WFILTU Chapter 111- Goddess III

“Chu Sheng!” After Xue Jiao and Yi Tianyu leave, Gu Shiyun walks towards Chu Sheng with a smile.

“What’s the matter?”

“I want to ask you regarding the last question on the physics exam. No matter what, I can’t work out the solution. On this problem, I have a difference of over ten points from you. Alas……” Gu Shiyun patted her head with a little distress.

Chu Sheng and her are in the same class. They often discuss problems before. All the students in their class did not dare to speak. They only dared to listen around them, with admiration and appreciation on their faces.

There were even some people who said that the domineering student Chu Sheng only takes care of Gu Shiyun, this one person, and that only the charm of the Goddess can make the domineering student Chu Sheng bow down.

She doesn’t like Chu Sheng. The one that she likes has always been Cheng Mingze.

However, she likes to be the only girl who has a good relationship with Chu Sheng. The envious eyes of other girls always make her feel satisfied.

She, Gu Shiyun, finally is not the one who enviously stares at others. Instead, other people stare with envy at her!

But she didn’t think——Chu Sheng would shake his head.


He said, “You can read my exam papers. If you want an explanation, go find the teacher. Student Gu Shiyun, I won’t be free in the future anymore to help you on topics. I want to work hard with all my heart and soul! “

With that, Chu Sheng turned around and left quickly, looking anxious to return to the classroom.

“Chu——” The person has already disappeared from her sight.

At this time, a lot of people all stood in front of the red list, looking at the exam results.

Chu Sheng, Gu Xuejiao, Yi Tianyu and Gu Shiyun are all influential figures in the grade, and they are the most attractive to people’s sights.

Gu Shiyun soon heard someone say——

“Chu Sheng wants to catch up with Gu Xuejiao. It feels like he will fight harder next time.”

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“Gu Xuejiao is also trying very hard. Every time I see her, she is always studying. Some people in class one say that even as she’s walking, she will listen to English language tapes.”

“Ah? Is she listening to language tapes? I always thought that she was elegantly indifferent! “

“People in class one said that she was actually not elegantly indifferent and is actually very easy to talk to. Her grades are good and she truly works hard.”

“My God! Give people a way to live? She’s good looking and excellent at learning! “

“That’s right. In fact, both Chu Sheng and Yi Tianyu have a very good relationship with her!”

“So is Xi Junyang, the monitor from class one. They all have a very good relationship with her.”

“She truly is not giving people a way to live. A true goddess!”


Some people face Gu Shiyun while making a signal with their lips and lower their voice——

“Gu Xuejiao is the real goddess! Her appearance is beautiful, and even her studies are top notch now. Unlike this one, who is still a little worse in the end……”

“Stop talking! The person is right here. “

“You’re right, let’s go. Class is starting soon.”


Gu Shiyun was almost unable to maintain the gentleness on her face. She gripped her mobile phone tightly, and crushed her palm. Then she walked back to the classroom step by step.


Cheng Mingjiao went to bed late last night and got up late today. When she got to the classroom, she would be right on time for class.

A today like today, she was so excited that she almost did not sleep last night. As soon as she sat down, she immediately asked the person in front of her: “Who ranked first in the grade?”

“It’s Chu Sheng……”

“HAHAHA!” Cheng Mingjiao laughed out loud and then turned to look at Gu Xuejiao with a sarcastic expression.

“Weren’t you really amazing? How did the first place become Chu Sheng? You only ranked first once, and your original colors were exposed? I’m afraid that the score you received last time is from cheating! Hahaha!”

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    • All the people seem pretty bad, lmao. The bystanders smack talking as soon as a rival appears.

  1. early in the morning, someone’s looking to be facce slap …lols, hahahahahahaha

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  3. The peanut gallery is so flimsy too. Although I don’t like Gu Shiyun, they all switched camp with nothing at all (we know that she’s a narcissist but they don’t). They would turn their back on the MC too the moment she becomes second.

    • They don’t switch camp. No matter how good or bad people are, there would always some people who like/love them and some people who dislike/hate them.
      It just shows that they’ve never been GSY’s fans in the first place. It’s pretty much obvious that they deliberately “whispered” all of those words to vent their suppressed feeling as soon as they saw the opportunity (there’s another beautiful girl who has better grade and indiscriminate friendship than GSY; CH has just left GSY behind for the first time; and it’s all happen in front of public eyes).

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