WFILTU Chapter 113 – Being ill II

Yin Fang takes back her attention from Cheng Mingjiao and points the fire at others, giving them all a lesson in one go.

Xue Jiao didn’t pay attention and placed her sight on the English on the table.

A moment later, a piece of paper was pushed to her from the side——

【Wei, Bookworm, why did you ask me to go with you just now?】

Xue Jiao frowned slightly and slanted her head. The youth beside her winked.

Xue Jiao was speechless, but still responded——


Once Yi Tianyu saw it, he immediately stared and was a little worried. He scratched his cheeks and his ears in embarrassment, and then wrote——


【Just before, when we were at the bulletin board before, you were chatting with that someone, and when you returned to the classroom, you even told me to come with you!】

Yi Tianyu pushed the paper over, and his ears slightly reddened, and his eyes wandered. The corner of his eyes was staring at the girl next to him.

This girl……in the end, did she like him too?

Yi? Why did I use the word also?

Yi Tianyu shakes his head, and he continues to stare from the corner of his eyes at the girl next to him.

Xue Jiao didn’t want to pay attention to him. She continued to see and understand. Yi Tianyu became anxious and made a sound from his mouth, and then bumped her——

He silently said: Look quickly!

Xue Jiao: “……”

She helplessly lifted it up.


Why are there so many whys!

Xue Jiao was speechless. They went out together, so naturally shouldn’t they come back together?

This table mate is pretty good, but however……his brain doesn’t seem to work properly?

She thought about it, then wrote down a few words, and pushed it back——

【Keep quiet and read.】

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Yi Tianyu’s widened his eyes and stared, his face full of disbelief.

Then he stared at the four words, shaking his head. He scratched his ears and scratched his cheek, hoping to hold Gu Xuejiao’s shoulder and shake it violently——

What is it in the end!

“Bang——” a piece of chalk directly hit Yi Tianyu’s forehead, and he looked up blankly.

“Yi Tianyu! What’s wrong? Where did your thoughts run while sitting in the classroom?! Look at your exam. I haven’t even talked about you yet. Don’t be complacent when you have made some progress. I tell you, you are still far from happy! “

Yi Tianyu: “……”


In the evening, the Yi family.

“Son! You’re back! How have you been these few days? ” Mother Yi comes out with a smile and quickly goes to Yi Tianyu to take over the schoolbag.

“Well, look for yourself.” Yi Tianyu throws the report card to her, sits at the table, picks up the water cup and drinks a mouthful.

“Rank 278?! You have passed all but Chinese? You even received one hundred and one in math?! Ah ah ah ah ah ah——”

Mother Yi screamed in surprise.

“Pu——” Yi Tianyu spat out his saliva, “Mom! What are you doing? Why didn’t I know you cared so much about grades before?”

Mother Yi grinned happily, hugging the report card while laughing beautifully.

“Son, I obviously didn’t care much in the past when you didn’t do well. Now that your grades are so high, how would I not care?”


“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? ” Just after taking a bath, Yi Dafa, who heard a scream, rushed out with a worried face.

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  1. This Yi family might be very funny XD

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  3. Isn’t it a waste that Yin Fang became a teacher? Such great precision and all she does with it is throw chalk!

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