SOOEW Chapter 92 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XV

The photos were black and white, and were a little old, yellowing from age. Above is a woman’s bright and simple smile, trying her best to be fashionable and young, but she seems to bear no resemblance. The background is the Marshal’s mansion, and she stood next to Shao GeTian.

She was carrying a cake and approached him with light steps. She tilted her head to ask him, “Is this Yifeng’s birth mother?”

He suddenly turned the photo in his hand and interrogated, “Why are you in my room?”

“You didn’t eat much at noon, so I brought you some snacks.”

He had an “unexpected” look, paused for a moment, and laughed, “Shouldn’t you be taking good care of your small puppy? Why should you care how much I eat?”

She also took a macaron and handed it to his mouth, pursed her lower lip and laughed, “People have a mouth in order to eat, but you have to have one in order to talk.”

The laugh carried a little intimacy, causing Shao Yifeng to feel a slight tingle in his scalp, and to falter. Finally, he took the food in her hand impatiently.

Wen Ying glanced and saw that he was still holding the picture in his hand. She could not help but lower her voice and say, “You have not been at home recently. Is it because of me……” Because she took his mother’s place.

She couldn’t say that phrase, but they both understood it.

“You shouldn’t be thinking that, I’m upset due to her death right?”


Wen Ying blinked her eyes puzzledly, as if to say “Is it not like this”.

“My mother died in the war because she ran away with a man.” He said lightly, with a cold smile, “Why should I feel sorry for such a woman?”


She has always shown an elegant and cunning appearance. At this time, she was stunned severely. Her eyes showed some panic: “Ah, sorry……”

Her apology annoyed him more than unintentionally offending him. He asked with a spurious smile, “Mother seems to be younger than me by a year.”


She didn’t seem to be able to react, but she heard him say again: “Too pitiful. You’re still so young. Can father satisfy you?”

“Shao Yifeng? !” She was startled and angry.

“Oh, you look nice when you’re angry, too.” He unknotted a button, and gently raised his brows, “Recently, father has been fighting fiercely with other women recently, and doesn’t have a lot of time to care about you. How about we try?”

“You!” She suddenly blushed. “Just because your mom is like this, you can’t think that all the women in the world are——”

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She did not finish her words, in an instant, he pushed her back hard, and the entire person was pushed on the bed.

The macarons she was holding fell on the bed, and the colorful round desserts were scattered on the quilt.

Shao Yifeng bent down, his expression has completely changed, just like a dragon that had its reverse scales touched, raising the combative nature of the entire body. He leaned down and his warm breath flowed to her ear, “Why should mother be so angry……”

They were so close that he finally had time to really notice her face.

Her appearance is really small, and she had a pure and beautiful face, with a soft and slender body like a willow. She was like the girls at school all at the age of flowers, but she has already been married.


Every time she wanted to enter his room, but she was frightened by the big dog at the door, he would laugh. Until day after day, she began to please them. At the start, she was careful, but they gradually became intimate. As he looked on, it seemed as if even he had his hair smooth, and became tame.

He squeezed his fingers into her fingers and easily suppressed her. “Don’t you think our forbidden/taboo relationship will be more interesting?”


She seemed to hold back for a long time, and suddenly she pushed him out with strength that seemed like it could come from nowhere!

Then she picked up a macaron and smashed it at him!

Bright red, milk green, milk yellow, a colorful “bomb” was thrown on him.

Shao Yifeng looked at her actions in astonishment. He was caught off guard and staggered back two steps, “Wait……”

He just said a word, and immediately received one on his forehead!

“Asshole!” Her angry appearance was really good-looking. Her eyes were bright, her cheeks were red, and she threw macaron after macaron on him like a stone to vent her anger.


He laughed angrily. “Wei, I said……”

“Asshole, asshole, asshole, asshole!”

She didn’t listen, seemingly as if she didn’t know how to curse, she would keep repeating this sentence. It was not until all the macarons were thrown that she gave him a stern look and ran away in anger, carrying her solemn skirt that was seen with a complicated eight treasures pattern.

Shao Yifeng lost his armor all the way and was forced to lean against the wall. Seeing her figure disappear from the door, and beside him was the thrown color “bomb”.

He scratched his hair and suddenly chuckled.

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