WFILTU Chapter 117 – Potential III

If Xuejiao’s first midterm exam is coincidental, then this time Xue Jiao’s rank first proves her strength.

Yin Fang treats Gu Xuejiao excessively well. The teachers in various other subjects also take care of her. Even Cheng Mingjiao became quiet and silent, although she didn’t know why.

It can be said that the life of Xue Jiao calmed down suddenly.

She put all her heart into her studies, preparing for the upcoming final exam.

It was not only Gu Xuejiao, but also all the students in the experimental class began to become serious. The final exam……means the school will start to kick people.

“Gu Xuejiao…” The boy next to her cried out sorrowfully.


Xue Jiao turns her head, staring at him with doubt: “En?”

“We won’t be able to be deskmates soon……”

“Why not?” Xue Jiao gave a pause.

Yi Tianyu’s head lies on the table, burying his head, and doesn’t want her to see the sadness in his eyes.

“My grades are bad, so there’s no way that I can stay in class one.”

Xue Jiao holds the pen, fingers tightened slightly.

Although Yi Tianyu is not a good student and can even be said to be mischievous, he has been taking care of her for half a year.

Even when they encounter trouble, the other side still helped her

If she changes to a new table mate……

Xue Jiao looked at him, very seriously: “I think the studies can be mended.”


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“When does your basketball game start?”


Xue Jiao thought about her schedule and then said, “From today on, try your best not to play basketball. You should listen carefully in class. I will give you lectures and key points in the morning, afternoon and evening, and between classes. You should also make use of your weekend time.”

Yi Tian was stunned for a moment, but still collapsed……

“It’s no use. That is the first one hundred ranks in the grade. I’ve only got one month left. I’m sure it’s too late.”

Xue Jiao drags him up. The weather is cold. Her fingers are slightly frozen, but it seems to burn Yi Tianyu.

Thump thump thump——

His heart rate is out of balance and the root of his ear is red.


Xue Jiao still looked at him firmly, slightly raised her head, looked straight into his eyes, and said seriously——

“I never believe that it’s too late. If you want to do something, you can’t give up because it’s too late. God has not sentenced you to death, how can you give up first?”

She paused: “The top 100 in grade is not something that can’t be broken through. A month is not short. As long as you really use it, you will never be too late. I didn’t believe I could be number one in Qi Zhong, but a person’s potential is much greater than I thought.”

Yi Tianyu looks at her, and his heart has no sound anymore.

He didn’t know the purpose of his efforts before, so he didn’t want to work hard at all, but today he seems to know……

His efforts are to shorten the distance with this girl that was different from him in front of him.

Yi Tianyu nodded gently and heard the voice carrying a smile coming from the other side——

“Then Yi Tianyu, start to work hard to stay in class one.”

“——Ok.” His breath was slightly suffocated.

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  2. Aaah honestly I also want to root for this cinnamon roll but what can we say, the author is already decided on who she is going to end up with. 😩💔

  3. Yi Tianyu, mesmo que você descubra que ela não ficará com você, deve persevera para se tornar alguém admirável, assim se sentira menos constrangido ao se encontrar com ela no futuro do que sendo medíocre

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