WFILTU Chapter 112 – Being ill I

Xuejiao frowned, only feeling that the person was too noisy.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Cheng Mingjiao thought she had stabbed her wound and laughed even more.

“Gu Xuejiao, a person who cheats like you, will be beaten back to the original in one go! First? You try again ah! Ha ha!”

Cheng Mingjiao is extremely proud now. She really hates Gu Xuejiao. She is really happy when the other party makes a fool of herself. She is especially happy to expose Gu Xuejiao’s true face, which makes her mood comparable to winning the lottery.

No! According to Cheng Mingjiao, winning the lottery will not give her the same joy as watching Gu Xuejiao fall miserably!

Yu Weiwei is sitting on the other side of the classroom. Before, when Cheng Mingjiao caused trouble with Gu Xuejiao, she always wanted to stand up and share a common hatred against the enemy.

But today, she was shrinking her neck, trying to make a sound, yet felt it would be very shameful.

Finally she opened her mouth, then shrinks herself back into her seat, and did not say anything else.

“Are you a fool, Cheng Mingjiao?” Yi Tianyu threw the text over and hit her right in the face, blocking her mouth.

“Yi Tianyu!” Cheng Mingjiao’s angry face is somewhat distorted.

How dare someone beat her?!

“Laozi never beats women, but you are an exception. Chu Sheng is ranked first, but Xue Jiao is also ranked first. Her score is 729, and she even obtained 0.5 points more than Chu Sheng.”

Yi Tianyu looks at her with an expression like he was looking at a fool, disliking her to the extreme.

“There’s no way!! You’re talking nonsense!” Cheng Mingjiao blew up, not daring to believe it.

Gu Xuejiao is still ranked first? How is that possible?

This female cheater must have cheated last time. Then she pretended to study hard daily, but it was all fake!


She firmly believes that she will make a fool of herself on this monthly exam!

But now someone told her that Gu Xuejiao was ranked first?

“No! You are lying!”

Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes at her and looked at her with irony.

Behind her back, the girl in the row in front of Cheng Mingjiao pulled her and whispered, “That……Gu Xuejiao is indeed ranked first……she was tied with Chu Sheng……”

She is actually ranked first?!

“No……no……you must have cheated! ” Cheng Mingjiao still doesn’t believe it.

To be exact, she didn’t dare to believe it.

Ever since Xue Jiao “changed”, her manager image in this class has disappeared. If Cheng Mingjiao believes that Gu Xuejiao is ranked first on the exam, then her appearance just now……would be humiliating to the extreme?

“Cheater! Gu Xuejiao, you must have absolutely cheated!” Cheng Mingjiao said this firmly again, trying to persuade others and……herself.

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“She did not cheat!” A voice came from the door of the classroom.

The aged woman’s voice seemed very dignified, coupled with the strict impression Yin Fang left on her students, almost instantaneously, the whole class quieted down and looked at her.

With a pile of English exams, Yin Fang stepped on her high-heeled shoes and strutted in.

Her expression is very serious, and she was also holding the students’ exams, which is in line with the nickname of the students——nun.

“Gu Xuejiao’s achievement is not cheating, but real learning!” As she said up to here, her eyebrows relaxed slightly.


But soon, her brow frowned again: “Cheng Mingjiao! If you have time to doubt other people’s achievements, why don’t you try to improve your own achievements? Ah? ! “

Cheng Mingjiao opened her mouth and wanted to say something.

Yin Fang didn’t even give her time to explain, and continued to make a fuss: “Do you know what score you received on the exam this time? You are now ranked eleven in the class! Cheng Mingjiao, Cheng Mingjiao, you used to be ranked in the top three in the class, but now you are not even in the top ten! What have you been doing this semester?”

Cheng Mingjiao widened her eyes in surprise. She was only ranked eleven in the class?!

Gu Xuejiao, that bitch, got the first place in the exam, and she was only ranked eleven?!

“You don’t study hard all day. You only stare at Gu Xuejiao, snitching on her, troubling her and even laughing at her! I just want to know, where on earth do you get your self-confidence from? Will staring at Gu Xuejiao make your grades better? Ah?! The other is already ranked first, but you have fallen in ranks down to the thirty-ninth! “

Yin Fang’s anger is not fake. Cheng Mingjiao used to be the object of her attention. How has it become like this?

She took a deep breath to ease her mood: “Cheng Mingjiao, it’s time for you to focus. Once the next semester is over, you will be attending year three! In such a fierce competition, if you don’t make progress, you will definitely go backward! In the future, focus more, and place your heart on learning. Do not always stare at others! Sit down. “

Cheng Mingjiao sat down and lowered her head. She looked like she was blaming herself, but no one saw the hatred in her eyes.

Gu, Xue, Jiao!

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  1. Oh girl. Like how you like watching people make a fool of themselves, we also like watching you make a fool of yourself.

  2. Why blame yourself when you can blame someone else for every mistake you make??

  3. Doesn’t she know that giving Gu Xuejiao trouble won’t help her grades in any way? Getting mad at her would only make her more distracted. Don’t look at other things while forgetting your priorities. (- ^ -)

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