SOOEW Chapter 91 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XIV

She struck mercilessly, and he opened his eyes with the pain on the back of his hands, with a vicious glare, and emitting a malevolent aura. Under the gaze of Wen Ying, he drew back his hand again and touched it, even his hair drooped.

Ever since the last time, Wen Ying’s status in the mansion has undoubtedly increased a lot. She asked to change one of the guest rooms into a study. With her order, the next day, the room was already cleaned. She took the study as a place to teach the small wolf dog.

The small wolf dog’s situation was special. She was not at ease handing him over others. Furthermore, this was also a way to deepen their relationship. Nothing can cultivate feelings better than raising the child up from childhood.

Also, the small wolf dog was originally very smart. Besides speaking and writing, in which he is a little bit slower than others, and the fact that his daily skills are zero, he has some skills in areas different from ordinary people.


Once Wen Ying found that her Omega watch had been disassembled into parts by him. She was so angered that she beat him. But soon, the watch was placed back on her dresser in good condition and created suspicion in her that someone brought her another one.

As the situations occurred more and more, she started to discover that he had a lot of special skills.

According to logic, if a child had specific talents, then the parents should find a teacher to tutor the child to prevent delaying his talents in vain. However, his skill was too special. She really asked a watch and bicycle repair specialist to come to the Commander mansion to teach, wouldn’t Shao Tiange, that mountain guy who wants a good face, immediately raise his gun to kill people?

The simple small wolf dog played delightfully alone, so she just let him play. She did not ask for his success, and only pursued for his happiness.

But in addition to being destructive, he also likes to eat. When Wen Ying teaches him to speak and write, she will always tempt him with delicious food. In addition to “mother”, the first word he learned is “eat”, followed by “fight”, “kill” and “die”.

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Wen Ying angrily hit him again twice.

During breaktime, Ying Cao pushed the door in and brought a plate of colorful macarons.

Wen Ying saw his eyes brighten, so she picked a milk yellow pastry and stuffed it into his mouth. In addition to meat, the boy is a sweet tooth fanatic. Now, when he uses the spoon, he looks a lot more official. However, he still has an anxious personality so he would always have a face full of cream, hence, she ordered the pastries to be changed into macarons.

Shao Tingyu called “aowu” and bit into the macaron. Then he licked Wen Ying’s fingertips as he was accustomed to, and did not even let go of a single part.

Wen Ying paid no heed, and only tilted her head to ask Ying Cao: “Did you send over the eldest young master’s share?”

“I sent it.” Ying Cao answered, “The eldest young master left it intact and ordered someone to send it back. Ai, it’s the same every time. Does the Madam want to send it once more……”

Wen Ying pondered and then responded, “I will personally send it.”


“Then Madam must be careful. The dogs in front of the eldest young master’s room are too frightening!”

Speaking of this, it is also funny. Ever since Shao Yifeng’s dog was hurt by the small wolf dog last time, he immediately asked people to buy two more, and they were all tied in front of the door of his room, as if he was fighting anger with someone. Is this the legendary, loses a personal fight, hence starting a group fight?

Wen Ying couldn’t help laughing at the thought of it.

However, every dog he brought were giant dogs, so it was fine to laugh, but it is also very frightening. At first, she wanted to be close to his room, but she could not show any concern. Then she bribed them with meat and toys step by step, and gradually got better.

Wen Ying came to Shao Yifeng’s room and played with the giant dogs for a while. She raised her hand and was about to knock on the door when she found a gap between the door frames, which was not closed. It was probably because he had watchdogs, hence he didn’t even bother to close the door.

Shao Yifeng is sitting by the bed, looking down at a stack of photos in his hand.

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