SOOEW Chapter 93 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XVI

Shao Yifeng realized for the first time how fast a woman can change their views.

If previously, his good stepmother wanted to stand firm at home, so she would make all kinds of gentle gestures when she treated him, then she changed her attitude completely after he almost crossed the line.

Every afternoon, there were no more dim sum, no more attention during meals, and no concern in her gentle voice. When she met him at home, she treated him like air, wiped her shoulders and left. This made him feel both angry and funny.

This kind of performance makes her more like a young girl in her youth. The image of his stepmother, whom he had previously identified as a schemer, disappeared and could not be recalled at the moment.


Wen Ying is really seizing this opportunity. She didn’t know why, but every time she meets Shao Yifeng, she feels a little dangerous. Maybe his attitude is always so arbitrary, and those who have such an attitude are always very dangerous.

However, she can’t avoid him forever, so when she needs to go out for a trip, she finds Shao Yifeng and hopes that he will accompany her to the department store.

If nothing else, the small wolf dog has taken apart most of her things. Some were repackaged back, but some were broken, so she had to replenish them.

This era is different from ancient times. She doesn’t have to be accompanied when she goes out. However, she has a special identity. When she leaves, she must be accompanied by security. Shao Getian didn’t provide her with enough resources in this aspect. It’s not good for her as a woman to personally have a hand, so she simply ask Shao Yifeng.

Young master Shao may be idle and bored on holiday, or he has the mentality to compensate, so he quickly agrees to her request.

“Go to DaXin department store?” He strode on his long legs and sat with her in the back row.

She nodded quietly and turned to see the scenery on both sides. It’s still cold out. The car glass has a layer of white fog, and shadows can be seen from the trees on both sides of the road.

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As soon as he got on the bus, there was a chill on his coat. She touched her arm and moved to the side.

Shao Yifeng does not know, and only thought that she is still thinking about the previous event. His hands were placed on both sides, and with a ruffian smile, he said: “You can rest assured, I will definitely be far away from you.”

She glanced across, “What’s your honorific name?”

“……I’ll be far away from you, all right?”

The driver took a look at them in the rearview mirror and muttered that the Madam had a real family background and had so many rules. She even had to worry about this. For a moment, he ignored the unexpected dialogue of the eldest young master.

Department stores in this era are no worse than those of later generations. In fact, they are even more expensive and lively. Under the colorful neon lights, the windows are filled with imported foreign goods. The staff members are wearing cheongsam uniforms, and their faces are full of smiles as they warmly welcome visitors.


Wen Ying stops at a clothing store. Shao Yifeng happens to meet a classmate from his school. He leaves several people for her and heads over to greet them.

Wen Ying’s dress and temperament are out of tune with her surroundings, like a lady from a noble family who has strayed accidentally into the ostentatious circle. She took small steps, her skirt did not move, looked at the items with her face slightly tilted, and had a quiet and beautiful temperament.

In this way, she caused others to eye her.

No matter in which era, there are always scoundrels. The one who teased her seemed like a dandy from a rich family. He was originally accompanied by a pretty and innocent female classmate. When he saw her, he wouldn’t move his legs anymore and waved to the salesman with a big hand: “Wrap up everything that this lady likes.”

Then he went to Wen Ying to offer hospitality: “Miss, what’s your name?”

Wen Ying walks three steps, he also takes three steps. Wen Ying retreats, and he heads closer. His face is courteous, but his posture is forcing people.

Before the guards left by Shao Yifeng could come up to chase the person, the woman who had just entered the store gave a chuckle: “The “miss” in your mouth is wearing a woman’s hair*. You should call her madam.”

*hairstyle of a married women

Wen Ying slanted her head to view her, and a trace of surprise flashed across her eyes.

Mi Xi?!

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