doesn’t not encourage.
      Lastly, she’s obviously not a stupid teacher if she’s qualified to teach the best students at a good school. For example (out of the classroom), she worked OVERNIGHT. People who don’t work hard don’t often stay up late (she’s obviously not the type to game or watch tv or etc). If you don’t often stay up late, you wouldn’t be able to pull an all-nighter WORKING, even if you tried.

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