WFILTU Chapter 120 – Straight-A Student III

Xue Jiao held the outline as if she had a treasure. She followed the outline herself on one hand and on the other, she began to explain it to Yi Tianyu.

Time slips away in a hurry.

Liu Yazhen promised Cheng Mingjiao last time to help Gu Xuejiao unhappy, which is not a joke. That day, she picked up the phone and called a woman.

Li Sitong is arranging flowers at home at this time. Her children are at school, and her husband has headed to work. She has an aunt do all the things at home. She can only find something for herself to do.

She was also stunned when she received a call from a neighboring sister.

“Playing mahjong? Is it at your house, Sister Li? “

Receiving a positive answer from the other end of the phone, Li Sitong thought for a while, and agreed.

“That’s fine, I’ll clean up a little and head right over!”

After she finished speaking, she finished the things on her hand, changed her outfit and headed out.

Once she was brought into Li Shu’s home by their nanny, she saw the persona and immediately smiled while asking, “Sister Li, how did you think of……”

Li Sitong’s words paused as she saw two other people sitting on the sofa.

One is Madam Chang, who also occasionally makes appointments, and the other is…… Liu Yazhen.

When Liu Yazhen saw her, she stepped forward with a smile, took her hand and laughingly said, “Sister-in-law, don’t be angry with me anymore. Let’s put an end to the past today, Ok?”

Madam Chang also smiling said, “Yazhen said that you both had a small misunderstanding. Take advantage of the fine weather today, and build a bridge to clear up the past. What is worth remembering for so long? I remember you two had a good relationship before, didn’t you? “


That’s because she had to swallow it before!

Li Sitong almost subconsciously wanted to say that, but because of the problem of reputation, she didn’t have the nerve to say such a thing.

As for the cause of the conflict with Liu Yazhen, how could Li Sitong say this out?

Her own niece said she was a fox spirit! How can she say those words out?

As a result, Li Sitong endured it and smiled on the surface.

The four people readily sat on the mahjong table. Li Sitong had only absentmindedly played a round, yet she already wanted to leave.

Liu Yazhen suddenly said with a smile, “Sister Li! One thing suddenly occurred to me. Didn’t you say that Hongyi, that brat, was quite disobedient? “

Li Shu threw out the mahjong she had just drawn, with a helpless face.

“You don’t say. You don’t understand. That boy only knows how to go out and play all day. He doesn’t understand what it means to study hard. Just with his appearance, even if he graduates, his father won’t dare to give him the company. Sooner or later, he would lose it all!”

Li Shu’s husband is the most powerful among these several people. Cheng Shuo and her husband still have a lot of business cooperation, so she has to come even if she has to pull strings.

In the past, Li Sitong and she had a special topic in common, both were surnamed Li, both had a disobedient younger generation in the family!

Liu Yazhen is afraid that Li Shu will be drawn over by Li Sitong, so used a lot of manpower in order to win her over.

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“The child is still young! He’ll be more sensible when he grows up! ” Madam Chang pong* a tile and said laughingly.

*pong- in mahjong, pong to have matching tiles, as the tile in the middle

“Bah, what sensible fart. He’s already eighteen years of age, and year three in high school! With his attitude, don’t say college, it’s an issue if he can even attend a vocational school, ai!” Li Shu squeezed a tile between her fingers, with a face shaded in melancholy.

Liu Yazhen suddenly laughed: “Hai! This question would be properly asked if you directed it to my sister-in-law! In the past, Xue Jiao was also ignorant and ranked last in the grade. You should take a look at the other now, she’s ranked first in the grade in less than one semester! You should let Hongyi learn a little from her. Let’s not even aim for first place in one semester, just increasing in ranking is an improvement!”

Li Shu and Madam Chang were both astounded: “Ranked first in the grade! First rank in QiZhong? “

“She certainly is! She was ranked first on the midterm exam. She ranked first on last month’s monthly exam. Before attending year two, she was ranked bottom of the class! ” Liu Yazhen smiles.


Li Shu immediately looked towards Li Sitong: “Sister! You can’t keep this a secret from your sister. We have the same name ah!”

Li Sitong also doesn’t know what to say. Her daughter truly sprinted straight for rank one, but besides betting with Cheng Mingjiao, she also didn’t know why her daughter had made such rapid progress!

“She probably suddenly awakened. Jiao Jiao is currently studying really earnestly, and all her focus is upon learning.”

After Li Sitong finished, Li Shu asked, “How was she awakened?”

“It seemed like she was betting with Mingjiao, so she held her breath, and strived to make great efforts.” Li Sitong said.

“Sister-in-law, don’t hide your secrets. How can a child continue their anger for so long? Besides, there are so many serious students who don’t receive first place, ah?” Liu Yazhen is still smiling.

“That’s right ah!” Li Shu slightly tightened her brows.

Liu Yazhen grinned: “How about Sister Li, let Hongyi and Xue Jiao stay closer. Following those who study well will promote better learning. Any ordinary person is not like Xue Jiao, who heads straight to first place! Do you know Yi Dafa? His son used to be ranked last too, but he thought of a plan to place his son as deskmates with Xue Jiao. His grades are also shooting straight up! If you are willing, you should let Xue Jiao head to your place for a while, and let her bring Hongyi to study well!”

Li Sitong’s eyes widened, and a mouthful of blood almost spurted out.

Hongyi is so good to live with Xue Jiao?!

Who doesn’t know about that boy on the mountain, he only knows how to run to bars and race cars all day long! He’s so young, yet once he sees a beautiful girl, he doesn’t know how to move his sight away!

Even his family can’t control him!

Placing him together with Xue Jiao, is a disaster to Xue Jiao!

Li Sitong subconsciously said, “Cannot ah!”

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