SOOEW Chapter 94 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XVII

It was winter, and she was wearing a bright begonia red cheongsam, with her legs exposed from the slits on both sides. She was graceful and sexy. If it wasn’t for the fur shawl around the shoulders, people would doubt they have arrived in a colorful and flowery world of spring.

She was half a head higher than Wen Ying. When she stood beside Wen Ying, she looked like a full protector. She charmingly and playfully asked, “Is that right, this madam?”

The playboy’s expression became funny, “Madam?” He glances at Wen Ying, and suspiciously sweeps his view to Mi Xi.

Wen Ying nodded.

The other party is dubious.

It was Wen Ying’s bodyguard who truly drove him away, but Wen Ying still thanks Mi Xi.

Mi Xi takes out a lady’s cigarette from her handbag, puts it on her fingertip, and lets it approach her attractive red lips, “No need to thank me.” She took a breath of smoke, and then gently spit out a mouthful of white smoke. With a smile that was not quite one, she called: “Madam Shao.”

Wen Ying pretended not to know: “And you* are?”

*formal form of you


“Mi Xi.”

“Miss Mi, how does Miss Mi know of my identity?”

“When I saw the young commander following Madam Shao, I naturally knew of it.” Mi Xi’s eyes are meaningful. “I believe Madam Shao knows who I am in your heart for you are a smart person.”

Wen Ying didn’t know what she meant and answered, “I have briefly heard of it.”

The other side laughed, “Just heard briefly? I’ve heard a lot from Ge Tian. Before, I only heard him say that you are boring, but recently, he has changed his saying. Whether it’s the cultivation of the second son, or the handling of his mother’s affairs, you have contributed a lot. That is indeed quite interesting. “

“What is Miss Mi implying?”

“Just call me Xi Xi.” She approached Wen Ying, pressuring with her shadow, “or you can also call me Qiang Wei. What do you say Wen Ying? We are people from the same country after all. “

Wen Ying only felt that her heart was gripped cruelly, and violently started beating.

Rose and cherry blossom are the representative patterns of the two camps on the light source map.

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But how could……

She has experienced two worlds where all has been well. How can she be seen through at a glance in this world?

Or is it that this is just the probe from the other party,

She opened her mouth, but before she could spit out her words, she was embraced by another figure’s silhouette. It was unknown when Shao Yifeng had returned.

“Isn’t this the little lover my father has kept recently?” With a cynical smile on his mouth, he confirmed the state of Wen Ying and then stared at Mi Xi with sharp eyes, “How can you run in front of my mother’s eyes?”

Wen Ying held him back, shook her head and said, “Miss Mi has just helped me solve a problem. She doesn’t mean to direct against me.”

Shao Yifeng saw that he had made it clear yet she still had to speak for her rival in love, couldn’t help giving birth to some hatred for iron not becoming steel.

Mi Xi takes a step back to show her harmlessness. She glances before Wen Ying and him, smiling vaguely. “Eldest young master certainly treats his stepmother very filial and intimately. It really makes people envy Madam Shao.”


Shao Yifeng only thought that she wanted to enter the house and take the place of Wen Ying. Only Wen Ying understands what she means.

If the other party’s insight is clear, she knows her identity clearly, and even knows that there is a competitive relationship between them, then she will naturally be able to detect the thoughts she has spent on Shao Yifeng and the subtle atmosphere between them.

She pondered for a moment, and unexpectedly said, “Miss Mi and I are like old friends after our first meeting. I don’t know if I can invite you to a meeting in the mansion in the future?”

Shao Yifeng: “……”

He hasn’t ever seen any noble madams who willingly invite the mistresses home. There must be a limit to politeness?!

Mi Xi was also surprised. She had a slight reduction in her previous rash attitude. She glanced unconsciously at her, then flicked the ashes and said with a smile, “Then I won’t be polite.”

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