WFILTU Chapter 114 – Being ill III

Mother Yi handed the report card to Yi Dafa: “Take a look! My son got rank 278! The total score is 501! This achievement, work a little harder, can go up a level!”

“Really?” Yi Dafa looks surprised.

He reached out and wanted to take the report card. Mother Yi clapped his hand: “You just took a bath. There’s still water. Don’t damage your son’s report card!”

Yi Dafa is not angry, grinning and happy. He even rubs his hands on his body until there is no water, then carefully takes it over.

“Aiyo! It’s true. Ah, my son did so well in the exam. His score was even higher than last time! This trend is really great! ” He laughed so happily that Yi Tianyu felt uncomfortable.

He moved and said in an awkward way, “Since you’re so happy, then if I do even better on the next exam, wouldn’t you be so happy that you guys become crazy?”

Yi Dafa’s eyes widened——

Even better?

“Son! You are so wonderful!”

Yi Tianyu scratched his head and got angry.

What did he, himself just say? Do even better?

Oh, my God!

“Yi?” Yi Dafa’s voice changed, as if he had discovered something incredible.

Mother Yi and Yi Tianyu looked over together.

“Gu Xuejiao, 729? !”

“What? Gu Xuejiao? My son’s young love’s girlfriend got 729? ” Mother Yi also widened her eyes, and her face was full of disbelief.


“What young love girlfriend, mom, don’t talk nonsense!” Yi Tianyu refuted subconsciously.

Mother Yi was helpless: “Ok ok ok, it’s not a puppy love girlfriend, but the girl you love secretly.”

Yi Tianyu seems to have his tail trampled on by someone, so he becomes angry——

“What secret love! Who’s in love secretly?! Don’t talk nonsense!”

He finished saying, as if in a panic, and then said, “Enough enough, I’m going to bed.”

Yi Tianyu turns around and walks away. Just as he reaches the second floor, he still hears chatting downstairs——

“Our son became shy. He must like that little girl! Old Yi, you’ve seen her. How’s that little girl? “

“First class! My son’s eyes are like me. He’s a good thief! That girl is very pretty, beautiful and quiet! She’s also very obedient and sensible, and her studies are even better! “

“This good? I just think that since our son and she sits at the same table, and his score rises straight up, so she must be good! “

“Pretty good! Only her family situation is a little complicated! “

Mother Yi’s voice is surprised: “How complicated?”

Then there is Yi Dafa’s pitter-patter, his mouth flowing like a tumbling river.

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The Cheng family is also not calm now.

Xue Jiao just got home, Li Sitong also asked with a smile: “Mingze, Jiao Jiao, how did you do on the exam?”

Cheng Shuo came out with water in his hand, and felt helpless when he heard this, “How can you ask for results as soon as they return home?”

Li Sitong glared at him: “What do you ask students about if not their grades?”

“Not bad, rank first.” Cheng Mingze is totally unconcerned. His grades are always the first. If one day, he is not ranked first, then he should be surprised.

“What about Jiao Jiao?”

Xue Jiao has not answered yet, but Li Sitong’s mobile phone rings.

“Who’s calling so late?” She was a little surprised, and picked up the mobile phone to see. She was even more surprised, “Liu Yazhen? !”

She and Cheng Shuo look at each other, their expressions tangled.


“Go ahead and answer, speaker mode.” Cheng Shuo said.

Obviously, they are curious about how the sister-in-law, who has basically not contacted them since the last incident, started to call again?


“Li Sitong! Ask Gu Xuejiao for me! What did my daughter suffer in school today?! As soon as she came back, she closed the door to her room and started crying! ” The voice on the other end of the phone asked.

Liu Yazhen didn’t finish. Cheng Mingjiao was crying while scolding Gu Xuejiao.

Li Sitong had no sentiments. When she heard the speech, her mood rose. As soon as she thought of Cheng Mingjiao, she thought of those words.

“You ask her how she is? Asking what my daughter did? What? Do you suspect that my daughter is bullying her?”

“How is that not possible!”


Xue Jiao came forward, and took her mobile phone: “Let me.”

Her face is very cold. Li Sitong handed her the mobile phone stupefied.

The other end of the phone obviously heard her voice and raised her voice: “Gu Xuejiao! What grievances did my daughter receive? “

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  1. Well yeah, your daughter humiliated herself by acting super entitled and shameless. What else do you wanna know?

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