WFILTU Chapter 109 – Goddess I

The mouths of the teachers in the office suddenly became even bigger, and they had unbelieving expressions on their faces.

They all teach the experimental class. How would they not know how hard Chu Sheng has worked this month?!

Gu Xuejiao is still working hard, but she still puts a lot of energy into the competition. In addition, they all agree that her first place last time was purely based on luck, but this time’s first place…… 

This, your mom, is still lucky?!

This is strength!

“Teacher Yin! Send the results to the group!” The head teacher of class two frowned.

He knows Chu Sheng. Chu Sheng is the most gifted student he has met in his experimental class after so many years. He has talent, and he also works hard. He is sure to create a legend. But this Gu Xuejiao, who killed out…… 

Is it that Chu Sheng didn’t do well this time? What’s going on?

As soon as Yin Fang sent the document to the group, Li Ping, the headteacher of class two, opened it immediately.

Name: Chu Sheng score: 729 Rank 1

Name: Gu Xuejiao score: 729 Rank 1

Name: Gu Shiyun score: 710 Rank 3

Name: Shang Zhiyuan score: 708 Rank 4



This score…… 

There is more content for the questions on this test than on last month’s test, and many people’s scores will drop. If Li Ping is to be fair, this is already the limit.

Looking between rank one and rank three, there was a difference of nearly 20 points?

But Gu Xuejiao…… 

When you count the scores, the decimals are rounded, so Chu Sheng and Gu Xuejiao share the same score. According to the initials, Chu Sheng’s name is in front of Gu Xuejiao, but in fact…… 

Gu Xuejiao scores 0.5 points more than Chu Sheng!

Chu Sheng is ranked second, Gu Xuejiao is ranked first!

“Gu Xuejiao……” Li Ping opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Yin Fang too, was silent.

The language teacher, Teacher Yuan spoke first: “I like Gu Xuejiao very much. She already has this strength. Teacher Yin must have seen the papers. Gu Xuejiao’s score must be a real talent. Their scores are close to the limit potential in high school already.”

Yin Fang suffocated for a long time. She was actually happy in her heart, but she was a little ashamed that she identified mistakenly.

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She firmly believed that Gu Xuejiao could not be the first in the exam this time, and the other turned their face and immediately gave her a resounding slap, which was really loud.

After a moment, Yin Fang adjusted her mood and began to laugh.

“Now that there are top students in our class, Teacher Li, when they take the college entrance examination, we can’t accurately say who will receive the prize money?”

Teaching up to their abilities, the results is not just a matter of receiving a bigger bonus, but even more, a matter of reputation. 

The teacher is a gardener. Only by planting a tree that can shake people’s hearts, can a gardener be regarded by the whole world.

Before, Yin Fang was basically drowning in despair. Although Gu Xuejiao placed first on an exam before, they all thought that her results were obtained by pure luck. The Chu Sheng from the class next door was an existence that was almost impossible to surpass.

But now……she sees hope!

There is a flame burning in Yin Fang’s eyes, which were full of fighting spirit.

“Teacher Yin, that’s not necessarily true.” Li Ping replied stonily, “Chu Sheng is very stable. Gu Xuejiao’s foundation is too thin.”

In the past, Li Ping’s praise of Gu Xuejiao was modest. They all knew that Chu Sheng and Gu Xuejiao were not on the same level.

But now that the black horse has emerged. If Li Ping were to praise Xue Jiao again, then it will increase the morale of others and destroy his own prestige.

Yin Fang raised her eyebrows and chin——

“If her foundation is weak, then I will help her patch it up, and help her find a way. As long as she has the strength and is willing to work hard, no one can determine what will happen in the future!”


The Chinese teacher closed the form and suddenly said, “As long as they do well on the exam, it doesn’t matter to me who is the first. Anyway, they are all my students, and I’m just a subject teacher. Right now, I only care about the fact that……if Teacher Yin has finished calculating all the statistics, does that mean we can have a rest today?


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      • Nah, probably he know his students are not even in the running so his priorities are going home ~

      • The reality is that Chinese teacher is only subject teacher. Teacher Li and Teacher Yin are homeroom teachers. They are competitive against each other. Had Chinese teacher be a homeroom teacher too, she/he will definitely look at ranking differently. This is a reality in lots of Asian school. I had teacher that relocate in my high school because she was put in charge of back/last classroom for 3 consecutive years. She was dissatisfied (since here, teacher salary is impacted with classroom performance for a homeroom teacher). Though there is also good teacher, which is super rare. I had experienced Chemistry teacher which is also our homeroom teacher that do free tuition after class for Chem, Phys, and Add Maths all by herself. We are already “elite” so her salary is safe, but she did everything she could to help our grades more. She also loved to treat us. This is the only teacher that I find genuine in my 5 years of highschool. Others good also but can always be felt that they wanted something in return (good grades, reputation).

    • Well, in some schools in China (I don’t know how universal it is), having a top scorer in your class means the teacher also gets a bonus. So….yeah, the stakes are that high.

  1. Everyone: “Incredible!” “I Don´t believe it.” “Next time my class will win.”
    Chinese Teacher: “wow, someone did the work for me. *happy*”

    • The Chinese teacher is saying my first thought when Yin said she did the calculations

  2. I like Chu Sheng. MC has 2 year experience and ML support add in and still only get a draw on him.

    I know book smart isn’t everything but this guy should have all the respect we can give.

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