WFILTU Chapter 119 – Straight-A Student II

Lin Zhihua’s expression was not good for a moment, but in the end, he didn’t say anything, and only asked——

【You want to bring him to the top 100?】

【En, he helped me before, so I have to help him back.】

After Xue Jiao finished speaking, the other party did not respond for a long time. She became stunned.

Lin Zhihua……became busy?

Another waiting another two minutes later, a message arrived——

【It’s hard to condense the topics from half a year into a month, and learn it. Chinese is a subject that has been grinding people for a long time. It is not recommended to review for a long time, fill up the paper, and then write the understanding of classical Chinese separately according to the score points, and try to get more points. Similarly, if his English is not very poor, he should spend all his time on mathematics and reasoning, and get as many points as possible. Predict the final examination points and string the points together. Mathematics, science, and technology are subjects that draw inferences from one instance. It is not difficult to break into the top 100 this time by grasping the key points to review.】

Xue Jiao was stunned again and only responded after a long period of time——

【You are really a straight-A student!】


Lin Zhihua replied very soon——

【Just in time as I’m not busy recently, so I will help you organize the exam topics. You should have a good rest and review. You are already in year two, and if you want to test well, you can’t afford to waste time. 】

Xue Jiao subconsciously returned——

【No need, no need! I can do it myself!】

Lin Zhihua didn’t allow her to insert any objections.

【Go to bed. Don’t stay up overnight. I’ll be very quick.】

Xue Jiao sent a few more messages again, expressing that it was not necessary.

On one hand, she did not want to trouble the other, and on the other, Lin Zhihua has graduated for a long time already. How can he still sort out the examination points? Only they will know the lessons that they attended.

She thought like this, but she still decided to head to bed, and to rise early to condense the knowledge.

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At six-thirty, Xue Jiao got up. Yet, almost as soon as she rose, her phone vibrated.

It was a word document from Lin Zhihua. She was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly opened it, then immediately, her mouth formed an O shape.

It was too clear!

The points for mathematics and comprehensive sciences were very clear. The main points were clear, and there were even examples for each point.

The most important point was! He really listed almost all the points!

After the points were followed by the final exam probability and examples, and the end of the article also had a set of simulation questions!

It was not just limited to numerical questions, but also “outline” questions. The first choice question would be tested on what or what, tested on what depth, and the probability of the former and the latter.

After she finished looking through it, Xue Jiao was unable to close her mouth.

She originally thought that Chu Sheng was the genius she had seen. She only knew today, what it means to have a person beyond a person, and a sky outside of the sky!


It turns out that the real straight-A student……is like this?

After half a day, she replied——

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!! You’re too awesome!! Thank you!!!! ]

Lin Zhihua, who received the message, only smiled slightly and didn’t speak.

In the morning, Lin Shi’s meeting.

“Boss?” Manager Xu called in a low voice.

Lin Zhihua immediately recalled himself, as if he had never dozed off: “No way, your proposal is too rough, there is no bright spot. In such an important period, I didn’t work overtime today to listen to your nonsense. Change it again.”

“Ok……  Manager Xu wiped his sweat.

Lin Zhihua waved to Chen Yan, “Make a cup of coffee, and make it stronger.”

He also didn’t know why he didn’t sleep all night to outline for Gu Xuejiao’s “deskmate”……

Maybe it was just for the inexplicable feeling in his heart. He didn’t want Gu Xuejiao to have any common activities with another boy, but he couldn’t participate in it, which made him confused and irritable.

Lin Zhihua took a sip of coffee, raised his spirits and continued to work.

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  2. Not complaining but I can never get how the big CEO ml’s are able to manage their company and their yandere love life…

    • Why do you keep calling him a Yandere? He’s nowhere near obsessive yet nor has he shown any violent tendencies.

  3. This is where this series stopped being a “grooming” series. ML is willing to help a potential love rival because it’s what the MC wants. It shows he is willing to put her needs before his wants, that is the opposite of a groomer.

    Also all his grooming has given her more and more options in her life, which is again the opposite of a groomer.

    • Yeah, he gave her more and more choices to choose from, instead of restricting her world more and more that he became the only choice left.

    • I’m happy that he helped, instead recommending she let him go and isolating her. 🤣 I think it’d be funny if he ended by up being the tutor to second ML. But he has to run his company.

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