SOOEW Chapter 87 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord X

Wen Ying has not spoken, yet Shao Tingyu has already been awakened by her high decibel. His long eyelashes trembled and he turned around to sit up.

The woman was a little surprised. She has raised her son along the road, and she has never seen him sit still. She remembered that he was always moving restlessly like a puppy.

Shao GeTian is also surprised.

The last time, he vaguely saw his face, yet he maintained that he was his own son and brought him home without saying another word. But he also had a deep impression of his unusual performance. He was unreasonable, fond of eating meat, unable to speak, and could not even call out dad.

Because of this, his birth mom cried bitterly in front of him. She said that he was lost as soon as he was born, and only found after a lot of hard work. After teaching for more than a year, he still couldn’t open his mouth, so she finally brought her son for him to educate. How would he have the patience to teach children. Even his eldest son was thrown into the military academy. He thought of the fact that he just married a wife at home, so he simply threw him to her.


Looking at him now, it seems that he has really changed?

Wen Ying gently touched Shao Tingyu’s head and said, “The child is here. Saying that I’m tossing the child, can the commander-in-chief show evidence?”

Shao Tian Ge flipped an eye, and soon, someone randomly ordered a few servants over.

These days, Wen Ying’s behavior also had a deterrent effect. At first, the servants did not dare to talk nonsense. They looked at each other and waited for another to open their mouths first.

Shao Ge Tian sees the situation and becomes more and more suspicious. They finally, he said a word, and another spoke another word, and disclosed everything after he spoke sternly.

“The kitchen cooked a table full of delicious dishes. The second young master hasn’t even eaten enough yet, but the Madam had all the dishes removed by a servant.”

“That’s right. The second young master wanted to grab the meat, so the Madam asked someone to grab a feather duster and beat him. The poor second young master can’t speak and can only starve.”

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“I saw the Madam whipping the second young master with a whip! It was too frightening. “

Shao Ge Tian doubted that he had heard something wrong. This was not like what a young lady from a scholar’s family would do. He suddenly suspected that he had been cheated. Did the family find a random woman to satisfy him?

He hated being cheated in his life the most.

Shao Ge Tian’s eyes narrowed slightly, flashing with killing intent.

The woman was very proud. She swayed up to Wen Ying and said with pity, “Shaui Ye, don’t be too strict. Our Madam is still young. I think it’s because I gave you a son. The little girl is not happy, hence, she used her anger on the second young master……” As she said this, she held Wen Ying’s hand and patted her on the back of her hand with an elder’s general attitude.

But just as she patted, a hand suddenly stretched out from the side, and pushed her down!

She fell a little hard. She fell on the ground, and directly cried “Ai yo”.  Just as she was about to blame Wen Ying, she looked up, and found out that it was her son who actually pushed her!


Shao Tingyu pushed her so hard that he threw himself forward and was hugged around the waist by Wen Ying. However, his eyes which were as fierce as a wolf dog’s were fixated on the pretentious woman. His throat made a vague sound, which seemed to be talking, or the warning before a wolf-dog would bite.

The woman was frightened to death and her fair face turned pale. She managed to keep smiling and said, “Second young master, what’s the matter? I’m your birth mother ah……” She wondered if she saw wrong. Maybe she was pushed by the servant girl standing next to Wen Ying?

But his eyesight let her heart thump for a moment. She quickly turned her head to look at Shaui Ye.

Sure enough, Shao Ge Tian glanced at her suspiciously.

The twist happened at a flash of lightning, but Shao Ge Tian sat on the opposite side and looked at the small details. The woman’s act of patting the back of Wen Ying’s hand maybe like a dangerous signal, which arouses the boy’s vigilance. He seems to think that she is going to treat Wen Ying badly, so he pushes the other.

He…… this is to protect Wen Ying?

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