SOOEW Chapter 88 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XI

Shao Ge Tian was a little uncertain. If it truly was as they said, if his Madam did all those wrong things to the boy, then why would the boy want to protect her?

“Has the commander ever heard the story of Confucius teaching students in accordance with their aptitude?” Wen Ying seems to completely not place the other woman in her eye and reached out to smooth the disordered hair of the small wolf dog.

Maybe the little animal is the most simple. Although she makes misleading actions in some aspects and often “treats” him severely, he is still keenly aware of her mind.

“This……” Commander Shao was embarrassed.

Wen Ying used a delicate and touching voice to tell him the story and then said, “I believe that the commander must have discovered that Xiao Hu is different from ordinary people. Extraordinary means should be used to deal with unusual people. The ordinary ways used to educate children is not effective. He eats meat and not vegetables. He swallows food without chewing, which is a great burden on his stomach and will affect his health. That’s why I control his diet.”

If there was no push, everything she says will be generalities, but the boy was so close to Wen Ying that Shao Ge Tian could not help nodding.


“Xiao Hu?” Shao Ge Tian doubts.

Wen Ying glanced at him, and responded blandly: “You’re* an expensive personnel and is very busy. You* come and go in a hurry, and did not give him a name. Hence I gave him a nickname to call upon.”

*formal you (slightly derisive and mocking tone)

Shao Ge Tian did not know how he had a slightly weak momentum, and coughed, “That’s fine too. It’s fine to use a cheap name to call him first.”

“Once upon a time, there was a poet who wrote a poem: Shining spears and armoured horses, and the spirit swallows thousands of Li like a tiger. How can it be said that it is a cheap name?” Wen Ying disagreed.


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Shao Getian inexplicably gave birth to the illusion that “she was doing this on purpose”. If he knew that there was a saying called “keep up one’s strength, and then decline in strength three times”, he would understand what situation he was in.

He repeatedly had his momentum crushed by Wen Ying, and he became a little tired of fighting with her.

The woman also had a weakened momentum, and muttered: “This…… there is still the matter of you whipping a person with a whip……”


Shao Ge Tian was annoyed by her unclear muttering. Once he hears her voice, his head begins to ache. The tiger’s paws patted the armrest of the sofa. Just as he was about to attack, he heard a light laugh coming from the doorway.

A person stood leaning against the door frame. He was wearing a white suit, a loose tie, his hands were in his trousers pockets, and his shoes were polished. His head was slightly lowered, his eyes raised from the bottom to the top, and he looked at the others with a smile. He was extremely playful and had a casual and elegant bearing.

“It’s really lively today. My father is here, and there is also……” His pair of peach blossom eyes looked at Wen Ying. He lifted his brows and produced an unspeakable amorous aura, “Mother.”

His attitude is somewhat provocative. Shao Ge Tian’s mood became gloomy once he saw his son’s happy face.

Wen Ying and the others look at him together. Sure enough, this is the target character she has chosen. Shao Yifeng, the eldest young master of the Shao family. He has the same brightness as Commander Shao on the light source map.


He is about the same age as her and is still studying in the military academy. He is titled Major General. His style was completely different from his father’s.

While the atmosphere in the living room was strange, another unripe and ambiguous voice sounded: “Mo…… ther……” stuttering and stumbling.

Wen Ying looked with surprise towards the little wolf-dog in her arms. After the wolf-dog called to her, he was frowning and staring at Shao Yifeng very sternly with fierce eyes.

Shao Yifeng also looked at him and raised his eyebrows strangely.

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