SOOEW Chapter 89 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XII

With the help of the small wolf dog, the evidence that Wen Ying originally prepared all became useless. Shao Gutian immediately punished the servants who gossiped, and indirectly established authority for Wen Ying.

As for the small wolf dog’s biological mother, Wen Ying doesn’t have any good feelings for her. She knew that when the other party headed south, she brought a servant with her. She suggested to Shao Ge Tian to investigate, and Shao Ge Tian quickly finds out the truth regarding the matter.

When he learned that his son had been treated like a dog by his own mother, he immediately flew into a rage and ordered for her to be punished by cutting off her legs! There was no doubt that his domineering manner manifested itself.

After hearing that the urgent matter has been solved, Wen Ying finally had the time to sort out the information about the fallen emissary.

The fallen emissary, Mi Xi, is one of the nine golden flowers in Bailemen, one of the most luxurious entertainment places in Chen province. According to her seniority, she was the youngest and latest to enter the profession, so she is called Mi Jiu*.

*Jiu- nine, as the ninth flower 

In fact, this time, she chose a different partner from Mi Xi. The other party chose Shao Gutian, and she chose Shao Yifeng. Of course, in order to add a weight on the scale in order to defeat the other party, she also has to pay attention to Shao Tingyu.

But for the time being, they will not intersect.

Just as she was sorting out her thoughts, Ying Cao knocked on her bedroom door, “Madam, it’s time to head downstairs for the meal.”

“Did Xiao Hu go to the dining room yet?”


Ying Cao nodded, “The second young master has gone, but the eldest young master is still in his room. The eldest young master seemed to have played till very late with others again yesterday before returning……Madam, do you want me to invite him? “

“I see. I’ll call him myself.”

The military academy was on a holiday break, hence, Shao Yifeng moved home from school. However, he usually went out during the day and stayed out late at night. The commander-in-chief was still away from home for days at a time, so no one took charge of him.

Wen Ying and Shao Tingyu ate halfway before Shao Yifeng came in late. She gave him a friendly smile. Before he could say anything, she did not give him any care about him, and all her attention was placed on the small wolf dog.

If the small wolf dog ate too fast, she would take her chopsticks and press on his bowl of food, to signal that he should chew the food in his mouth.

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He is still not skilled in using chopsticks. Once he’s in a hurry, he immediately uses his hands to grab the food. She does not completely restrict him. She only takes a napkin to wipe his hands after he has finished eating.

She does it carefully and has the posture of being a mother, but because she is still young, she looks like a little sister.

Shao Yifeng’s every move fell into Shao Yifeng’s eyes. He chuckled and immediately left his dishes and chopsticks as he lost his appetite.

Wen Ying also keeps his performance in mind.

She knew that Shao Yifeng must not like herself and his brother that suddenly appeared, but she did not expect that his actions would be so extreme.

The next day, just as Wen Ying headed downstairs and she immediately heard a fierce barking.

“What’s going on?” She asked the footman.

“I don’t know what happened. The second young master killed the eldest young master’s dog. The eldest young master is currently raising his gun to kill him!”


Wen Ying’s heart beat fast. She rushed to the lawn. When she arrived, she heard a “bang” sound, it was an oblique shot that scratched Shao Tingyu.

Shao Tingyu had messy hair and a dagger dripping with blood in his hand, which she gave him for self-defense. He looked at the man in front of him fiercely, without any fear. He pressed down his body and assumed a fighting posture. There was an angry growl emerging from his throat.

His expression stimulated the man opposite him.

Shao Yifeng seems to be holding the gun carelessly, but his hand holding the barrel is using a lot of strength. Obviously, he is very angry with his previous actions, and slowly points the muzzle of the gun at him.

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, a woman suddenly ran to protect the child tightly behind her, “What do you want to do to him?”

It was his stepmother.

Her voice trembled nervously, but the pair of phoenix eyes glared at him, showing the beauty of a burning flame.

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