WFILTU Chapter 115 – Potential I

Xue Jiao’s voice was very cold and also very calm: “It’s because I was ranked first on the exam, but your daughter was recalcitrant. She yelled and made a scene in class, and was scolded by the headteacher. Her rank has already dropped to 11. Crying…is probably because of shame.”


During this moment, not only the other end of the phone, but also this end of the phone was quiet.

Xue Jiao doesn’t speak very loud, but every word is very clear. Even when she says something similar to sarcasm, she seems to be speaking directly. Her tone does not carry any emotion at all, but it seems to be……especially true.

After a moment, there was heavy breathing from the other side.

Xue Jiao continued, still in a flat and straight voice: “So, you should not call me. Instead,you should find your own daughter, Cheng Mingjiao, who has a psychological problem. Teacher Yin was right, by staring at me, her grades will not increase, so I suggest that you let her focus on her studies.”

After she finished speaking, she hung up.

She placed Li Sitong’s mobile phone back on the table. After turning around, she saw that everyone was stunned and staring at her.

Xue Jiao blinks her eyes, and then blankly touched her cheek——

“What’s the matter?”

Cheng Mingze is closest to her. He couldn’t help it, a smile emerged from his lips, and then he reached out and petted her head.

“Nothing……you are so adorable!”

Xue Jiao became even more at a loss.


“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Jiao Jiao, let’s go and eat a midnight snack. Our Jiao Jiao is truly too excellent, and is ranked first too!” Cheng Shuo laughed out loud, as if Gu Xuejiao ranking first gives him even more happiness than Cheng Mingze ranking first.

However, Li Sitong showed a gentle smile and said happily: “Mingze and Jiao Jiao are both very strong. Our two children are wonderful! Jiao Jiao must continue to keep up with your brother and learn from him. “

Xue Jiao: “……”


She learned from Cheng Mingze?!

Cheng Mingze grinned: “Jiao Jiao is very powerful.”

With that, he headed to the aunt who was holding the snack.

Xue Jiao looked at his back, a mischievous gaze flashed in the bottom of her eyes, and she followed his steps.

Cheng Mingze stopped when he reached the dining table. Xue Jiao only paid attention to his back, so she didn’t reduce her acceleration and could only step on the breaks, and crash into his back.

“Ai——” she covered her forehead.

Cheng Mingze turned his head and wondered, “Why are you behind me? Sit down and eat. “

Xue Jiao covered her head and tilted it, while obediently replying: “Keeping up with your pace.”


Cheng Mingze did not hold back, and laughed “PuChi”, helplessly——


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After eating her snack, Xue Jiao finished brushing her teeth, pinned her hair, and did two questions. Then she climbed into bed and took a look at the mobile phone on the bedside table.

【Lin Zhihua: How did you do on the exam?】

She didn’t know why, Xue Jiao suddenly has a kind of pride, hence she tapped her fingers, and replied——

【Not bad. Still ranked first.】

Lin Zhihua, who is still in the office of Beijing City, laughs gently. The large and quiet office suddenly becomes lively.

【Too Excellent!】

After a moment, he asked her again——

【Are you ready to go to bed?】


【Did you blowdry your hair?】

When these five words appeared in front of her, Xue Jiao was slightly stunned, and then touched her own hair with some embarrassment.

This Lin Zhihua……does he have thousand-mile eyes*?

*Chinese phrase stating that one is able to have eyes everywhere

He already caught her three times for not blow-drying her hair and sleeping already!


Xue Jiao can only reply in embarrassment——


Lin Zhihua frowned slightly, this girl……she doesn’t know how to cherish her body while she’s still young……

Lin Zhihua knew that she just wanted to save time. She often blow-dried for two minutes or went to work without blowing at all. Then it was too late, and it was time to go to bed, so she would go to bed with her hair half dry.

He tapped his fingers, his tone becoming more strict——

【Go and blow it now. You must go to sleep only after you have dried it!】

Xue Jiao replied——

【Oh…I’ll go now……】

Then she climbed up and went to blow dry her hair.

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