WFILTU Chapter 116 – Potential II

Xue Jiao’s side is calm but Cheng Mingjiao’s home exploded.

After Liu Yazhen had the phone hung up on her, she blankly stared at the phone, her eyes empty, and her face expressionless.

After a long pause, she swiftly stood up.

“Gu Xuejiao this dead brat must be playing me! She doesn’t want to admit to bullying Mingjiao, so she says that Mingjiao didn’t test well and even envies her? I don’t believe that a dead girl who is not like a ghost or even a person can do better than Mingjiao!”

Liu Yazhen is very angry. Gu Xuejiao is still the girl with red hair and heavy makeup in her memory. Every time she appears in a room with Mingjiao and Li Sitong with Gu Xuejiao, she is extremely proud.

Her daughter is the beautiful girl from heaven, and that oil bottle* can only look at them with envy!

*oil bottle – stepkids


Liu Yazhen is probably the only one besides Cheng Mingjiao, who firmly believes that Xue Jiao’s last performance was all based on cheating.

“No way, I have to go ask Mingjiao! Gu Xuejiao, that dead girl, must have lied to me. Such a young age, yet all she knows is to lie! “

After she finished her rant, she stepped on her slippers straight toward Cheng Mingjiao’s room.


She gave a shout and then pushed the door directly in.

At this time, Cheng Mingjiao held her favorite doll and was stabbing it to death. In her mouth, she was reciting like a mantra: “Gu Xuejiao, why don’t you die! Gu Xuejiao, why don’t you die?”

Liu Yazhen was stunned for a moment, then walked over and held her hand.

“Mingjiao, did you not do well on this month’s exam?”

Cheng Mingjiao became slightly stiff, and the expression on her face began to become ugly.

What else does Liu Yazhen not understand!

Her daughter really didn’t do well on the exam this time!


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“Is Gu Xuejiao, that dead brat, really first place?”

Liu Yazhen raised her voice with an unbelieving expression.

Cheng Mingjiao still did not speak, but her face became even worse.

It’s true……

Liu Yazhen felt dejected for a moment and then became furious: “Cheng Mingjiao! What’s the matter with you?! Your grades were so good, and you still kept rising steadily before. Why is it like this now? !”

Cheng Mingjiao bowed her head and did not speak.

“What are you doing by lowering your head? ! Say ah! Why do you both have the same class, the same teacher, and your basics are so much better than her, yet you can’t surpass her on the rankings? !”

Liu Yazhen’s anger seemed to be burning and her eyes were fixated on her.

“If you ask me, then who do I ask! Why did Gu Xuejiao, that b*tch rank first place in the exam?! She and Yi Tianyu are greasy with each other all day. Why can she still do so well on the exam?! I don’t accept it!” Cheng Mingjiao also blew up and exclaimed angrily.

In the past, Gu Xuejiao was always criticized by Li Sitong in front of her, and then said——you should learn from Mingjiao in the future.

Only Gu Xuejiao should be envious of her, Cheng Mingjiao. Why should Gu Xuejiao become better than her?

“Is it a matter of your acceptance? What’s the matter with you these two months?! Your results dropped straight! Gu Xuejiao not only colluded with the boy of the Yi family, but also is rising steadily to the first place! Take a look at what you’ve done?” Liu Yazhen’s fingers poked into her forehead, hating iron for not becoming steel.


Her eyes moved to where Cheng Mingjiao’s fingers were pinching. She had already poked the ragged doll into pieces. She became even angrier: “Cheng Mingjiao! Are you out of your mind? If I let you study well, then you should study well. I didn’t let you stare at Gu Xuejiao all day long, and even give up studying! “

“I can’t stand the sight of her!” Cheng Mingjiao suddenly burst into tears, holding Liu Yazhen and wailing.

After all, she was still the daughter she adored for so many years. As soon as she cried like this, the fire in her heart was released.

She touched Cheng Mingjiao’s head and softened her voice: “Gu Xuejiao used to be ignorant. If you look at the other person now, she is concentrating on her studies. If her achievement is true, she must have made great efforts in her studies. If you don’t want to live a life of mediocrity, you must have achievements that can be seen. If you don’t have the brain to do business, you must pay close attention to learning. “

Cheng Mingjiao doesn’t speak. Obviously, she is still angry.

“Mom won’t hurt you. You should study well. If you can’t stand Gu Xuejiao, mom will help you!”


Liu Yazhen firmly said: “Really!”

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