SOOEW Chapter 86 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord VIV

Waking up the next day, a noisy sound broke out of the kitchen. Naturally, the sound would not travel to Wen Ying’s ears, but Ying Cao woke her up.

“Madam, not good. The second young master ate something and now he’s having a stomachache.” She paused and murmured in a low voice, “Those people all said that you* didn’t give him enough to eat, hence, the second young master ran to the kitchen early in the morning in order to secretly eat.”

*formal form of you

She didn’t speak with her usual resentment, apparently, even she thought this way. Just with the strength the second young master had in eating meat, when the madam took away the meat dishes yesterday, and he wasn’t fed the few mouthfuls of beef, it would be normal for him to steal some food based on the smell.

Wen Ying headed downstairs. Seeing him lying on the sofa, with a weak and languid look, she took him into her arms.


He woke up early, and she didn’t even know how he headed out. His coat wasn’t worn. At this time, his skin was already cold to the point that it was frozen. As soon as she approached, she started shivering from the cold. Fortunately, when she headed down, she brought out his clothes. She wrapped the coat around him, and carefully buttoned it up.

Shao Tingyu leaned his head on her lap, turned over, and looked at her with black eyes.

She gave him a soothing smile and patted him on the back: “Xiao Hu, don’t be afraid. That group of people would not dare to poison you.”

Wen Ying definitely does not believe that the small wolf-dog stole the food himself.

Every time it approaches mealtime, he would always behave strangely obedient, obedient to the point that it made the ones teaching feel pitiful. If he was only a puppy brought up by a female dog, then he will only have the concept of snatching food, and would not be like this, obediently waiting for others to feed him.

Wen Ying knows that this is his mother’s masterpiece.

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Back in the day, Marshal Shao was not a commander-in-chief, but a bandit. He went to a low-level GouLan courtyard. Naturally, his birth mother’s quality was not high. She headed alone on the path South to join the commander-in-chief. Where would she receive the traveling expenses? She had no choice but to do her old business, selling the skin and meat. The little wolf dog was just the “thing” she used to amuse the benefactor. Like the animals in the circus, she would provide food to eat if he did well, but if it was not done well, there was nothing to eat.

He couldn’t contend with adults. After a long time, he was naturally trained.

Although he is the flesh and blood of the commander-in-chief, he was raised by a dog since he was a child. He can’t even speak. His mother is also not sure that the commander-in-chief would want such a son. Her eyes are shallow and she only cares about her immediate interests.

After coming to the commander-in-chief’s mansion, the group of servants also found his habit, hence, they used him to have fun.

Therefore, the only thing he would not dare to do is to steal food.

These people are just bullying him based on the fact that he can’t speak.

Wen Ying calculates the time in her heart. It’s almost this day. The woman wants to come to the door to receive justice. She had maintained a certain style of the original owner, and let the servants tell the woman that she treated Shao Tingyu harshly. She only used enough for the other party to find a suitable reason to make a fuss. Unexpectedly, his birth mom thought it was not enough, so she attacked him.

As she thought, before long, she heard that Commander Shao was back.


Shao Ge Tian, dressed in military uniform and with a whip in his hand, walked in with the wind at his feet. He saw that Wen Ying was currently sitting in the living room. He raised his thick eyebrows and with a simple and honest voice: “I heard that you have fiercely tossed my son who has just been found?”

As soon as he threw the whip to the servant, he sat down unrestrainedly and frankly opposite her and assumed the posture of interrogation.

The servants who are qualified to enter and leave the hall are all watching the good play quietly.

Not long after he arrived, an affectable woman’s voice came from outside: “Ai yo, Shuai Ye* left in such a hurry. This person’s feet are slow. You** wait for me.” She wore a cheongsam with a high slit with rouge all over her face. As soon as she entered the hall, she turned her eyes around Wen Ying’s face, then her sight fell on her own son, and immediately exclaimed, “What’s the matter with our second young master——”

*Shuai Ye- a form of address for Marshall **formal you


The author has something to say:

Shao Gutian: Did you abuse my son?

Ying Cao: Are you bullying my Madam?

Wen Ying: Close the door and let out Xiao Hu!

Small Wolf Dog: Ao wu——

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