WFILTU Chapter 110 – Goddess II

On Monday, when Xue Jiao arrived at school, the red list had already been posted.

As soon as she approached the classroom, almost everyone looked at her. The uniform stares made her so flustered that she looked at her clothes subconsciously.

There’s no problem?

Xue Jiao saw down in her own seat in such a strange atmosphere, and took out her information and began to read the texts.

“Buchi—Buchi—” Yi Tianyu hummed while playing a fancy move with the basketball on one hand, while holding the ball and flipping over the desk from behind Xue Jiao into his own seat.

Feeling the people’s inadvertent sight, Yi Tianyu looks down at himself, then bumps into the Xue Jiao and lifted his hair——

“Wei, bookworm, am I really handsome today? Why are they all looking at me? “

Xue Jiao: “……”

“Jiao Jiao——” Xi Junyang rushed over.

He sat in front of Xue Jiao and made an appearance of Xi Shi* holding his heart: “Jiao Jiao! You actually obtained a score of 729!! Are you still a human being?! Rank first again!”

*Xi Shi – one of the renowned four beauties of ancient China

“Puff——” Yi Tianyu, who had just opened his water and drank it, spurted out all the water. He turned his head and asked, “How much? !”

“729!” Xi Junyang paused on every word.

At that moment, Yi Tianyu felt that the petite figure of Gu Xuejiao was lifted up in an instant and became a mountain, pressing on his side.

It seemed like he needed to look up.

“Jiao Jiao! Are you even human?! You are a god, right!” Xi Junyang reached for the shoulder of Xue Jiao and shook it vigorously.


Yi Tianyu slapped his hand away: “If you want to speak, then speak, don’t move your hands and feet about!”

“Ok Ok Ok. I won’t use my hands and feet.” Xi Junyang raised his hands in surrender, “By the way, Brother Yu, you have made progress again, and you have actually even entered the top 300! Rank 278! Not bad, Brother Yu!”

Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes at him. He did not let him finish and directly pushed him onto the table.

“It’s already published?” Xue Jiao placed down her pen, and lowered her head slightly.

“Yes, it’s just placed on the bulletin board outside.”

“I’ll go and take a look.” Xue Jiao stands up.

Yi Tianyu also quickly stood up: “I will go too!”

Then he followed Xue Jiao to the bulletin board.

Xue Jiao’s line of sight is placed on the top of the list, and she is slightly stunned.

Chu Sheng……729……

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She spent all her energy and even had two more years only to result in a draw with this person…… 

This person is really fierce. Xue Jiao stared at the name, full of fighting spirit.

“Gu Xuejiao.” There’s a voice from beside her.

Xue Jiao turns her head, and is stunned for a moment——Chu Sheng.


“You should be number one. Your score is higher than mine by 0.5 points.” Chu Sheng pushed his glasses and stood on the side politely.

He was very tall, frighteningly white, and extremely delicate.

Xue Jiao laughed: “On the college entrance examination, 0.5 is your luck, and is the same.”

Chu Sheng also laughed: “That’s true too. I will continue to work hard, and surpass you next time.”


“Ok, I will keep working hard and sit firmly on my placement.”

The two people’s line of sight intersects, crackling.

Yi Tianyu stood beside her and felt that he was very different from the girl in front of him. Her world should be like the one opposite them……from childhood to adulthood, others were held in the palm of the teacher’s hand, while he was despised……

Is it the same in Xue Jiao’s heart?

He bowed his head slightly, a little discouraged.

“I’m heading back to the classroom first?” Xue Jiao nods politely towards Chu Sheng.

“Ok, Goodbye.” Chu Sheng replies in a hurry.

Xue Jiao walked two steps, then paused her feet, and turned back: “Are you not leaving?”


Yi Tianyu looked up and saw her eyes looking at him doubtfully. The girl’s face was tilted. Her face was exquisite to the extreme, and the beauty was plain yet also breathtaking!

“Ah! Go!” Yi Tianyu’s low mood is swept away, and he quickly catches up to her.

As he passed by Chu Sheng, he held his head high with his chin slightly lifted, like a rooster fighting for victory.

Look, it’s useless to do well on the exam!

It’s still the people who are handsome like him who eat swell!

Hei Hei Hei*!

*smirking laughter

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